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Opinions of Sunday, 24 October 2010

Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

Kumasi is a Self-made City and Remains the Envy of Many

In their desperation, NDC are doing everything possible to create a battle grounds for internecine conflict in Ghana. This is about the surest way they can guarantee disrupting the 2012 general and Presidential elections by declaring a state of emergency in Ghana for John Mills to remain in power and a way of keeping out Nana Addo and the NPP from contesting the elections on schedule.

It has been observed that the NDC in power means tribal and ethnic polarisation whereby the government does everything possible to incite all other tribes and ethnic groups against particularly Asantefo and in some cases against Akanfo. As civilised people we shall resist any form of provocation that has the tendency to goad us onto behaving in similar agrestic manner to that of some stone-age thinking images within the NDC. There is nothing gainsaid that the NDC is a homophobic neo-Nazi group consisting of yahoos as in Gulliver’s Travels whom if taken serious in their linguistic expressions would slip Ghana into a serious bloodshed.

A stripling up-start like Kobby Acheampong could only be best described as an NDC-made image who would otherwise not be able to sustain himself. Such a freeloading bootlicking sycophant can only earn a living in a divisive and kleptomaniac party like the NDC through casting invectives of little or no substance on political opponents.

Amongst all the cities in Ghana, Kumasi has been and continues to be self-made. On a Royal visit to Ghana in 1957, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II described Kumasi as the garden city of West Africa. The then Soviet leader Brezhnev could not believe his eyes when he visited Kumasi with the Osagyefo as part of his tour of Ghana. Kumasi stands above all other cities in our sub-Region and even beyond. This has been through the nous and hard work of the ancestors and their succeeding generations that have been crowned with success. Oseikrom has not only made a name for itself, the cocoa-growing region has been harnessed by the forefathers of Asanteman who have made a name for Ghana over several years until recently as the world’s leading cocoa producing country in the world. Ghana’s economy has been sustained by cocoa grown for export by Kumasifo, Asanteman and Akanfo. Such a success cannot go un-attacked by such neo-Nazi envious lazy coons of the ilk of such NDC shiftless thieves who detest the affluent without reason.

Anybody who walks the streets of Kumasi becomes highly impressed with the mansion homes of individuals who own those properties. It is therefore no wonder at-all that Koby Achampong who leans heavily on his Ewe ancestry would attack people from Kumasi irrespective of the fact that he was brought-up in Kumasi, had his higher education thanks to Cocoa and its benefits from the Cocoa Marketing Board. The founder of their State-funded NDC who has the same anti-Ashanti, anti-Akans sentiments has never ceased lashing insults on Asantefo. What some Ewes and half Ewes want from particularly Asantefo Akanfo in general has not yet been made explicit. What President Kufuor did for the Volta region in eight years outweighed what John Rawlings did for them in nineteen years yet his endeavours were neither acknowledged nor appreciated. Ghana under Prof Busia’s 27 months rule saw the Prof give his right hand but receiving their elbow. No Region in Ghana has ever been so fastidious, ingrate and importunate as some of Ewe our brothers and sisters.

Prof Kofi Awonor has been bold enough to declare his stance and intentions, so why doesn’t Koby Achampong and his like-minded people join in his campaign and opt out because after-all Ghana with or without such unreasonably disgruntled people the ilk of Awonor, Koby Achampong and John Rawlings etc neither loses nor gains anything for Ghana if they so decide and execute it. We Akans generally and all Ashantis want peace and unity not divisiveness and tribal conflicts. We have allowed the government to use a bigger chunk of our supposed cocoa farming income to assist others at our expense. Our reward after all these sacrifices for your benefit is insults as kokoaase nkuraasefo

President Mills must therefore come out and make a statement on Koby Achampong and his sort who happens to be in his group of officials who need to be cultured to behave like humans because his predecessor President Kufuor did not hesitate in firing Alhaji Moctar Bamba who never insulted but used Castle letter heads to further his personal interest. People such as Koby Achampong and all his ancestors who were presumably born on the wrong side of the blanket would have no manners and etiquette, so would lack eutrapelia because they have been urchins with no paternal care and guidance. Koby Acheampong wants to plunge the country into the Rwandan-style internecine genocide but the good people of Ghana are up to renounce and resist him and his intentions with all the others who have plotted with him. If Atta Mills feels himself as President in control, this is the time for him to prove his worth and do something to demonstrate that he is indeed in control.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa (London UK)