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Opinions of Saturday, 3 April 2021

Columnist: Osei Kofi Acquah

Let Easter awaken our conscience postively - Osei Kofi Acquah

We have been celebrating Easter since we came to accept Christ and decided to follow his ways.

Once upon a time this day in Easter, he was murdered. The reason is because he believed that all men were brothers and that love conquers it all.

Love for your country and fellow country men that should stop you from stealing from the state, stealing from the poor, maltreating the weak and the meek.

Love that should let you appreciate your fellow human being instead of being tribal and racial bigot

Love that should let you know that forgiveness is important because Christ forgave, love that should tell you sacrificing for the weak and defenseless is non negotiable, because that is what christ did.

This Easter shouldn't be like the previous ones where you enter a church and cry because the priest will remind you how Christ suffered only for you to step out of the church and put back the old clothes.

This Easter should be different, it should let you understand that good name is better than riches. The son of God choose to suffer and leave his name on the lips of men generations after generations instead of wining and dining with the oppressor.

May the Resurrection of christ this Easter be the Resurrection of the goodness in you, the positive side of you and most importantly May it awaken your conscience for you to see that, for every bad thing you do, someone suffers, and for every good thing you do, someone benefits.

Happy Easter everyone and we be good and a true example of Christ!

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