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Opinions of Friday, 29 February 2008

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Kumawu Constituency Deserves Better

As if by a twist of fate, the former Sekyere East with the now carve out Kumawu Constituency has had its fair share of not only incompetent but also, the most selfish, callous, and nonchalant Members of Parliament and DCEs. The only credible person among the lot since the past twenty years is the current DCE, Honourable Philip Basoah. He is the only one aspiring to justify his office of the District Chief Executive by ensuring development comes to the area under his jurisdiction.

Is there the need for replacing the nonperforming representatives, a curious mind may enquire? I will personally say yes. The MPs, especially, are not elected to proceed to office to line up their pockets without performing the commensurable task of representing the constituents effectively at Parliament. I yearn to know about what there is at the Ghana Parliament that scares off Parliamentarians from the Kumawu Constituency. Why can't they get off their arse to put across the floor the numerous problems confronting their Constituency as done by other dynamic members of the House from other Constituencies? Kumawu Constituency is inundated with problems, resulting in "wants" , if I dare borrow an economic term to better explain my point yet, the elected Parliamentarians are more than dumb, standing mute during parliamentary deliberations. They are noted only for putting up their hands to be counted in concurrence or in roll call. What a shame?

Ghana Parliament allows for speaking in other selected local dialects of which Twi is paramount. Why can't they avail themselves of this opportunity if spoken English is found to be problematic to them? Or, they think the constituents simply voted to secure them employment, helping them better their chances of bedding the succulent damsels in the Constituency in particular, and Ghana in general? If this is their notion, then they have got it all wrong.

I am ready to offer them a free service as a speech-writer limited to enumerating the problems and the wants of the Kumawu Constituency, and how to impress the need for action on the House or the government. Kumawu Constituency needs pipe borne water to help arrest the periodic outbreak of cholera. This is just for the start, or, to start with. Any credible candidate who wants to take up the sitting MP in a contest to unseat him should not hesitate to get in touch. But note, I will not hesitate to castigate you if you do same as the MPs I most deplore for their apathy, reneging on their pledge to fight for a fair share of the national cake for their Constituency. They have intentionally chosen to leave the Constituency to fate while they feed themselves obese, riding on the ignorance of the people, taking them for fools. I am not going to give them a breathing space to waddle out of condemnation until they change for the better. I want to know or see what the MPs have achieved for the Constituency. So far, I see nothing. Why nothing for all these years? Ask them!

Rockson Adofo, London

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