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Opinions of Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Columnist: Confidence, Abdulai Hanan R.

Leave leefey alone!

By: Confidence, Abdulai Hanan R.

Leefey describes a variety of items that is presented to one's prospective wife before marriage. The items include cloths, veils, bags, footwears, panties, bras among others. The leefey is not a statutory requirement for marriage in Islam but bride price is.

However, the concept of the leefey is beautiful especially in our modern times. Bride price is not enough. I am not a proponent of outrageous bride price but bride price in some areas presently can't even fare the bride from her house to the prospective husband's house.

Some people may argue that a verse (aayat) from the Holy Qur’an could be recited as bride price in the days of the Prophet. Well, if any man want to also recite a verse from the Holy Qur’an as bride price, then he can travel back to the time of the Prophet and do it. Today's men should stop comparing themselves to men at the Prophet's time. They are not co-equals. Men at that time could agree to marry a cripple, a blind among other disabled persons for the sake and love of Allah. Islamic literature is replete with these scenarios. Men at that time understands chivalry but chauvinism is the other name of men today.Â

Men of today want to marry women with staff IDs - thus working and earning something. Men want women whose appearance is timeless or isn't out of harmony with time. Men want women of industry. Yet, men are crying for the abolishment of leefey. What sort of jɛrilim is that? It is becoming quite obvious that men are running away from responsibilities even before they marry. That will not happen after all men don't automatically become responsible after marriage. Men always ask for more fro m women and expect less to be demanded from them. Kaman how?

A generation of lazy men who are always looking for cheap ways of getting a wife; so that they can pack women home like sardines as wives. Such irresponsibility! I can't think far!Â

If a man is really serious of making a woman his wife, he will stretch himself a little to get the leefey. The leefey has a very symbolic relevance no matter how small it is - thus industry, seriousness and love. Bride price is not enough. There are men who go around paying the bride prices of women they don't actually love just to get into their pants and run away. Let these men of no conscience try that silly behaviour with leefey. The leefey, no matter how small it is, is no chicken change. And no rational man will dare play games with it. The leefey is an important collateral security. There are lot of relationships that would've been lost if leefey was out of the picture.Â

Some men will never buy a handkerchief for their wives after marriage. So, if you won't buy it after marriage, you must buy it now. Nnabi. Ka chÉ› so pa John.Â

The leefey is not a wastage. It is largely made of items that augment women's beauty and self-image. Your woman should look fly for some considerable time after marriage. If your wife after marriage doesn't look dope, you will go out and chase smartly dressed women. Men are controlled by their eyes. You will even probably say you rushed or made a bad choice.Â

Men are wild creatures even though they are not living in the forest. A man can marry you without leefey and spend more than leefey money on a wo man outside. A man can marry you without leefey and abandon you tomorrow because he has magically found leefey to marry another woman. In era where many married and unmarried men have legitimised cheating and irresponsibility, launching a campaign against leefey is an attempt to further devalue womanhood.Â

All this cacophony of anti-leefey campaign is a ploy by bunch of high grade irresponsible men. They want to enjoin women into assisting men with the leefey thing. Kaasa! Di ku nyÉ› anu ka!Â

Hmm! A woman friend recently recounted to me about her traumatic divorce. She practically took a loan for the man to do the leefey and the rest of the marriage rites. At that time, her man could not even afford to buy her a Togo polyester underpant. But what didn't happen? The man after becoming "rich" overnight drove her away and married a new wife with juicy Dubai-shopped leefey.Â

Trust me, many men are keeping their wives because they know what it takes to organise the leefey.Â

Sadly, women suffer most in divorce. The only thing they always walk out of the marriage with is the leefey. Men want to deprive women of that one too. They want women to leave a marriage with their nakedness. Wickedness paa nie!Â

Leefey is not the reason men are not getting married. There are bigger reasons of collective societal failure. Men should leave leefey out of their communist inferior tactics. As a matter of fact, if getting a wife is absolutely free, many men will still die without wives.Â

The leefey is some kind of litmus test in determining me n who are really serious to marry. It ensures that men who have made their first GHC 900 do not think that they can marry three wives at a go because bride price is GHC 300.Â

Men are already campaigning strongly against (flamboyant) wedding parties. That is quite understandable because of the wanton wastage incurred in the process. But to bring that campaign on leefey is exotic nonsense, bunkum and baloney. What kind of alaha is this? The leefey is in categories or ranks. Do what you can do. It is the cloths that are always expensive. Buy your level. Buy Hollande, if you can't buy it, buy GTP, if you can't buy it, buy Wax, if you can't buy it, buy High Target, if you can't buy it, then your desire to have an erection needs a divine direction.Â

I don't endorse flamboyant marriages/weddings but I think a man's leefey should look as much as his earnings. I don't even care if a man loses his hand to get his bride a leefey. Unlike wedding which is an investment in people's feelings and stomachs, leefey is an investment on your wife and in extension yourself.Â

Well, if you still want a wife with no leefey, then feel free. Go to Tolon Gberima, Kumbung Kukuo, Mahamapei or Kyeiwakrom. You may even receive 90% discount or rebate on the bride price.Â

To all men against leefey, onaapo! Ejiligba!Â

My name is Hanan-Confidence Abdul, a Charlotte Osei crush, sapiosexual and conscientious feminist. If you're not happy about my opinion on this leefey thing, please I am in the house with my grandmother. Alaha yuriba laa maa.Â

Abdulai Hanan R. Confidence
Campaigner For LeefeyÂ