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Opinions of Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Columnist: Richard Appiah

Kweku Baako should know that truth is not libel

Mr Kweku Baako has been keeping us all under tenterhooks all this time.

I tune in to watch him banging on tables. The expose on galamsey will shock us all.

I await with bated breath each week hoping he will publish the report.

I ask the he waiting for the culprits to bring him big cola nuts so the case will be dropped? Well, its alleged he got some wayoyos money and never denied it; neither has he sued any one for libel.

Which police man of intergrity will warn arm robbers he is coming to catch them??

All this titillation will do his street no good.

One can only hope he comes good soon. One also hopes this brilliant narratives reach his top desk. One hopes still, he publishes Mr Cameron's piece in his newspaper.

Truth they say is constant. Only lies keep changing like chameleons skin!!
Publish and be damned!!! Kanawu or forever stop agitating public peace. Galamsey aint *gutter gutter* kick about. Lives are at stake each day.

The whole army is "cock ready" because one of their own is down in galamsey gutters....Mr Baako please help the army "shoot" the real enemies in our midst!!

That the intelligent agencies have not called and interviewed you on your allegations baffles us their inactions...are u inferring they have soiled their hands in galamsey quarters?

Give 8 out of ten regions that have galamsey on their soils...the nation is being destroyed by minority greedy bastards.. ..there is no time to waste!!+

Please like legend Bob Marley sung *I don wañna wait in vain*

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