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Opinions of Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Columnist: Issifu, Alhaji Issaka

Kufuor should carry his own cross -Part Two

Ex-President Kufuor should carry his own cross and leave the EC alone. Part Two.

Blame it not on the EC but yourself President Kufuor;
You lost the NPP power, which Hon. Akuffo-Addo has since fought hard to regain
but failed. Inciting violence would not return NPP to power.

Recovering from the
sorrowful days for Newtown, New England, Connecticut just a few kilometers from
where we call home as refugees, after a twenty-year old boy took the law into
his hands, shot and killed twenty children mostly kindergarteners, and six
adults including some of their teachers, the head teacher and his own mother,
reminds us of extreme realities of civil lawlessness, violence and their consequences.
This massacre could have been at a school where our children would have been
equally innocent but listed as diseased. This young man “acting above the law,” even
for other reasons has hurt many in a
manner, which some people often refer to as the “Kenyan-style” or the
“Watara-type” politics, now virtually considered archetypal for Ghana in some
political sectors.
There is no
justification for the use of violence to achieve any objective whatsoever. The
sanctified African political violence cited above, often pronounced by some
Ghanaian politicians have only manifested pain to their respective peoples.
Just for their simple electoral disputes as in Ghana now, the Kenyan and
Ivorian people paid dearly with similar pains to what the families of these
crazy shooting victims in Newtown, New England, Connecticut now have to deal
with throughout their lives. As the world mourned with the United States our
refuge host country in our capacity as “diplomats
in exile” from Ghana, where not war but politics, diplomatic and or
administrative brutalities, were allowed by H. E. ex-President Kufuor to hurt
many. Unfortunately, the former President now preempts similar politically
motivated violence upon his people and nation.
As authorities in Newtown put together more pieces of the
violent puzzle to explain what happened inside Sandy Hook Elementary School
that Saturday, where just this single gunman opened fire killing all the
victims with multiple gunshot wounds, it must don on us as average citizens
with human sensibilities to condemn violence in Ghana and everywhere. Adam
Lanza’s shootings undoubtedly was crazy but still the consequences of only one
and an evil single mind that has shattered the quiet of this southern New
England town and left a nation reeling over the number of lives, particularly
the children lost and the assailant’s mother. Further observing President
Barack Obama’s tearful speech on the massacre, everyone recognized his concerns
were not far from any ex-President of the USA. We do not wish to compare
nations but would not shy to compare human behaviors. That is why the
individual deeds and misdeeds of people like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and
President Iddi Amin as they led their countries, for instance, could debatably
be termed legitimate but inhuman. Whosoever preempts violence in Ghana is wrong
and inhuman.
Looking forward for a day when we can return home in
safety, this event reignited our concerns on political violence in Ghana. As
the deep pain begins to settle into our hearts, we find comfort reflecting on
the fact that as residents of this very quiet and non-violent state, a few
minutes’ drive away from our kid’s school, we will continue to see families and
this great nation mourn such senseless killings if their citizens disregard the
law like Ambassador Dr. Barfuor Adjei-Baewuah did verbatim on the recordings
now available on Youtube (2012CONFIDENCE). He said, “…I will put aside the
system…” and laws to hurt others and their children and was allowed to do
exactly that by the Kufuor administration. What if it was any of our children
listed as victims. How would ex-President Kufuor have reacted to the killing of
Ghanaian children in exile for his silence and negligence? No one will care to
ask what he would have done as an ex-President, while the Gambian massacres are
still fresh in our minds.
The Connecticut State detectives will certainly analyze
everything and are capable of putting a complete picture together of the
evidence that they do obtain, and hopefully they are able to paint a complete
picture as to how and why this entire unfortunate incidence occurred as
expected of them. However, no amount of condolences, searching for answers in
their deaths, by the major crime investigators combing every crack and crevice
of the school would uncover another living child already pronounced dead. No
words can truly express how heartbroken we are in Connecticut, depressed of
disbelief and trying to find whatever answers, even as we can say with surety
that we still have our children. Any Ghanaian lost in political violence would
be worse for us and many of our compatriots. This is the kind of enormous
tragedy that comes with political violence when homes are burnt; cars turned
over and people slayed. In peace today, no single life in Kenya or La Cote
D’Ivoire has so far been resurrected from whatever condolences and
With the same precision, irresponsible politics kills but
slowly and more grotesquely. Truly violence is violence, but the gunshots kill
the victims at a snap while for certain other types of violence particularly
for political violence as preempted in Ghana, many victims die slowly as they
perish for years in an excruciating manner while it seems nothing to many
officials who should be concerned. Such neglects often emanates from the
perception that some are safe for life. However, real physical violence, the
Kenyan, Ivorian or Kigali type, equally massacres innocent women and children.
Renee Burn, a teacher at a nearby school, was quoted to have said “Stuff like this
does not happen in Newtown,”
referring to the massacres in Newtown, New England. This is the lesson for
those who see or watch violence in our sub-region claiming “stuff like that would
not happen to us or
our country, Ghana.” Félix Houphouët-Boignyand Jomo Kenyatta never imagined those
killings in their respective countries. Our first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah
would turn in his resting place at the Mausoleum in Accra should Ghanaians take
arms against each other, particularly for any desputed electoral results. Such
individuals who rightly hope such stuff would not happen in their neighborhoods
or our country must be strong in their prayers, but nevertheless should be
advised to guide against all possibilities; and to condemn violence wherever
and upon whom so ever.
Since His Excellency ex-President J. A. Kufuor
may now recognize the rule of law in his retirement home office as our former
President, let us have a frank talk between us, as in; “we the people,” (most
Ghanaians who perhaps are considered the poor, deprived and weak citizens) with
“the supposedly powerful elites and the influential” (Ghanaians likely stable,
rich, but certainly arrogant minority; citizens proudly self-professed to be
above the law). There must be a significant number of Ghanaians who would
prefer not to belong to any of these groupings, which may include our lawyer
and ex-President Kufuor. However, as most Ghanaian politicians would say “you
cannot be on the fence.” For them that have accepted being in any of these
groups, one is either in the “moo-bro-waa” first beggars ’group sometimes
called “Yaa-raa-sula-laa” (as some say it “Kaaka-sula-laa”) or the powerful “do
you know me” (Baaka-sani-ba or Wunim-mei-Nnti) personalities. Some are used to
“we cannot complain” in both the first and second groups. Fortunately, as the
acronyms indicate these groupings are not yet identified by ethnicity, religion
or regions of Ghana and not as well according to one’s successes, wealth or
status in society, but a representation of those who either “regard” or act
“regardless” of the law. There are always fake flag-bearers in every grouping.
The way and manner His Excellency ex-President
Kufuor allowed the creation or existence of socio-political “untouchables” like
(Dr.) Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah, who directly miffed many including Hon. Nana Addo
Dankwa Akufo-Addo and arguably might have indirectly contributed in costing NPP
the Presidency, is not necessarily our business as individuals but that of the
NPP as a whole to reevaluate. Even most registered NPP members may not
understand why some people claimed so much power by virtue of their chumminess
to the seat of power, which they reckless use to incapacitate the very weak who
very much depended on ex-President Kufuor’s good governance to subsist or exist;
all for personal aggrandizements and braggadocios. To turn and blame the EC
rather than their very selves as powerful citizens based on their excesses, is
uncalled for after such an acclaimed election period characterized as free and
fair worldwide. The question now is; do we then really need to spend more money
making a legitimate government ungovernable? Here, unfortunately most peace
loving Ghanaians of all parties, faiths and interests say no. The perfection of
the EC and all our Ministries, Departments and Agencies, as all the other
Commissions, is our business today and in the imminence as Ghanaians.
As we talk, write, comment or even criticize
each other, let our memories be on those Ghanaians who have already lost their
lives in a way or the other through socio-economic and political rivalries or
for their variations in opinion or their political preferences. In our
continuous mourning, we say “May their Souls Rest in Peace.” It is our hope
that the souls of Mr. Rokko Frimpong (erstwhile deputy manager of a branch of
Ghana Commercial Bank), Alhaji Issah Mobila, the then Northern Regional Chairman of the
Convention Peoples Party (CPP),
Mr. Awuah Boateng (corporate assistant), Samuel Ennin (a journalist), and the
Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani II of Dagbon who was murdered together with most of his
elders on March 27, 2002. Our late brother and father, until his untimely death
was killed then as the potentate of the Dagbon Kingdom (Dagomba) since 1974.
May the late Dagbon Paramount Chief, The Yaa Naa
Yakubu Andani II, his elders and all those who perished in cold blood in our
country, for whatever reasons in any form of violence rest in peace but
hopefully their deaths should be our common guides into the future irrespective
of our political parties. May these diseased Ghanaian victims, who died in cold
blood for reasons including variations in their political opinions or
preferences, and through assassinations or in the hands of contract killers,
touch the hearts of Ghanaians particularly those in power or seeking political
power to serve mother Ghana. It is such losses that worry us as a people and
not mere electoral losses. Elections were held and would be held over and over
again in Ghana. There is always a way a candidate can prove his or her case and
each has another chance but no one can be given another life or living chance
in death.
Some of our sayings will gradually be backed
with facts at the appropriate moments to give readers a stronger meaning. We
need to hold our adversaries in doubt and they know the truth is coming slowly
but exceedingly strong. We hope no gate of hell is opened because living in
hell here on earth does not speak well of the real “Hell” as our respective
religious leaders tell us. As a people, Ghanaians do further really hope those
who prefer living “above the law” have the strong hearts as they claimed
severally. However, one wonders why such a “strong heart” will destroy women
and children or the weak? A strong heart rather fights for the weak, women and
children and that is why we have the Armed Forces, The Police, The Fire
Service, The Prisons and the various security and intelligence organizations
established by law to protect or fight for the innocent, weak, women and
children. Further, to these gallant men and women we add our whistleblowers and
whistleblowing organizations such as those at the Attorney General’s office,
Audit Service and the Accountant General’s office among others. Yet, it is
these very patriots; the policemen, firemen, prison officers, soldiers and
their officers together with all the whistleblowers that are targeted,
humiliated and demonized most often in Ghanaian politics. Why must a Ghanaian
perish just for serving his/her country? And should it matter if one was a
commando, Special Presidential or a body guard whatsoever?
If Ghana has something to learn from the
developed countries of the world, it is no more the understanding of democracy,
the rule of law or elections. We are equally equipped in those areas and we
clearly understand labor rights and laws. Ghanaians should therefore not raise
swords to be paid salaries or allowed to work. These facts do cater for us all
as employers and employees. By God’s grace sooner rather than later, our media
shall be fully independent of political influences due to the power of the
purse. What Ghana can now emulate from these successful nations is how to
accommodate, adequately remunerate and contain the ethics and functions of
these entities; all our people must learn to appreciate the efforts of our
security and intelligence or whistleblowing establishments, and these men and
women therein in service or out of service. In our contemporary Ghana, it is
not absolutely right to consider the police private with a baton on the street,
the military corporal chest out elegantly marching on the Square, or the prison
officer on escort duties as semi-illiterates or relatively stupid or academic
failures. We have them equally as distinguished grandaunts of universities
worldwide who deserve to be respected not for those their academic achievements
or service laureates but the very services they render to our state and its
citizenry. To generally ridicule such services men and women as “security” as
though “night and day watchmen” of the days before independent Gold Coast is rather
an expression of the new illiteracy of possibly highly certificated but
unpatriotic Ghanaians. No matter the excesses or political differences,
Americans may have with their service men and women or with their veterans;
they are resolute to salute them first for their services to their country
(USA). We saw how then, Senator Barack Hussein Obama had respected his
Presidential opponent John MacCain and how fellow Republicans stood by General
Colin Powell even as he recently endorsed the candidature of President Barak
Obama against his party’s candidate Mitt Romney. These are the extremes of
anyone’s political desire; the Presidency of the USA, yet it did not disrespect
or antagonized the reputation of their people in uniform. This has become
necessary, as politicians openly attack such service men at home in Ghana for
no reasons. Why should someone lose his several years career because he/she
served a government or the other? we can be generous enough to let people work
in other capacities or give them options. otherwise terminate their appointment
in the applicable legal way "service no more required" and avoid all
the complications of the need to conspire, hate and destroy people like some of
us suffered under President Kufour or other Heads of States. fortunately the
law that allows the government to hire permits it to fire. So do it with
dignity and respect.
Many readers may ask why all these references?
They are in perspective. Simply put, consider the call for violence has been
made by a former President who disbanded a complete Special Forces Unit for
personal embellishments or aggrandizements. A former Head of State, who now
threatens yet another similar Special Forces because he wants things to be
confused and perhaps deadly for Ghana, just to enable his party use it as a
stepping stone for political power. One ma further ask how? When the security
and intelligence institutions of a nation are well developed and whistleblowing
considered prestigious and not antagonistic as it is now in Ghana, it becomes
hard for the supposedly “untouchables” in politics and society to triumph. As a
beneficiary and still interested a chaotic political system, ex-President
Kufuor's deliberately stances maybe attempts to weaken those institutions; make
them less resourceful and smaller in number, and perhaps ineffective such as to
enable people under any panic yield to a desired political results. The desire
for chaos preempted by the ex-President is clearly expressed in Ghana, as all
Ghanaians pray for a peaceful transition of power. Yet, as an individual,
former President Kufuor appallingly is silent even on the debate as to whether
he actually advised Nana Akufo-Addo to concede defeat and perhaps to retire
from politics. A good move, which even all world leaders and Foreign Heads of
States, reiterated daily immediately after the election results were announced.
The USA Government just advised the NPP candidate to concede and other leaders
are saying just that in their support for our democracy. Yet still, the man who
matters most for the NPP, the only ever candidate to win elections shies away
from this opportunity to be amongst great leaders. If by any decision of the
NPP and or its flag bearer, therefore, anyone perishes in Ghana, we will blame
it squarely on the former President, Mr. Kufuor. Why must he be so proud of
such a decision to preempt violence? No good soldier wants war. It is the very
beneficiaries of our calm in Ghana who often spit fire. When we are done
talking, the “slaughters houses” could be re-commissioned to increase the
number of political / contract killing victims. Undoubtedly, no death will
change the 2012 Presidential election results simply because people needed to
be killed. Not even those allegedly interests in “albinos” have changed
Elections would always come with genuine
complains even if in the form of the alleged “stolen verdict,” destroyed,
doubtful or invalid ballot papers (votes), but that should not lead us into
violence in modern Ghana? It is certain, there are people who worked against
the NPP and did vote against Hon. Akufo-Addo, for instance due to his silence
while the former Tokyo Ambassador, (Dr.) Adjei-Barwuah destroyed them in Tokyo
or thereafter. I am afraid even Hon. Akufo-Addo knows people who did not vote
for him because of the way former President Kufuor administered his two
Presidencies (2001-2008). Creating individuals above the law and turning on a
reputable African vanguard Electoral Commission to blame is unacceptable.
Nevertheless, truly no one is above the law, not
the President or any ex-President, and one day, Ghana would call some people to
answer, even if by their names as we may have perhaps passed over to Allah
peacefully. this is why we can still declare the deeds and misdeeds of the kind
of Hiltler, Stalin and Amin inhuman. Again in the words of Martin Luther King
(Jnr.) “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” It is sad for
instance that our African Ambassadors in Libya are being burgled daily without
any help from the host government. It is appropriate to express my sympathies
to H. E. Ambassador Kodjo Hodari-Okae in Tripoli. I personally know him to be a
great Ghanaian leader and reputable civil servant while we were at the
Ministries. It is true other diplomatic residences were attacked but if Ghana
was vigilant when the “consular office” was burgled in 2000, that precedence
would have been a caution to the current burglars that Ghana would follow them
everywhere. I don’t think any of the burgled residencies can claim to be more
valued than the US Ambassador’s residence in Tripoli but any burglar will think
twice of the consequences of attacking it and this comes with perseverance. We,
not only as Ghanaians, but the African diplomat corps, could and should have
unanimously responded collectively by notifying our host of the possibilities
of moving out and when necessary moving our diplomatic Missions into any
neighboring stable more country requesting the Libyans in need of our services
to travel to the safe nation. Then their government will respect our voices. If
Libya wants to be democratic, its leaders should understand the need for the
rule of law. Further, then Ambassador Hodari-Okae can lead a genuine crusade at
other Missions to ascertain limited injustice anywhere is a limited threat to
justice at least somewhere.
The unfair treatment or torture of Ghanaian
diplomats in Tokyo remains a threat to justice everywhere particularly in
Ghana. That unfortunately is my main reason as I earlier indicated, why Nana
might have lost this election, even if with only 300,000 votes. Should it be
that Ghanaians “unjustifiably” appended their thumbs and by so doing they voted
someone else other than Nana Akufo-Addo, perhaps those mistakes should have
gone my brother Hon. Hassan Ayariga. Hopefully, however, he or any other
Presidential Candidate will not go to court for such electoral disputes but
could seek support for the families of the Ghanaians who perished unduly in
Gambia, Libya and Japan. Then the beneficiaries would be seen in their numbers
celebrating justice no matter how long it was delayed as justified.
Maybe our courts will
set a precedence of reviewing and reversing the 2012 Presidential election
results as declared by the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan. That
would be a dream comes true for the NPP but certainly not for Hon. Nana
Akufo-Addo due to internal NPP dissidents. My mind seems to be on the “I have a
dream…”personality because like Nana Akufo-Addo, my dreams and those of many
Ghanaians were shattered by individual follies, and it is taking years for our
country and the various governments to understand. For instance, Nana Akufo-Addo
knows and understands the circumstances that led to the reopening of a Research
Station in Tokyo, the person (Dr. Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah) I serviced as a
consular officer, and that no "Ghanaian diplomat..." was“…missing in
Japan” as officially orchestrated while he was Foreign Minister and published
by the Daily Guide. A consular officer does not just disappear or even go on
AWOL as concocted. Further, as a “no one” or is it the “nobody,” as my former
Chief Director (R/D) Mr. J. K. Mensah preferred to put it. May I give a general
advice to our political leaderships in Ghana? As I finally put the good
memories of Dr. King to rest, with a phrase that very much pertains to Hon.
Nana Akufo-Addo, now that we experience his disagreements on the Presidential election
results moving into the courtrooms.
According to Dr. Martin
Luther King (Jnr.), “…In the end, we will remember not the words of our
enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Watch out again the silence of
your friends Nana Akufo-Addo, because that will be the best and most prominent
of your memories in politics after them (your friends) have seemingly processed
an agenda now set off for your total annihilation in politics. Is this violent
itinerary for or against you? When Ghanaians die protesting for or against you,
will it benefit you as Nana Akufo-Addo the NPP Presidential candidate? We are
yet to know Hon. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. H. E ex-President Kufuor
certainly should know that, Hon. Akuffo-Addo, like many of us victims, does not
really remember most of the misdeeds of the kind of Ambassador Barfuor
Adjei-Barwuah, but remains hysterical of ex-President Kufuor’s previous
silences as the former President and a leader of the NPP, when it was most
necessary to fully stand by Nana Akufo-Addo as a Cabinet Minister in his
government. Hon. Akuffo-Addo remembers those disappointments better than the
smear campaign against the esteemed Electoral Commission of Ghana and its
illustrious Commissioner. Ex-President Kufuor should know and note well that Ghanaians
are not going to be misused and there will be no violence in Ghana. Violence is
unnecessary no matter the reasons.
If there is someone to
blame, for this and every other NPP political defeat since 2008, it should be
no one either than former President Kufuor; as the only and last NPP President
to lead the Party into an electoral defeat. He has since not been able to help
gain power back to the party. In the event of any incidents Mr. Kufuor should
therefore consider himself responsible as a politician, who preempted violence
in Ghana, even before the defeated candidate could concede defeat or say
anything otherwise. His criticisms in September 2012 against the EC during the
highly charged campaigns and before the polarized elections, were not by chance,
but deliberate to push the country into political fright and panic. By those
critiques and his recent declarations, the former President consciously incited
violence after the elections.
President Kufuor,
however has no justification or moral basis, considering the number of people
in pain for his personal and administrative inadequacies to blame the Electoral
Commission for the NPP lost. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo did not lose an
election; it was ex-President Kufuor who did lost power in an election as an
incumbent NPP President for his party. If Ghanaians had enough trust in the
former President, his policies and adherence to the rule of law, Hon.
Akufo-Addo would have been about commencing his retirement as a former
President after his second term and not contending speculation of his
retirement as a politician. Likewise, the internal bickering in the NDC led to
its loss of power in the 2000 elections from the hands of ex-President
Rawlings. The difference here is that, the NDC regained power with the help of
ex-President J. J. Rawlings. So it is also right to say even in death, late
President John Evans Atta Mills won this election by his deeds and it is onto
President John Dramani Mahama to lose it or retain power for the next NDC
candidate other than himself.
Consequently if any such
a seating President prefers to concretize his retirement to the retention of
power for his party, that is his choice and a long ran. We know for sure
ex-President Kufuor created a comfortable retirement for himself by virtue of
the Chinery Hesse Committee, which was accordingly generous to all retired
Presidents for that matter. Nevertheless it was in accordance with Article 12
of the 1992 Constitution. It was legal; the constitution directly allows any
outgoing President to determine his own retirement package. Therefore, the
Chinery Hesse Committee Report regarding the end of service largesse for former
Presidents in a summary included the following; that the former Presidents
should be provided with 6 fuelled and chauffeur-driven vehicles to be replaced
every four years; offices and residences in and out of Accra the nation’s
capital, three professional and personal assistants, non-taxable ex-gratia
awards plus pension benefits, entertainment at the expense of the state and
$1million for a foundation of their choice. These might mean something to many
Ghanaians but still limited in my opinion for our retiring Presidents just
because of the desire to see them respected worldwide amongst their
counterparts from developed and rich nations. We have no problem with that
President Kufuor. It was lawful to establish your retirement benefits and you
did that charitably.
It was however
unconstitutional and troubling for you as the President to have allowed an
Ambassador to establish his salary and pay himself even while in retirement,
for months, until Ghanaians in Japan publicly revolted. Yet this very
Ambassador, who purchased unapproved three cars for his own use primarily,
reclaimed taxi refunds as little as $1.99 (US) and his wife wanted refunds for
living in a hotel in Accra while on a personal trip home, but refused me
(Alhaji Issaka Issifu) my salaries, refunds, and my allowances still frozen by
your government officials. That was acting above the law and trouncing unto the
poor, weak and innocent below the belt. In fact, even the budgeted investment
items by my Department (R/D), including beds for my children and an official
car were denied me for years after my arrival at post without reason or
consequences. I am not talking about the multiple TV sets and electrical
appliances he was provided that he denied me and my family, but a bed and the
security installations for our safety and no one can talk because of his
backbone ex-President Kuffuor. Those for God sake, were approved before I left
Accra after monies were remitted for at least six months before my departure
and where necessary every local approval was given by the Japanese Foreign
Ministry. Then, as I suffered working, I was neither alleged a “missing
Ghanaian diplomat” nor tagged with any falsehood but an innocent arriving
officer; a declared Ghanaian “guinea pig” to represent you as then President J.
A. Kufuor. Mr. ex-President that was unlawful, reckless and criminal behavior,
but certainly living in hatred and above the law to torture innocent citizens
and their children is eerie. We needed protection from you as Head of State Mr.
Kufuor, that was what we elected you to do for the common Ghanaian and you
failed in many respect woefully. Isn’t that votes lost? Check yourselves as
politicians and the people will always be with you otherwise the NPP shall
continue to seek court interventions in every election unsuccessfully. The
Ghanaian electorates are developing and it is time to accept that fact. What
role has the EC in this?
It was your envoy who
lived “above our laws” not the Electoral Commission of Ghana; the envy of the
West African sub-region. No one should expect the unlawfulness under Dr.
Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah, your envoy special, to remain buried? One day a journalist
or more will be strong enough to publish our “faced facts,” and the allegations
of discriminations, torture and denials made on equally “faced friends of
yours,” or there will be a nation ready to investigate why only ex-President
Kufuor dared to leave a Consular Officer; an officer humiliated and reported as
sick with an SOS request was left behind, as there were evidence he was
defrauded, unpaid salaries for months but left penniless behind in another
country. Yet, ex-President Kufuor has the nerves to talk about free education?
What is free education for, why and for whom? If by so doing there is no
justification on employment, work and no pay is equal for all grades and posts?
The Former President Kufuor here exhibited the qualities of a “coward giant”
instead of a “gentle giant.” No Ghanaian President must allow any citizen to
hold him and our country captive as Dr. Adjei-Barwuah and others held
ex-President Kufuor. There are State Institutions capable of protecting the
Presidency of Ghana and one just need to use then appropriately. Therefore, it
should be clear that those electoral claims may be swept under the carpet of
the law, and so to be done justifiably legal and constitutional. The former
President J. A. Kufuor should please let our state institutions mature and he
will be the retired politicians we all desire to see in our former Heads of
Ex-President Kufuor by
his silences denied us our salaries, happiness and a voice but today we have
the voice back. One day Nana Akufo-Addo will have a clear none politicized
voice too to tell his story. Nonetheless, as ex-President Kufuor’s children are
justifiably in heaven on earth, he should remember his political friend and one
time envoy to Tokyo, Dr. Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah has kept other Ghanaians and
their children in exile deliberately with their parents as he intended and was
recorded, and we are on a time bomb, never to be silenced ever again. It
matters not to us how many "out of wedlock children" people were
fronting to take care and for whom so ever, because even those Ghanaian
children deserve being taken cared of as Ghanaians just as our children. In
several ways therefore, as a former President and the last NPP elected
President, who lost the political power, ex-President Kufuor must carry his
cross rather than apportioning blame to the very Electoral Commission and
Commissioner (Dr.) Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, who declared him President twice. The
Commission is neither changed nor fearful of whatever threats of violence
because Ghanaians stand with the Commissioner. It is we the “moo-bro-waas”
or the “Yaa-raa-sula-laas” who still fear death that will make our
Ghanaian children orphans for life. Please Sir, ex-President Kufuor better wish
no violence in Ghana. Mr. ex-President, violence is never good for anyone
principally the poor who made you socio-economically unwavering, and
excessively rich and influential in Ghana and abroad, this we are ready to tell
the world. Violence even hurts the rich too, and could touch anyone while our
nation gets ridiculed. Yes! Violence scare hurts Ghana, a topic to look forward
onto. ASAP.
Listen, Mother Ghana
Listen!!! Violence cannot be justified!
Peace and Blessing of
Allah be unto you Ghanaians!
God Bless Our Homeland
Ladies and Gentlemen,
"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

“Diplomat In Exile”