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Sports Features of Saturday, 20 February 2016

Source: eric edusei, va usa.

Let Us Pray For Jordan Ayew To Redeem Himself

Jordan Ayew, the son of football legend , the maestro Abedi Pele Ayew is destined to be one of the greatest footballers ever to have played the game of soccer in Africa. Although, he is currently under performing at his current club, the Everton in British League, it will take Jordan himself to redeem his destiny which requires fortitude, hard work, discipline and believe in himself that he can do it. God has equipped him with amazing qualities but He did not guarantee him success which can only be achieved through hard work. He has a good seize and his ball control is superb. Besides, he can dribble very well and take on any defender on any given day leaving him with very few negatives like shooting.
Jordan by all standards has all the qualities and attributes of a world class player with few weaknesses which can be easily identified, remedied and managed to enhance his career. Presently, it will take Jordan himself to resurrect his career to a top class player by enhancing his shooting capabilities and raising the level of his game. He should develop his game by watching videos of great footballers including his father to motivate himself to reach greater heights in his football career.
Jordan has to be psyched to believe in himself that he is one of the best around. He should convinced himself as the lead player on the field and learn to take charge. Great players know when to assume control of a game and that differentiate the big guys from the small ones. His father, Abedi Pele understood this principle which explains why he was the life wire of any team that he joined. Although Abedi Pele was smallish, he was very huge on the football pitch because he had a large heart and a great appetite for success. Yes, Jordan would require hard work, fortitude and something larger than what he is doing now. It could be his ability to develop his mental toughness, characteristic of his father, more work at the gym or enhance his work ethics through a personal trainer (shooting capabilities). It is obvious that something has to be done to raise his current level and I expect his father to explore this issue further.
When I was young and playing at the same position like Jordan, I use to convince myself that no set of defenders were capable of holding me up through a whole 90 minutes match. He dons the number 9 jersey of the Black Stars and I have been wondering how he could play 90 minutes without a single shot at goal and think that is okay as a lead striker. As a leader of the attacking machinery, he needs to develop self-confidence and focus deeply in order to raise his game to the level of other best players out there. Jordan definitely has to redeem himself from this bondage and I bet you that he will be very happy.
Currently, Dede is doing alright not because he is a better player but because he has a large heart like his father and a great desire to be successful in the Premiership. Jordon is struggling now and he needs our prayers to fortify him and words of encouragement to energize him.
All great players and legends in the football arena like Pele, Johan Cruff, Messi, Ronaldo, Abedi Pele, have demonstrated great skills, big hearts and a belief in themselves to achieve stardom through proper guidance. They all had their low moments where they struggled to find leverage like Jordan. Fortunately, the maestro, Abedi pele is alive and well. I would want to humbly request him to start planning to re-launch a game plan for his son Jordan. It is evident that something is not right and it requires his input. If it requires relocating to London for some few months on the issue, he must. Presently, his team Aston Villa is on the verge of relegation and that will affect the market value of Jordan in the English Premiership. This is the time for Jordan to show leadership by redeeming himself, image and his team to prove to the world the kind of stuff he is made of. It is a tough and difficult assignment which calls for our prayers and support. As a nation, we should remember him as a national asset in our prayers in this difficult time, as he struggles to redeem himself and his team.