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Opinions of Monday, 27 September 2010

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Kwesi Pratt Slams Ghana Police ....

... for Daring to Interrogate Dr. Kwabena Adjei Over his "Many Ways to Kill a Cat" Statement.

Mr. Kwesi Pratt, a renowned Ghanaian social commentator and critic walks down the

red carpet into the auditorium. He continues up the aisle to the podium to give a

talk on the perceived politicization cum recent senselessness of the Ghana police.

All those present give him a standing ovation. In the next moment, all goes quiet

and a minute silence is observed in tribute to the three Accra High Court judges and

a retired army Major murdered in cold blood by the Rawlings' defunct PNDC military

regime on 30th June 1982.

Have I forgotten that it's said, "Speech is silver; Silence is golden?" Do the wise

people not also say, "Patience is virtue?" Yes, the sayings are all true but after

days of cogitation, I have decided to break my silence. For how long should I remain

silent when supposed intellectuals who should have known better are rather throwing

dust into the eyes of Ghanaians randomly, and to be more precise, absurdly? Many a

time have we allowed them to get away with their utter display of ignorance which

though to them, is the way forward in the pursuit of their perceived better agenda

for moving Ghana forward. Should you and I continue to bury our heads in the sand as

does the lackadaisical nonchalant Ostrich while being asphyxiated, or, our very

backyard set on fire?

To set the record straight, I have decided to analyse the recent self-serving

comments made by both Messrs Kwesi Pratt aka "Mr. Know All" and Kofi Adams. These

two Drama queens have by their comments not only insulted the intelligence of

discerning Ghanaians, but flouted an aspect of the Nation's Constitution of which

they had once gleefully availed themselves of, or, supported its usage. They have

also laid bare to the whole world their hollow-mindedness, social and political

biases, and lack of intellectual appreciation of sensitive issues. They continually

behave as though their brains are starved of oxygen supply, making them feel dizzy

and hallucinate at the same time.

It must be noted that not long ago, Mr. Kwabena Adjei, the Chairman of the NDC, had

threatened that if the judiciary did not clean up itself, the NDC will not hesitate

to purge it. He had emphasized on his resolute determination to drastically deal

with the judiciary by the quotation of the dictum, "There are many ways to kill a

cat" Many NDC sympathisers, activists and gurus as abhorrent as they are, have

rallied around Kwabena Adjei in support of his issued threats. Many of same persons

in attempt to make light Kwabena's threatening statements have shown how

intellectually deficient they are. Some are saying Kwabena's statement of, "There

are many ways to kill a cat" is only figurative. Excellent! Be that as it may, then

his remark was a figurative boomerang.

My noble Kwesi Pratt, a self-appointed notorious social commentator, has the

following to say when the police finally extended invitation to Kwabena Adjei for

questioning, and clarification of his issued statement to purge the judiciary. “For

me the real substantial…issue is the invitation allegedly extended to Dr. Kwabena

Adjei by the police. I am highly disappointed…if somebody went to the police today,

and told the police to arrest me because I’m drinking a bottle of Voltic water, will

the police arrest me? Tell me, will the police arrest me? No crime has been

committed! The police have no business inviting Dr. Kwabena Adjei. Why…, what is the

basis of the crime Dr Kwabena Adjei has committed? What crime has he committed?” Mr.

Kwesi Pratt asked.

I never knew Kwesi Pratt could be that senseless to make such a moot point

statement. His analogical defence statement in support of Kwabena Adjei is as

asymmetrical as it is preposterous. Firstly, it should be noted that Kwabena Adjei

felt himself aggrieved because all the vindictive high profile political cases his

NDC party and government had brought against the NPP have failed. In his warped mind

and judgment, he could see the judiciary being biased towards the ruling NDC

government hence their immense catalogue of suffered court failures. To camouflage

their incompetence and lack of legal know-how, the NDC executives had in unison

decided to deal the judiciary a blow they will never forget. Lawless as they have

always been, they thought to be able to bend and break the judiciary somehow. Bear

in mind that, "Lawless are they that make their wills their law". "If the government

becomes a law breaker, it breeds contempt for the law; it invites everyman

to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy" Secondly, Kwabena Adjei's

statement should not be taken at its figurative face value. There is more to it. He

had intended malice. "Once bitten, twice shy" Was it not on 30th June 1982 that

three High Court judges and a retired army officer were murdered in cold blood by

same people who are now the bulk and backbone of the NDC?

I am assuring Kwesi Pratt that he will not be arrested when drinking a bottle of

Voltic water because such act does not fall under the crime of "causing panic and

spreading fear in public". But if drinking a bottle of Voltic water was, he would

surely be arrested. Do we have to wait for Kwabena Adjei and his bunch of vampires

to cleanse the judiciary before acting, in which case it may be too late? Is

prevention not better than cure? Am I not hearing the words, "To be forewarned is to

be forearmed?" Once many are alarmed at his fatuous statement, it is sufficient

proof that his untimely statement has actually caused panic and spread fear among

the Ghanaian public. It sent a chill up my spine so I strongly agree with those

asking the police to arrest him. Do we sit on our arse doing nothing for some

"atetenkuna" to overwhelm us with the visitation of their diabolical intents? The

answer is a NO.

Why is Rawlings alleged to be shadowed by the security operatives? Is it not because

he is seen to present imminent danger to the public and the nation at large judging

from his expressed atrocious views? Has he simply by his comments committed any

crime to merit such covert monitoring? Normally no, but by same tendencies, he once

succeeded in staging a coup d'état against the Limann's PNP government on 31st

December 1981. This requires that any ill-intended statement made by any person who

has once committed a repugnant act against a person or group of persons, must be

accorded the requisite seriousness. Did not the PNDC government of Former President

J.J. Rawlings kill some three High Court judges on 30th June 1982 based on similar

reasons as being advanced by Kwabena Adjei? Are not the people in NDC today in the

PNDC of yesteryears? Are they not then able to execute their threats as they did

many years ago? Assuming we lack the retentive memory to

remember what happened in the 1980s, can't we take a clue from all that the current

NDC government's foot-soldiers are doing, unleashing hell on Ghanaians?

Let me remind Kwabena Adjei of the pain "cleansing" did to the majority Hutus and

the minority Tutsis of Rwanda, and to the Kosovos of former Yugoslavia. What is the

proof that he had not intended to visit the pain of 1982 on the judiciary? How had

he and the NDC executive planned to go about their cleansing of the judiciary, if it

wasn't to kill, maim, or to intimidate them somehow, I want Kwabena Adjei, Kwesi

Pratt and Kofi Adams to explain that to me?

Kwesi Pratt should understand that if he issues statements or threats that he was

going to contaminate the water supply to an area in say Accra, with lethal agents,

he will be arrested even though the act may not yet have been executed. Do we sit

down as nincompoops for him to contaminate the water, get people killed, before we

react at which time the harm may have been caused and lives lost? We need to be

proactive to always nib the problem in the bud. Again, the crime that has been

committed by Kwabena Adjei is that he has unsettled the Ghanaian public by his

threats or else, he wouldn't have received that amount of public bashing.

Kwesi Pratt is being told that if he were to come to the USA or the UK today, to

jokingly announce to fellow passengers aboard a plane or a bus that he is carrying

a bomb on his person which he will not hesitate to detonate were they to continue to

get on his nerves, he will be arrested. He will be handcuffed and frog-marched to

the police station for interrogation and incarceration. Is there any committal of

crime in his false alarm raised? Yes; but to him he wouldn't expect to be arrested

until he has physically detonated his bomb, killing and maiming some fellow

passengers. Until he sees heads decapitated, limbs scattered all about and blood

splattered all over, he has committed no crime worthy of arrest.

Kofi Adams, another unintelligent bootlicker has this to say in support of the NDC

National Chairman, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, “Per our constitution, any idiot can file a

complaint.” In apparent reference to the pressure group, Mr. Adams said after an

“idiot” filed a complaint, the police were enjoined to “listen to the person against

whom the complaint” had been made". It must be noted that this gentleman complained

to the police about Nana Darkwah, led them to arrest him from an Accra FM radio

station's studio after he, Nana Darkwah, had alleged on air that Former President

Avaklasu J.J. Rawlings caused the conflagration that gutted the Rawlingses' house at

Ridge on the night of 14 February 2010. Is he not himself the leader of the

purported idiots the Constitution empowers to file complaints as and when they like,

going by the logic of his statement? This guy has never made any sense to me

whenever he opens his oral cavity. He is the one who

started that nonsensical politicization of the Ghana police in what has become

infamous "causing harm and spreading fear/panic in public"

When the dagger turns on the perpetrator, they begin to cry foul. “Verily, the death

from which you flee will surely meet you ... The end of life is the same for all,

for they all die..." Arrest Dr. Kwabena Adjei now! Or, discharge all those being

held for "causing harm and spreading fear/panic in public"

Rockson Adofo