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Opinions of Monday, 16 November 2015

Columnist: Abdulai, Alhaji Alhasan

Kum Bilson

If there is one radio presenter, among a whole lot who qualifies as an educator on radio, that person is Kofi Kum Bilson of peace FM of Accra. His program is rendered in Twi or the Akan language interspersed with English, providing educative information of the moment devoid of partisanship, sometimes drawing strength from historical accounts reminding people of events gone by. In private cars, taxis, ‘tro tros’ and trading outfits in markets, Kofi’s exhilarating program called working time is presented after the popular morning show by Kwame Sifa Kaye and terminates at 12 noon to give way for the afternoon news. Some news stories he drops are known to many people but what makes those stories interesting is the style and twists he applies that make them sweet and tantalizing. Kofi’s feat chalked elevates him to rub shoulders with radio gurus like Kwame Sifa Kayi presenter and Opanin Kofi Agyekum who features in discussions on peace fm and the Radio Universe. He sounds well educated. There is No wonder that he pontificates quite often about being an old student of Accra academy a school attended by many professionals and politicians including my intelligent son Abdul Aziz head of the health services team at Asamankese and environs. His achievements cannot be due not only to Accra Academy. The fact of the matter is that after his academic pursuit he has learnt fro the feet of experienced hands in radio broadcasts such as Tommy Annan Forson my idol. After presenting his true, factual and sometimes strange and interesting stories, he often serves a good menu for the day known as…………….. The other day last week he dropped one such…………….. That is very memorable. OPANIN KOFI AGYEKUM regular panel member on peace fm and radio universe

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