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Opinions of Saturday, 19 June 2010

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Let Ghanaians Now Blow The Vuvuzelas For Africa In The World Cup.

From: Stephen A. Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

With more defeats coming to some of the African teams in the on going world cup tournament in South Africa, it seems the high spirit demonstrated by soccer fans from the continent at the stadiums is going down.

A typical example was how fans of the South African side deserted the stadium after the goal keeper was shown the red card for no serious offensive tackle on his opponent which has created a big debate as to whether it was orchestrated to silence the deafening noise created by the fans by blowing the Vuvuzelas in the stadium.
Since the kick off the tournament, many have come out to complain of so many things including the shape of the football with the least being what they called “deafening noise” created by the fans by blowing the Vuvuzelas which does not make referees and players concentrate on the pitch of the game.

According to some doctors, the deafening noise could disturb the ear drums of persons and therefore needs to be banned in the stadiums but Fifa failed to ban it. But whether complainers are right or wrong, that is the culture of South Africans and for that matter all Africans since the tournament is being hosted on the African soil.
Blowing the Vuvuzelas, during the play of the game, gears up supported team of the fans as it announces to them that they are there in their numbers therefore the need to win for them to celebrate.

Clearly demonstrated here is how most of the fans of South African side in a form of protest against officiating deserted the stadium immediately their goal keeper was shown the red card. There the noise went dead.

Does it mean that in order to stop the blowing of the well noted horn of African soccer to not create noise officials of the game decided to frustrate the South African side? I think that was not right even if the referee was harsh on them that were not purposefully to stop the blowing of the horn.
If that is the case, then with much hope in African teams going down, the onerous lies on Ghanaian fans to take over from their South African fans that might not be in the stadium for their third and maybe the final match for them in the tournament.
With the Red, Gold, Green and the Black Star shining in their national flags draped around them, throng the stadium on Saturday and blow the Vuvuzelas to keep the hope of Africa in the on going tournament alive because the Black Stars of Ghana are going to beat the Australian side come what may.
Some fans in Toronto are preparing for the great victory on Saturday as they have gotten their Vuvuzelas and will be blowing them before, during and after the match whiles going on a big picnic at PANAFEST Restaurant at Jane and Wilson ones more.
Other Ghanaian restaurants in town have also thrown out programmes for soccer fans who will be watching the game live on their giant flat TV screens such as afternoon jam and evening jam in celebration of the Black Stars victory.
Mr. Tony Kankam, the proprietor of PANAFEST Restaurant, was however happy to see a great number of Ghanaians thronging into his restaurant in a few moments after the triumphant victory match of the Black Stars.
He was grateful to members in the community for showing patriotism and unity among themselves to rally for one course which was throwing their full support for the national soccer team.
Mr. Kankam expressed his profound gratitude to members in the community for showing such spirit and urged them to keep it up. Anyway the expectant second match triumphant victory for the Black Stars on Saturday will be a big package for Ghanaians who are lovers of Fathers day celebration on Sunday because it will put the smiles on their faces.
Let Ghanaian soccer fans start blowing the Vuvuzelas because we are already there and no one can stop us from reaching far as far as the tournament is concern.
End Story.