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Opinions of Saturday, 25 August 2007

Columnist: Nuamah, Abdul Samiu

Leave Alan Kyeremanten Alone

Allies of some of the campaign groups of the NPP presidential hopefuls have taken it upon themselves to cause confusion and issue threats of splitting in the party. This is based on unfounded rumours that the president John Agyekum Kuffour is actively supporting one of the candidates John Alan Kyeremanten (JAK).

The President on several occasions has stated categorically that he is NOT in support of any of the candidates, even though he will be voting for one of them, which is his constitutional right and a private matter. For reason best known to those who are making this speculative argument, JAK is now at the receiving end of abuse and insult for doing nothing wrong. If you are utterly convinced that the president will vote for JAK, then is good for him, one vote up and he cannot be blamed for that.

The NPP as a party has moved forward from a party in opposition to a party in government. People form all walks of life contributed one way or the other towards this course. Some worked tirelessly behind the scenes while others were in the limelight championing the course of the party and that is exactly how a party or any group fighting for a common course operates. The fact that some people were always on the news does not necessary mean they contributed more than those behind the scenes. As such they do not have to cry for a bigger share when it comes to sharing of the cakes. I will stress that the NPP came to power based on the collective effort of all party members not forgetting the foot soldiers. No one is “heavyweight” than the other.

President kuffour has laid down a good foundation for growth and for that reason the NPP is witnessing large number of people wanting to steps in his shoes to steer the affairs of the nation. I will urge the various campaign groups that this can not be worn by insulting others or by deceiving yourself to believe that it is your turn to be the next president. The president of the NPP Government is not a succession or inheritance; you have to fight for it. You have to prove to Ghanaians and the NPP in particular that you can be trusted to run the affairs of the country, you are a born leader with a foresight not a manmade one, you have a track record of achievements, you are down to earth with the people, good listener with an open arms and a person with sound economic policies with a clear instructions of how he will run the country.

Those constantly making this allegation that the president is supporting John Alan Kyeremanten (JAK) want to create the grounds of splitting the party in case JAK wins but I assure them that they will fail. This can not be compared to the Swedru declaration because the president has not named a successor, something he has stated will never do. A leader is born not made.

This, I will say displays a sense of despair and immaturity in those camps and also shows a gross disrespect to the president. It is not late for them to throw in the towel if they believe they are trailing. These people need to grow up and show maturity in their campaign because Ghanaians have grown up over the years. We do not entertain politics based on rumours and insult but facts and ideas.

Nuamah, Abdul Sami
NPP (UK & Ireland Branch)

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