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Opinions of Friday, 28 October 2011

Columnist: Amponsah, John

Kufuor, the Freemasons and the New World Order

By John Amponsah

On the 3rd of June 2011 an article appeared on Ghanaweb entitled “President Kufuor to address congress in Germany” in which we were told “A Statement issued in Accra and signed by Mr Frank Agyekum, Spokesperson at the Office of former President Kufuor, said he would also engage in a high level panel dialogue with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel on the topic: "Towards a New World Order"”

The topic of the panel discussion immediately caught my attention so I waited to see what the reaction of Ghanaians would be to this revelation. I have waited and waited and waited for a Ghanaian, anyone, to point this out but it has not happened. Initially I thought I would not write an article on this but after reading that Kufuor shed tears at the death of Gaddafi, I felt it was time to say something otherwise this important issue will slide into oblivion without proper treatment.

Let me begin by stating that I have nothing against Mr Kufuor or any other politician. In fact I have tried and will continue to try to avoid getting drawn into partisan politics in my articles. My real desire is to witness the upliftment of the lot of our people – Ghanaians, Africans and blacks in general and for humanity at large to work toward achieving its potential. So for the record I am not writing this article to provide fuel for NDC or to attack NPP or for any other reason of that nature. I am not interested in that. To me, the people of Ghana, Africa and the world are more important than any political party. Political parties are one instrument through which the potential of a people can be realized. The political parties of our country are there to serve the people and not the other way around. At the end of the day, each party will say that they are working for the people so what all political parties have in common is (or should be) looking out for the welfare of their people.

Neither am I against any esoteric secret society operating in the country. For those who do not know, not only are the freemasons in Ghana but there are also many other brotherhoods such the Knights Hospitaller of St John (Knights of Malta) whose lineage goes back to the time of the Crusades in Jerusalem. Yes, these and many others like the Rosicrucian Order and others are all in Ghana. I am not against any of these organizations. Each being has the right to self-determination and being initiated into a secret order is one possible way to go about attaining self-determination.

It is a fact that former President Kufuor is a freemason. Last year, Dominic Segoe wrote three impassioned articles on Kufuor being both a freemason and a catholic which attracted much attention on the net and among people discussing this issue off the net. Today I am going to expand on this and go into areas which have probably never been written about on Ghanaweb. But the time has come to say these things.

Freemasonry has its roots in antiquity, going back to the time of Mesopotamia and quite likely even earlier. The Babylonians and the Egyptians created secret brotherhoods that passed down secret knowledge through progressive initiations, each level higher up providing more and more information about the nature of reality as seen by the paradigm of the secret society. This knowledge is not given for free. Most initiates believe that they are improving themselves, which on some level is probably the case. However at the highest levels of these secret societies, members are expected to help bring into reality a global world order that is the dream of the global elite. The global elite (who have been known as the illuminati because of the information and experience available to them) recruit potential candidates from finance and manufacturing industries, academia, judicial and law enforcement agencies (including police, army and intelligence agencies) to use as instruments to help the global elite bring about the reality they wish to manifest. There is much more, so keep reading. Although this article is somewhat long, contextual framework is needed to present the information in an appropriate fashion.

Freemasons are not liked by Catholics because they are two different factions of elite both vying to bring their version of a global world order into manifestation. For a long time the Knight Templars operated their monetary system in Europe until they were undone by their rivals. French King Philip the Fair with the support of the Vatican condemned the last publicly acknowledged Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay on 13th of October 1307. It was a Friday, hence the whole business about Friday the 13th being a bad day. That underscored the struggles between the Vatican and their Jesuit order which is deep into illuminati business, and the Protestants who are the branch that became affiliated with the freemasons. The Templar Knights then became the Freemasons. They first went to Scotland and then to York (hence Scottish and York rites of freemasonry) and finally to London where they are now firmly established, and then to the Americas and elsewhere in the Commonwealth and beyond. Due to protection granted by the British crown, the Templar Order started to flourish again, now under the banner of freemasonry.

So Dominic Segoe, this is the reason why Catholics and Freemasons did not and probably still do not like each other. On the most secret of levels, the Catholics are also controlled and they aim to control as well. They are just of a different order or faction. Both groups are trying to bring about their version of global government. Some people may not like what I am saying here.

So Mr Kufuor, the people you are in cahoots with are the same ones who allowed Gaddafi to be murdered in cold blood! Your fellow 33rd degree freemason, President Obama, openly rejoiced over the death of Gaddafi. Are we to accept that your tears are genuine? Perhaps they are. Perhaps you care more about your people in Africa than Obama cares about Africa. I would sincerely like to believe that.

And this is the question I want to pose to all those in the secret corridors of power in our country: do you sincerely believe in your heart of hearts that you have the best interests of your people, our people, at heart, and do you believe that your actions truly will lead to the improvement of the lot of Ghanaians in particular and Africans in general? This is a question that can be answered individually as well as in your secret groups. I really think you should ask yourselves this question, so I will leave it at that. Ask yourselves: Do you really believe that your efforts are going toward uplifting the lot of your people? If not then I would suggest that some self-reflection is in order.

The world is at a precipice. Civilization as we know it today could easily slip into global war. In the space of a few months we the people of this world have witnessed history in the making. Two sovereign African countries have been invaded by powerful (foreign) western powers and their leaders humiliated. Gbagbo was humiliated while Gaddafi was both humiliated and killed. Both these people were not high level freemasons in league with the illuminati and working toward the realization of the “New World Order”. But you are, Mr Kufuor. In Africa, you are a high level freemason working toward this aim. You did your part and for that you were given awards by the illuminati organization called The Royal Institute for International Affairs. You continue to work toward this aim, I know you are not the only one but you are one of the visible ones. Your legacy has now left Ghanaians being registered through biometric means to be included in the global illuminate database. Congratulations!

So with this in mind, why do you claim you shed tears for Gaddafi, especially when you also say that you did not know him very well during your tenure in office? Do you not know that both Gaddafi and Gbagbo went against The Plan being manifested by the globalists in Africa? Of course you do, and you know or should know what could happen to those who dare to go against The Powers!

Looking at how the Euro-American establishment has used their superior technological power to remove two African leaders, we Africans are being given a clear message. Resistance against the military might of NATO (soon to officially become the world army of the globalists) is futile. Any African leader who tries to stand up to these powerful bullies will be dealt with in the same way.

It is also noteworthy that Gaddafi and Gbagbo were perhaps the only two African leaders who were most vehemently opposed to AFRICOM. Gaddafi being more powerful than Gbagbo and having led a country with phenomenal resources in oil and with underground water facilities and of strategic importance to America’s invasion of Africa and control of the Middle East was more important a target to destroy than Gbagbo’s establishment but they both got dealt with in the Euro-American way.

The Americans are coming! In fact, they have already made new moves in Africa. Right after Gaddafi met his end, Obama sent US special forces (green berets) into the heart of Africa to Uganda, supposedly to deal with the Lord’s Resistance Army. I am sure many noticed this but how many understood its significance? For those who missed it, the US was telling potential contenders (China mainly but also Brazil, India and others) that they were staking their claim to Africa in this new drive to re-colonize Africa at a time of Euro-American economic depression.

What can Ghana do in this new drive? Nothing! I suggest those making decisions in the country decide on the best way to work with these invaders. It is futile fighting them when you are no where as strong as them and have nothing with which to deter them. Be sure that Ghana is squarely on the US agenda because of oil.

America and Europe are broke, their populations are addicted to insatiable spending and America in particular has a phenomenal debt commitment to settle. Yet instead of fixing their economies the governments of Europe and the US are spending tons of money on “military adventurism” not only in what recently happened in Libya but also still in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Yemen, Pakistan and covertly in Syria. Word out is that US and some European special forces are already in Syria. The US also just pulled out their Ambassador from Syria as of this writing. That usually means that it’s likely going to get hot out there. Same thing apparently happened in Iraq and in Libya.

So we live in a very surreal world where broke countries spend billions bombing other countries while their home populations go on “Occupy” demonstrations!

Why is this? This is because the powerful governments of the world do not work for the people who voted them into power. They work for the hidden hands! Some Western leaders are chosen in advance at Bilderberg meetings, so that elections just become a formality. Leaders in other parts of the world may be chosen by their people but the economies of these countries are controlled by powerful interests in Western countries who are affiliated with the global elite.

People are sometimes so quick to shout that this or that is a conspiracy theory. The real conspiracy theories are made by some governments which have become the biggest dispensers of terror on this planet. How many people know that the government of the US once considered invading Cuba by committing an act of terrorism and blaming it on the Cubans? The US Joint Chiefs of Staff contemplated things like shooting down a US airline or sinking a US ship and blaming Cuba for it. This is a conspiracy, not theory, but real conspiracy, to commit acts of terrorism, and it is well documented. The real mother of all conspiracies that has changed the world since September 11 2001 is that US leaders allowed their own country to be attacked and then blamed it on a bunch of terrorists who did not have a fool’s chance in beating all the might of several western intelligence agencies, US airport security and the internal control of US airspace in order to then commit the acts against the world trade centres! Why were F-16 falcon jets not scrambled that day to engage the wayward planes, which is what the protocol is and has been? Why did Dick Cheney control a “war game” from a bunker that took over operations of US air space? Why did the US repeatedly ignore messages from some European intelligence agencies that something big was about to happen? Why apparently did no Jews show up to work on that day? Why have US and European scientists (see papers by Dr Steven Jones and Dr Neils Harrit) CONFIRMED THE PRESENCE of Nano-Thermitic explosives (estimated at over 10 tons) in the debris of the WTC disaster? For those who do not know, Nano-Thermitic explosives are used in controlled demolisions to bring down sky scrapers and other buildings. This particular evidence has for the past few years been touted as proof that the WTC buildings were fitted with explosives to bring down those towers prior to the events of that day, a story that agrees with accounts given by fire fighters who were in the building on that day. The only way these explosives ended up in the towers was if they were carefully placed there prior to 911, there is no other way. So that begs a very, very big question: who put them there? That they were there is now a scientific fact. There is NO WAY a bunch of ill-equipped terrorists could have done all that in a hurry, no way. Even specialists couldn’t do that. Think on that. (Dr. Neils Harrit interviewed by Foreign Policy Journal):

Yet this act of self-injury has now been used as justification to start a whole bunch of wars around the world since that time. Hundreds of thousands more than the 3000 people who died that day have been killed in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya and possibly soon to be Syria (and maybe even in Pakistan and elsewhere), since some US republican senators are actively calling for Syria to be next.

And upon all of this, clueless people who are afraid to face the consequence of true information use the tag conspiracy theorist in an attempt to discredit those who are actually trying to reveal the truth. Why is this?

It is because the vast majority of humanity has been hypnotized into a mental stupor, distracted by the “entertainment” industry and by a global media which is loyal to the hidden hands and not to revealing truth to the world population. The powers are counting on this. The consciousness of the sleeping masses has been hijacked and is being used to manifest the diabolical reality of total control that these dark controllers dream of. Of those humans who are awake or awakening, some choose to know but not act and others choose to act. Of those who choose to act, some choose to fight the control matrix and others choose to remove themselves from the control matrix. The bottom line is all groups of awakened or awakening humanity require true information. Information disclosure is allowed by the rules of the global game however fighting The Plan of the globalists encourages them to fight back, so you all must bear that in mind. You are allowed to remove or attempt to remove yourself from contributing to the control matrix if you so wish but if you choose to fight them and they find you a threat they will respond.

This is what we have just seen in Libya. In the years to come, the story of Libya will make it into the history books but we are living that history right now. And it is not over yet. There is probably more to come. Iran, Pakistan and/or Syria could be next. As I write this, China and Russia have their respective militaries on highest alert.

The warmongers in the west are profiting from human suffering. They have allowed their economies to decay so that war becomes the inevitable outcome because during wars, no one cares about a bad economy (case in point Nazi Germany of the 40’s). Now we know that the western powers will use their power and might to their advantage if and when they can. With this in mind, one may say that the Cold War was totally justified! Gaddafi and his fighters could not fight CIA satellites in space, CIA-controlled predator drones and state-of-the-art fighter jets dropping precision-guided bombs, using DEPLETED URANIUM bombs on Loyalist Libyan tanks (yes, this happened in Libya, it is a massive war crime commited by NATO) coupled with American Delta Force, SEALS and British SAS soldiers equipped with the best gadgets that kept them abreast with the movements of the Libyan loyalists? Not even the best, most motivated army in the world could win against such odds. Although Gaddafi had some serious fighters, he did not stand a chance against all of this. Left on their own, the Libyan rebel movement will have been extinguished back in February. NATO fought the battle for the Libyan rebels, using weapons of mass destruction only for the rebels to be brought in for scraps at the end. Western mainstream media hid the substantial role played by NATO to make it seem as if the Libyan rebels fought a big part of the war (the same trick was used in Cote d’Ivoire). Which soldier can fight a precision-guided bomb? From the perspective of the soldier that is a weapon of mass destruction.

They then recruited and fielded Al-Qaeda battle-hardened criminals who have killed and continue to kill Americans and European soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan on the ground in Libya to do their dirty work for them. This is the world we live in today. Western mainstream media show videos on their websites which look like “action movies” but they are real life events. This is Kofi and Ama in Wonderland! All who read this should know that western media will use propaganda during times of war. It was so during the World Wars and has been since every war. You have to expect it.

So Gaddafi is presented as a villain and most people in the west still believe this. Gaddafi did a lot for his people and how was he paid? Evil, greedy and jealous western hawkish power drunk control freaks flooded his country with well equipped Al-Qaeda thugs and Special Forces soldiers! They bombed his legacy to oblivion and they finally committed a great disrespect by sodomizing Gaddafi with knives as these absolute criminals tortured and eventually killed him in cold blood for the world to see. Then the same western powers which had disregarded UN rules and invaded a sovereign country have the audacity to talk about investigating the death of Gaddafi, when it was all planned. That is the hypocrisy of western politics for you. The mainstream media in these countries are mouthpieces for their government’s exploits, whatever they may be. They are not there to analyze and figure out the truth, just to report what they are told to report. If you bought into it in the past then you have also been hoodwinked. (Gaddafi’s speech to the world, April 2011:

As I always say and will keep on saying, Western countries are full of nice people but it is some of their leaders that are morally bankrupt and downright diabolical.

Obama then gives a press conference to congratulate the effort of this NATO (NWO) operation and warns others of a similar fate. This is the same person who was awareded a Nobel Peace Prize! Who on Earth made that mistake? When Obama came to Ghana to lecture us, I was the first person on Ghanaweb to try to point out some of the tricky words he was using. For that, many agreed but some thought I was being unfair. To me it is not surprising seeing Obama make such utterances because he is just doing the bidding of his masters.

So former president Kufuor, you have every right to shed tears for Gaddafi and I agree with you when you say that “Gaddafi’s death is a historic sad day in Africa.” It is, but why do you shed those tears? Do you not know that your own New World Order friends allowed that to happen? Of course you do! Maybe you should be shedding those tears instead for your people in Ghana and in Africa.

Greek philosopher Plato understood human nature when he gave the world the Allegory of the Cave. If you understand this allegory, you will not call the real truth sayers conspiracy theorists. If you do not know what Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is then today is a good day to find out. (

With this allegory in mind, I shall now state the Master Plan of the New World Order in the words of researcher American researcher Alex Jones. This is what the global elite will like to manifest and those working in tandem with their plan are being used as instruments for the global elite to realize this dream:

“In the near future, Earth is dominated by a powerful world government. Once free nations are slaves to the will of tiny elite. The dawn of a new dark age is upon mankind. Countries are a thing of the past. Every form of independence is under attack, with the family and even the individual himself, nearing extinction. Close to 80% of the Earth's population has been eliminated [i.e. see inscriptions on the Georgia Guidestones]. The remnants of a once free humanity are forced to live in highly controlled, compact, prison-like cities. Travel is highly restricted. Super highways connect the mega cities and keep the population from entering into unauthorized zones. No human activity is private. Artificial Intelligence supercomputers chronicle and categorize every action. A prison planet controlled by a ruthless gang of control freaks, whose power can never be challenged. This is the vision of the global elite! Their goal is a program of total dehumanization, where the science of tyranny is law. A worldwide control grid, designed to ensure the overlord's monopoly of power forever.”

It sounds surreal and very evil, I know. Some of this is already in play and has already manifested. Those who support the purpose and The Plan of the New World Order are working to bring this vision into reality. Many of the leaders of the Euro-American establishment (both Bush Sr & Jr, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and many others) have in the past made significant speeches highlighting this idea of a New World Order. And Kufuor went to Germany to discuss the progress of this vision. This is why I thought it was such big news that received almost no attention. Are people that asleep?

My long wait that started in June 2011 has now come to an end. Another African (a Sudanese man in this case) has provided much information for Ghanaians right here on Ghanaweb. His name is Tariq Anter and his blog is here: . Tarig, thank you for making this available to the people of Ghana all the information you put on Ghanaweb for anyone who cares to know. I do not know you but I thank you. I would encourage interested individuals to look at some of the posts on Tarig’s blog and not just that. Continue to educate yourself with other sources if you are one of those interested in finding out more.

What can one do about the drive toward bringing about the New World Order into complete manifestation? It depends on what each wants to achieve as a being while incarnated on this planet at this time. You can choose to join their drive, fight it, attempt to remove yourself from their influence or hide your head in the sand as if all this is meaningless in order to go back to your life as if nothing is happening. You now have information at your disposal, what you do with it is up to each individual human being.