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Opinions of Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Columnist: Arthur, Francis Bondzie

Lessons From Abubakar Saddique?s Stewardship

My heart doubled its beat when I read the article written by one Caesar Abagali about Hon Alhaji Abubakar Saddique?s stewardship as the Northern Regional Minister.

For people from different political, ethnic, chieftaincy, social and other divide to commend him for being a catalyst to the ?PEACE? in Dagbon in particular and the Northern Region in general is a testimony to how valuable this noble person is to the Northern fraternity, the NPP and Ghana as a whole. I doff my hat in respect and honour for you, Honourable Alhaji Abubakar Saddique.

I am happy that Mr. Saddique has been elevated to a Ministerial position, but I think such a great person could have been kept to continue with the good works he had been doing and build more bridges for ?Peace and Development? in the Northern Region. For such a person to have no particular reverence for NPP supporters and sympathizers, but for all the sons and daughters of the region shows the qualities he has as a born and true leader. He did not act like some known carpet crossers from NDC to NPP and vice versa who only did that when they became aggrieved or had a nut to crack with some people. His goal, I believe, was to exhibit a leadership life worthy of emulation.

I have a few words of advice for whoever will be appointed to succeed him. Please, be advised that you are two different people with different potentials in intelligence, creativity and what it takes someone to set goals and achieve them. Remind yourself of the fact that someone has travelled the journey you are about to make and has chalked remarkable successes. One thing that can help you is: do not think about plan or measures to outdo your successor. This has been the hallmark for the failures of many people in managerial positions. They are usually obsessed with plans to outdo their successors to an extent that they forget about real challenges and the paths for growth and development. The end result is usually disastrous in the political arena.

Remember the old wise saying that ?The lazy should learn the ways of an Ant? be humble and know the hidden and unhidden challenges from Hon Saddique to enable you to know where to start and the direction to follow to continue the good works which have already been started by him. There is no way you can gain grounds unless you know the realities on the ground and you can figure out how to brave yourself up for the challenges ahead. You have the right to form your own team, but be mindful of people whose aim, under this sun, is to misdirect people towards failure only to stand somewhere to laugh at you or better still, be among the masses to criticize you.

To Hon Saddique, please remember that there is joy in sharing the secrets behind your success with your successor. Let him know the avenue for the peace, unity, and developmet as well as others that attracted such remarkable commendations for you, for those are what you stood for and they should be kept moving, but not abandoned. You should do that, but try as much as possible not to create an impression in the minds of the public and the good people of the North that you are giving him ideas or without you, nothing great will be achieved. That will erase the respect they should have for him and it will someday, sometime come to you. However, the credit will naturally come to you when the ?PEOPLE? realize that your successor is treading the same path as you and they can figure it out that you are still doing great for the region. As much as I would wish that you offer your services to your successor, you should be mindful of the task ahead of you in your new assignment and try to achieve greatness in that endeavor as well. I know and believe that you will succeed.

To all the other Sons and Daughters of the North, although there is quite a good number of you who are doing well towards the growth and development of the North, I think more should be jeered towards Peace in the region and not struggle for political power, as most of you have been battling with. Remember that Peace brings development and progress and it is when you have all marshalled resources of all kinds and eschewed politics of destruction selfishness, have more of the Hon Saddiques that the torch in the NORTH will burn and shine more.

To those at home, please do not see Honourable?s elevation as a blow to the developmental efforts of the region, but as a blessing for the government to tap such as a talent and brain from the region to work in the interest of Mother Ghana. I urge you to strongly stand behind the new Regional Minister as you did for Hon Saddique to ensure the smooth sailing of the boat for peace and development in the region.

To the NPP supporters and Party Executives of the Region, please note that the new Minister is coming for the region and not for the party. He or She is coming to serve the region first before championing the course of the party. Remember that Ghana was born before political parties and Ghana?s interest must be sought first. If at any time, the Minister is found to be veering off the path of the political expectations, you should dialogue with him or her rather than calling for his or her head. There have been many occasions where party members have been agitating for the removal of a Minister or an appointee simply because that person feels he or she is serving the people first before the party. This kind of political interest will not help Ghana in any way.

To Mr. President, I am glad about the current reshuffle. I commend you for that. However, I have a few reservations about the shake-up in its entirety. I thought we were going to learn a few lessons from some of the causes that led to the defeat of the NDC. Remember what happened in Ghana when the ?NDC? went heavens and earth to defend some of his Ministers who were alleged to be corrupt. Greater percentage of the populace lost confidence in the powers that be at that time. Most Ghanaians have been rooting for NPP because of the love and respect they have for you.However, it seems most people are loosing that love for you simply because ?Things are knocking Things?. There are some good materials who have been axed, but who were doing great job in their various capacities and positions. We all know those good materials without mentioning names.

There are equally some people who have been maintained in government now who should have been critically assessed and or examined and if possible axed for they have, time and again, brought and continue to bring more shame to the government and the party. Please, Mr. President look back into the enthusiasm with which Ghanaians welcomed you into office and reflect on how the government, the party and Ghanaians are feeling today. We are still behind the party and the government and wish that all the bad nuts will be weeded out and made to face the law if found to have gone against the laws of the land. Get more of the Saddiques and the likes to move Ghana forward. Ghanaians deserve honest, selfless and hark-working serving.

Long Live NPP, Long Live Ghana.

Francis Bondzie Arthur
Chicago. U.S.A.

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