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Opinions of Saturday, 25 October 2008

Columnist: Abiam, Kwaku Danso

Kwaaku Baako Ought To Consider The Nation

It is about time Kwaku Baako make the nation his first precedence than always polities any issue of national interest

It is about time kwaku Baako stop bothering us with Rawlingsis

Is about time kwaku Baako offer solution than always apprehensive of issues that are related to the former President Kwaku Baako for over years unsettling our ears with issues of Rawlingsis because of his personal revulsion for Rawlingsis, so any issue which should be discuss for the nation’s interest will be divert to Mr. Baako’s personal subject, so you will see that the issue will not have any solution.

To me I don’t think that Kwaaku Baako have the nation at heart. My little advice to Mr. Baako, if he takes it is going to help our nation and give him the recognition that he is looking for. If Mr. Baako says he has the nation at heart then he should stop thinking of The Rawlingsis. Anytime you refer to Kwaaku Baako the only recognition he get is, that journalist who always condemn the Rawlingsis, this will not help. Mr. Baako has a lot to offer Ghana but he is making the Rawlingsis issue hold back his contribution towards nation building .Rawlings has been the head of the nation for almost twenty years, he has every right to air his views, he will be call names if he sit down unconcern not speaking and watch that things which he believes is not going the right direction, he has his right, we are in democratic era which everybody has the right to air his or her views, the right that Mr. Baako have as well as the Rawlingsis. Why should Kwaaku Baako waste the whole years that he spend in the school of journalism on the Rawlingsis, he is not making good use of his qualification he has not, to the best of my knowledge make any significant contribution like some of his friends journalist does.

I was listening to joy fm program news file and I heard Mr. Baako saying in 1994 the chronicle news paper reported on a simmering tension between the Kokombas and the Nanumbas but the report was dismissed and a month later war broke out. Mr. Rawlings did not take it serious that is why it happened right? My brother Kwaku can you please answer this? do you want tell the whole nation that because Mr. Rawlings did not take it serious so MR. Kuffour too should ignore and let another war broke out? So if Rawlings era, weapon went to wrong hands, are you saying President Kuffour should allow weapon to go to wrong hands? Do two wrongs make a right?

Mr. Baako lets face fact you have not been fair to Ghanaians because of your personal problem with the Rawlings make some of us think you are in for something. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Baako, but he spends all his time on the former President. Mr. Baako in the 2001 after the election promise the whole Ghanaian that he was travelling to Switzerland to investigate the Rawlingsis, that they have stolen the nation’s money, the so call “APO KRONKRON TOUR” on the expense of the task payers money which the whole nation waited without any result, Kwaku Baako recently with Gabby Otchere Darko travelled on the expense of task payer money to Norway on another mission on the former Leader which also was a waist of money. I will not call him a patriotic citizen; you want to make your name and wealth by using Rawlings. The NPP Government recognizes anybody that speaks against the former Family.

If you are critic of Rawlings you are NPP hero. Mr. Baako claim to be CPP which he is, if it is not for his own ambition, his pocket, and the so call recognition he is looking for, then he should stave and help build his CPP. Enough of you and the Rawlingsis, please let us rest our ears.

Kwaku Danso Abiam.