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Opinions of Friday, 1 February 2008

Columnist: Fosu, John

Kumawuhemaa and Kontihene Intensify Their War

...Against Aduanahene & Co.

The duel between the progressives; the true, honest and dedicated sons and daughters of Kumawuman hereby classified as the children of the Living God, and the queen, the Kontihene and their corruptibly lackadaisical associates including the two known "kalabule" chief linguists (Akyeame), also hereby intimated as the devil incarnates, has intensified lately.

I am going to reveal certain facts that will send cold chill up the spine of many, revealing how desperate the queen of Kumawu is determined to execute her evilness to the hilt. I can confirm, by virtue of recent revelations, uncovered underhand dealings and relentless solicitation and resort to spiritism by the tainted greedy queen that she herself, caused the disappearance of the "Taa Akyampong Abamoo", the precious war booty captured during the Atala Finam war. I challenge the queen, the Kontihene, their confidants and their irresponsible supporters devoid of common sense and love for Kumawuman to challenge or deny my assertions in that regard. The "Taa Akyampong Abamoo" was stolen by the queen and sold back to the descendants of Atala Finam. The Abamoo is as at writing, in the firm grips of the great sons and daughters of Atala Finam, and it is now in the Benin Republic. As pressure was brought to bear upon her to either produce the Abamoo or abdicate her seat, or forfeit her traditional right to nominate the next paramount chief as cited in the petitioned injunction issued by the "Judicial Committee of the Ashanti Region House of Chiefs" on behalf of:

1) Nana Sarfo Agyekum II, (Joe Fly), the Aduanahene and the Abusuapanin of Kumawu Paramount Aduana Royal Family

2) Nana Kwaku Damte, the Aninangyahene-Kumawu

3) Opanin Nti Kwakye, the Abusuapanin of Aninangya Aduana Royal Family of Kumawu and

4) Opanin Kwame Tawiah, the Abusuapanin of Odumasi Aduana Royal Family- Kumawu;

The devious queen who never ceases making a joke of herself has done as following:

She has solicited, entering into spiritual pact with these "Ayigbe or Awona" people who are renowned voodooists or are noted for jujuism, to spiritually cause the death of anyone who pursues her for the restitution of the "Abamoo". This came about as a result of the current holders refusing to release it back to her to be taken to Kumawu. These people have agreed to do exactly as requested by the egocentric queen whose credibility has deteriorated beyond redemption. She is now a disgraced person, a shame unto her family and unto herself. She has also been to three fetish priests, where she buried live goats and sheep after various incantations, invoking death upon those pursuing her in court, denying her the right to nominate, select and impose a new paramount chief on Kumawuman as against the wishes of the majority of the inhabitants. She has been to India, Kano, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and many fetishes in Ghana including Larte Akonodi, but all to no avail. This goes to prove that God is a billion times more powerful than the gods she has been hurtling to whenever she gets possessed by her evil-mindedness.

The queen is fighting a losing battle as God Himself has appointed His own chosen one to be the next paramount chief of Kumawu. All her efforts expended shuttling between towns, villages and countries in such of spiritual assistance to enable her install a puppet candidate of her choice, one Dr. Sarfo, whom she believes to capably control, being a despicable control freak, will come to naught. All her attempts to spiritually eliminate the God's anointed one and those fighting to obstruct her from imposing any useless person on Kumawuman will never materialise. I can hardly find the correct adjectives to describe how narrow-minded and self-deceptive this lady who thought to have Kumawuman in her palm like a delicate egg, ready to crush it at will is.

The choice of the queen, with whom she has planned to embezzle every pesewa that comes into the Kumawu Traditional Council's coffers, has also stupidly resorted to consulting fetishes in the hope of not only bettering his chances to getting enthroned but also, wishing malevolence upon the God's chosen one. He thinks his dad is a Moshe, a Burkinabe, and so he has lopsided advantage when it comes to knowing best source of juju. He has taken the queen to Burkina Faso among many other places. They have failed and they will continue to fail in all their evil deeds as this war is not between them and the progressives but between them and the Living Almighty God the Father.

I laugh myself to tears when I read the defence submission by the queen and the "Tikenenkenen" Kontihene, who thinks by supporting the altered, adulterated version of the Kumawu royal family history as presented by the demented crafty queen, he will get a car and a house. I wonder how some people can be so stupid to be easily deceived. How sensible is this "Tikenenkene", me de me tiri me gye", to believe in his heart of hearts that by helping the queen deny the Kumawuman their choice of chief will earn him a car and a house? What an infantile behaviour? The Kontihene supports the historically-deficient queen?s version that the only genuine royal family in Kumawu able to ascend the paramount stool is the "Ankasse", while all the others are illegitimate or slaves though; they are as well Aduanas from elsewhere.

The pot calling the kettle you are black! I am going to narrate a true event and I will leave the readers to make their own judgment. On one sunny afternoon, in front of the Kumawu Broadway Beer Bar, operated by the late Opanin Yaw Boye, the younger brother to Opanin Kwame Kodua and Kumi, the late joint-owners of Justice Hotel at Afful Nkwanta - Kumasi, there cropped up an issue. There were many elderly and noble people who had gathered around to enjoy bottles of beer as usual. Among them were the late Opanin Yaw Forson, the Secretary at the Kumawu palace and a renowned historian who was an authority as far as the history of Kumawu was concerned, and Nana Tuffour, the younger brother of the late Barima Otuo Acheampong, the then paramount chief of Kumawu. Nana Tuffour was noted for telling the history of the origin of people he encountered, if it was to embarrass them and prove them to be slaves, as per the warped perceptions of many Ashantis who call themselves royals. Nana Tuffour for no apparent reason, except though a bit tipsy, turned to Opanin Yaw Forson and said, ?Juasohene doesn?t come to Kumawu and you being a possible Juasohene, wouldn?t have come to Kumawu was it not for a specific reason or some problem of some sort. Juaso chiefs are banned from coming to Kumawu because my great ancestor, Barima Baffour Okyere, the then Kumawu paramount chief beheaded your grandfather, Antwi Boasiako, the Juasohene at ?Baankafo? ? Kumawu, whose head is still held at Kumawu palace. Opanin Yaw Forson, who had lived in Kumawu man and boy, built his house and had almost all his wives, children and sisters born in Kumawu, was highly infuriated, felt offended and did not take it kindly to the untimely untoward castigation by Nana Tuffour in public. He then replied him by saying and I quote, ?Okyere Baffour was not your grandfather or ancestor. Your grandmother was ?Opepenin?, bought from Ejisu market and taken to Kumawu as slave-maid?. Fuck off, a northerner. Are you not a descendant of a northerner? "Opepenin a otese wo. Mo nye mpepefo3 asefo3? You call yourself a royal, "Opepenin". It must be noted that it was from the incident that befell this particular chief Antwi Boasiako that we had/have the proverb, ?Enye obi na okum Antwi, na Boasiako na 3de ne tire egye akyerema?. I will in future discuss the story surrounding the beheading of this Juasohene who was accused by the then Asantehene of betraying the Asantes in one of their wars where the Asantes were humiliated.

Nana Tuffour immediately left the bar. He went to report to Barima Otuo Acheampong saying, "Go to Broadway to hear what Yaw Forson has said about us. He says we are "mpepefo3 and that our great grandmother was one Ayo, a Moshe slave purchased at Ejisu and brought to Kumawu palace to serve as maid. Barima Otuo Acheampong was not happy about what had transpired at the Broadway bar. Though it is said, ?Nothing ventured, nothing came?, Barima Otuo Acheampong never bothered to know how Nana Tuffour had started the whole issue but was only to be driven by the pain of the attendant humiliation. Tuffour bit more than he could chew but Otuo Acheampong made a scapegoat of Yaw Forson. He relieved him of his palace duties simply by saying, ?Yaw, you are my best friend, why should you disgrace me in public by telling my origin, someone I would rather count on to defend me if someone else had raised such a topic??

My question is does the present crazy queen come from Ankaase? If she does, who is Barima Otuo Acheampong to her? If they are related, then how does she relate to the incident that cost Opanin Yaw Forson his palace job? Opanin Yaw Forson was an authority on Kumawu history, a fact nobody can deny. The queen does not know her own history and how by manipulation by one Nana Osei Yaw Akoto, the Asantehene, her lineage became part of the Kumawu royal family. I don?t want to spill the entire beans for the sake of some Ankaase people I care about. The queen must quickly go on air to apologize to Kumawuman for insulting their intelligence, for having said the descendants of Tweneboa Kodua are slaves. Now the readers are to judge for themselves who the slaves among the royals are were/are should we desire to delve into history, concerned about unearthing the truth. ?The truth will set you free?, bear in mind, my dear readers.

I have got so many historical documents with a copy of the distorted version presented by the queen in her defence submission on my desk. I shall publish them in bits whenever I feel like. I pray the Ankaase royals to destool this queen long before my continual publications with historical facts, her resort to fetishism with evil intent, cause irreparable damage to them. I have friends among the Ankaase royals but I will not compromise historical facts just for the sake of friendship. I will tell the story as it is and as they unfold.

Just for the perusal of my readers and those Kumawuman citizens who care about their royal families? history and the development of Kumawuman locality: There are a total of thirteen Black stools at Kumawu palace for those who were paramount chiefs but died on the stool without abdicating or been forced out of office. The blackened stools are for the following chiefs namely,

1) Nana Adoforow Ahye 2) Nana Kwadwo Twessogyea 3) Nana Kwadwo Obiri Yeboah 4) Nana Kofi Akwatia Adusei 5) Nana Kofi Fekai 6) Barima Tweneboah Koduah I 7) Barima Asumadu Sakyi I 8) Barima Baffour Okyere 9) Barima Kwame Basoah 10) Barima Kwame Gyesaw 11) Barima Tweneboa Koduah Korkor II 12) Nana Asabre 13) Barima Otuo Acheampong

Out of the thirteen stools, the first eleven belong to the Aninangya and the Odumasi Royal families, meaning those chiefs hailed from those royal families. The last two are from the Ankaase family. One may then rightly enquire when at all did the Ankaase people become part of the Kumawu paramount family. The first Ankaase person to ascend the throne through the instigation of Nana Osei Yaw Akoto, the Asantehene who married into the later to become Ankaase royal family was Nana Kwasi Dabo who was later dethroned. After him came Nana Asabre, also of Ankaase descent. Then came Barima Kwame Afram who was twice deposed, in-between which times came Barima Tweneboah Koduah IV (Nana Seth) from the Aninangya who was also removed from office because of his strict militarily style of rule. Finally, Barima Otuo Acheampong from Ankaase also ascended the throne. When he passed, Barima Asumadu Saky II from Ankaase took over. The chronology of the Black stools is simply to bring home to those who have faint idea or no idea at all about the Kumawu Aduana royal families and who were the first to-be royal families with the later to-be adulteration that has thrown Kumawuman into this mess that is being orchestrated by the historically shallow-hollow- minded but greedy, queen and Kontihene.

Someone recently saw in his dream seven coffins. The very evil spell cast on the progressives seeking development for Kumawu, by the queen and her team who are of contrary view as mentioned above, will by the abundant mercies of God the Father, return upon their own heads. The coffins will be used to bury the evil perpetrators themselves of whom the queen and the Kontihene are PhD graduates. ?The evil that men do, lives after them? Finally, I will advise one guy who paid the sum of fifty million Cedis, now five thousand Ghana New Cedis, said to be resident in Manchester, United Kingdom, to the late Kumawuhene to create him some stupid sub-chief seat, to learn the history about the Kumawu Royal families rather than to propagate falsehoods. The case is between the royals and since he is not one of them, he should please shut up his chattering music box, that is, his chirping beak to concentrate on how best, if he could, to perform the functions of his weird post. He goes about telling people that the likely person to be crowned the paramount chief of Kumawu after all the initiated evilness by the queen and her agents, has paid the Aduanahene 100 million old Cedis to institute the court action against the queen. What a big liar he is? This guy has always supported evil actions for reasons only known to him.

I doubt if the Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is serious about helping to resolve the issue amicably. Whatever the case, God is in control of the situation so whoever is doing what is meaningless to the people of Kumawuman. All those condoning and conniving with the queen to rob Kumawuman in broad daylight will fail. The people have spoken and God has heard their cries. Why do people attribute my write-ups to someone else? Are they scared of my American connection? Give the credit or blame to me but not to any other person. I am going to arrange to meet the Kumawuman citizens in the New York area to see how they can redeem their people back home from the slimy tentacles of the queen and her cohorts after which I will take a lengthy break from the Internet to concentrate on penning my ideas into a book.

In God we trust.

John Fosu, USA