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Opinions of Thursday, 5 September 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Laughing at the Supreme Court Judges


Rockson?Can a Blackman be fully trusted to do any thing sensible in this planetary world that we live in? I do not mean to underestimate my own race but to ask factual questions that have been bothering me over years. ?A case scenario that has heightened my quest for answers to the question posed is the recent Supreme Court judgment haphazardly hurriedly pronounced on Election 2012 petition on Thursday, 29 August 2013.

? The judges had months, weeks or days to prepare the verdict however the direction they wanted it to go depending on their understanding of justice and the application of the relevant laws in relation to the evidence submitted by the petitioners. However, any intelligent person except of course, their disgraceful supporters, collusive paymasters and inhibited persons, that could not tell from their behaviour on that day, that they had not fully prepared their verdict well in advance.

? The Court sitting for the delivery of the verdict was scheduled for 10:00 Ghana time. The judges stayed behind curtains until 14:00 or thereabout before emerging in the courtroom. Barely had they settled in their seats when the Presiding judge, that inimically partisan and biased judge, Justice Atuguba, read the summary of their verdict that lasted less than ten minutes. They got up, rushed back into the inner room from whence they had come as though, an invisible mighty hand was pushing them from behind, quickly sending them away for their disgracefully corrupt performance.

? Many foreign media had sought accreditation to appear in the court to listen to a tangible verdict pronounced with the spelling out and citations of the supportive Constitutional clauses, laws, case references, arguments and whatnots. Did they see anything of the type? No!. What a disgrace then. This is how far the intelligence of the supposed learned Supreme Justices go.

? What message did Justice Atuguba and his colleagues on the nine-member panel judges appointed to preside over Election 2012 case send to the whole world? To me, they sent a message confirming and reaffirming that well established notion about the Blackman by our contemporary White brothers. The notion is, the Blackman is not competent enough to manage their own affairs. This is a fact whether we like it or not.

? As actions speak louder than words, so does the exhibited deplorable verdict-delivery method adopted by the Atuguba-panel confirm how incompetent, unprofessional and corrupt the Blackman is. Therefore, they cannot be trusted with doing anything sensible except of course, displaying their animalistic tendencies almost all of the time.

. Unless the Supreme Court judges who voted in favour of dismissing the Election 2012 petition are mentally and physically deaf and blind, I would say they are not credible at all to be in that august house let alone, calling themselves Supreme Court judges. They are a complete blot on the intelligence of discerning Ghanaians.

? As it has always been my style not to suffer fools kindly, so will I today not spare the rod to spoil the judges in question? Do they mean to tell me there were not established irregularities, omissions, malpractices etc. in Election 2012? Were those irregularities not statutory violations? Did the judges actually familiarise themselves with the Constitutional clauses and the Constitutional Instruments that defined how Election 2012 was to be organized? If they had, and have not been influenced by bribe, sheer stupidity or otherwise, they would never have come out with that irresponsible verdict of near outright dismissal and dismissal of the petition.

? I leave them to battle with their conscience. As I shall be writing in series, I may decide to end here. I am not being insulting or seeking to run the Supreme Court or the Ghana judiciary as an institution down. They have insulted my intelligence and have run themselves down by their unprofessional corrupt verdict.