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Opinions of Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Kumawuhemaa to Cease Being Pugilistic, Insulting and Unreasonable

Kumawuhemaa Nana Abenaa Serwaah Amponsah has since I knew her, or heard about her, been very pugilistic, insulting and extremely unreasonable. She always wants to have her own way in everything even if her actions and demands at that particular moment are nonsensically silly and absolutely unreasonable. A seeming tomboy as she is by her deplorable behaviours - ready to put on knickers to take on people in a fight, slaps people or insults them in public; she has courted more enmity than friendship towards her person as far as her unpopularity among Kumawuman citizens go.

On Saturday, the 26th day of December 2015, when a part of her own Ankaase family members were merrily celebrating the Christmas, eating, drinking and popping or crackling "Christmas knockouts", she called the police on them, accusing them of making noise. The Kumawu District Police Commander himself attended. Barely had he arrived at the scene when an altercation ensued between him and one Paa Agyei, a "Switzerland burger" who is also a member of the Kumawu Ankaase family. It all came about when the Police Commander started threatening them with arrest if they did not stop the noise and the popping of the "Christmas knockouts"

I faintly remember former President J. J. Rawlings banning the use of "Christmas knockouts" from Ghana out of his hallucinatory fear of the possibility of someone staging a coup, pumping guns that may be misconstrued for crackling of "Christmas knockouts". This was in the days of his murderous PNDC military junta administration. This same banning order was a few weeks ago reiterated by the Ashanti Regional Police Commander DCOP Nathan Kofi Boakye.

I totally disagree with this nonsensical official banning of the yearly or seasonal use of "knockouts". In any civilized Western country where true democracy but not some dodgy form of dictatorship exists, the use of seasonal knockouts is freely allowed.

Paa Agyei refused to budge to the demands by the Police Commander but rather asked him how many times has he arrested or warned Kumawuhemaa who is notorious for shooting warning live bullets into the air every now and then at any time of the day? He had rather better go and arrest her than to come to threaten children who were only amusing themselves popping "Christmas knockouts". As the argument intensified, Henry Acheampong, his brother overheard them. He came out of his room to find out what the matter was? He also joined what I may describe as the verbal affray, condemning the Police Commander and Kumawuhemaa who stood a few metres away watching and laughing in her head.

Nana Akua Serwaah, the sister of these brothers came out of her room to find out what the ongoing noise was all about. She also got involved, having become aware of the cause of the commotion and feeling unhappy about it.

The following is the most interesting part that has compelled me to put out this publication in the public domain. Kumawuhemaa, an avowed enemy of Nana Akua Serwaah, ordered Nana Akua to fuck off, accusing her of being a prostitute who has no business meddling in her affairs, actions and orders to the Kumawu Police. Nana Akua retaliated, alleging that Kumawuhemaa was rather the queen of prostitutes but not her, and then rained insults on her.

Kumawuhemaa stood outside the house shouting on top of her voice raining insults on Nana Akua, as unethical as she has always been. What a shame, a queen disgracing herself in public? Was she not the same queen who once slapped one Kwame Adu in public at Kumawu Palace in front of many people? Was she not the same queen who once, unknown to one another, engaged me in acrimonious exchange of insults over the telephone two years before the death of his brother, the late Kumawuhene Barimah Kwame Asumadu Sakyi II? Is she not the same queen who once insulted the Head of the Ananangya royal family, the late Nana Nti Kwaakye and his family members when they called on her at her house in 2007? Is she not the same queen who disrespects and insults the people of Kumawuman?

I am not interested in narrating her life lived in Canada to prove whether or not she was, or is, a prostitute herself. As a researcher having close contacts with the Ankaase family, I can vouch that Kumawuhemaa was at one particular time dating or going out with three men – Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Prince Wabo of the Police Striking Force and Amoah. Can she deny the veracity of this claim? Can the men deny ever having sexual contact with her as their girlfriend but probably without knowledge that their relationship with her was happening simultaneously?

If a woman handling three men at the same time is not a prostitute, who else can be, although a prostitute by the strictest definition is "a ?person who has ?sex with someone for ?money; to use yourself or ?your ?abilities or ?beliefs in a way that does not ?deserve ?respect, ?especially in ?order to get ?money?"

Kumawuhemaa hates Nana Akua Serwaah and some of her brothers with passion because they are against her lies fabricated to get Asantehene to take her side in their desperate despicable ways of rewriting the rich history of Kumawu to permit them to selfishly exploit the wealth of Kumawuman. Nana Akua has vowed to always tell the truth even if she was taken to the gallows to be executed if she did not tell lies to get her freed.

I shall advise Kumawuhemaa to stop behaving in a manner that is unworthy of the queen of Kumawu. She must also see herself as a goner. She must stop using the police unnecessarily as such attempts will get her nowhere. No bribery and tactical employment of intimidations can help her attain her dodgy objective of keeping Dr Yaw Sarfo as the legitimate paramount Chief of Kumawu. This will never happen as long as God is in control, same as supported by the public disclosure of judicial corruption in Ghana by the ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

For the public information, Nana Akua Serwaah has never been a loose girl, jumping from one man's bed into another's for whatever known or unknown reason. I knew her when she was growing up as a child. I have never heard about her keeping more than one boyfriend at a time in her private life and I do not even know her boyfriends as she, despite being a succulent damsel of every man's eye, never allowed herself to be used by many boys.

She is happily married with a family so Kumawuhemaa should stop accusing her of something that is purely the figment of her warped imagination.

Finally, I shall advise the Kumawu police to stop being Kumawuhemaa's lapdog. They are not in Kumawu to dance to the puppet tunes by Kumawuhemaa. They have to do their job professionally rather than seeking to illegally prop the position of Kumawuhemaa and her allegedly puppet chief, Barimah Sarfo Tweneboah Koduah (Dr Yaw Sarfo).

Lest I forget, was it not Kumawuhemaa who not many years ago was chatting up one of my friends? I advised him against being seduced by her seeing that she is far older than him, ill-mannered and ugly with her ugliness cutting across bones. Following my advice, this friend of mine dumped her although initially he had intended to mind the engine of the car but not its body. He was even yet to take the car to the road to try how good or bad the engine was. The engine never got tried!

Rockson Adofo