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Opinions of Saturday, 16 August 2014

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Let Our Politicians Swear On Antoa Nsuo, Not The Bible

On average, there are more churches in Ghana than any Christian country in the world and you would think Ghanaians would be God fearing and believers in the powers of the ALMIGHTY GOD but Ghanaians are just hypocrites and Pharisees. We profess to believe in God but church going to Ghanaians are social events to show our new clothes and cars and nothing else and using Bible to swear our Politicians to obey the laws of our constitution with the conviction that fear of God retribution will compel us to do the right thing is just a mirage. Ghanaians fear Antoa Nsuo Nyamaah more than God and because of that, I suggest our Politicians take their oaths to their various offices by reciting this pledge;

I, KOFI YESU, do solemnly swear on Antoa Nsuo Nyamaa that I will faithfully discharge my duties with honesty without favours and will not take bribe or steal any money in discharging my duties as President, Vice-president, Judges, Minister, deputy Minister, Member of Parliament, DCE, etc. If I do,with the curse of breaking this egg, may the powers of Antoa snatch my soul and send me on an express service to hell.

As a matter of fact, all government Employees, especially the Police, Immigration, custom Officers should be made to swear on Antoa Nsuo Nyamaah before they are employed and those already employed should take an oath like this,

I. KOFI BABONEE, swear on Antoah Nsuo Nyamaa that, from today onwards, I will never take any bribe in discharging my duties and if I do, may the powers of Antoa Nsuo Nyamaah take my soul or at minimum, make me pooh pooh or piss on myself in public at the inopportune times.

This will require a constitutional amendment and we should not be deterred by the cumbersome process of constitutional amendment from addressing one of the most problematic societal hindrance, CORRUPTION.

Do you all remember some years ago about our former President, Flt. Lt. Dr. Rawlings telling us to swear him to Antoa Nsuo Nyamaa so that people will believe whatever he says about the issue at hand?

I have recently become addicted in listening and watching Ghana news and have come to realize that, even the well educated Ghanaians with even doctorate degrees when it comes to their religious beliefs are an analphabetic people and our so called belief in the powers of the almighty God is hypocritical and an exercise in taradiddle. As a matter of fact, Ghanaians don't believe in the powers of God. That is the truth. Curse a Ghanaian like, "ONYAME BETUA WO KA" (God will punish you) and the fellow will either laugh in your face or shrug his or her shoulders and kept it moving. Even when you catch a thief either a family member who has taken something from you or an ordinary thief who has stolen some tubers of yam, the person in order to free themselves or for you to believe they have not done what you are accusing them of will blurt out, "MEDO NYAME, ME NFAA BIIBIARA" (I swear to God, I haven't taken anything) Ask the same person to swear on ANTOA NSUO NYAMAA or curse the person with the ANTOA deity and you will see the thief and his family in your house the same day pleading with you to reverse the curse and they will pay for your property.

I have been amazed by even how our Politicians, Radio talk show hosts, celebrities and even some Church Pastors believe in the powers of ANTOA, AKONODI,TIGARE etc.

I was even amazed by how Hopeson Adorye yesterday, 08/13/2014 on Captain Smart's show said he has cursed those people who have been using his name to post articles in his name. He said the first two times people posted articles in his name, he just allowed it to go because as God will exact vengeance in his own time but the third time he thought he has to put a stop to it so he cursed whoever was doing it with Antoa, Ankobrah, Pra and other rivers and anytime the person travels across these rivers, they will get swollen stomach and Captain Smart who doesn't hide his christianity pride was all scared for whoever did it. I have listened to many curses especially ones involving Antoa Nsuo Nyamaa that send shivers through people in Ghana being discussed on Radio and people being begged to reverse their curses to safe the lives of others.

I for one don't believe or will spit on these lifeless deities without any spiritual powers but since most Ghanaians believe in the powers of these deities, instead of allowing corrupt Politicians to take their oaths on the Bible, maybe we should let them swear on ANTOA NSUO NYAMAA.

Folks, let's do this and see corruption reduced by at least 80 percent. We should take advantage to let our culture especially our belief in deities work for us. There is nothing wrong here if that will stop corruption in society.

If we can pull this long shot suggestion off, most corrupt individuals will not even think of seeking political office.

Justice Sarpong