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Opinions of Saturday, 22 December 2007

Columnist: Afriyie, Bright Siaw

Kufuor must abstain from battle field


In the wake of NPP national congress, it’s time to express opinions on the action some aspirants have taken on this plane field. While others think Alan Kyeremateng should be disqualified, I personally think is not necessary at this point, because Ghanaian have reached such a democratic maturity that these delegates would come out with political sanctity for claiming the most rightful choice of candidate. More so even the right choice is needed to mitigate the marketability of this candidate vis-à-vis the NDC flag-bearer. The NPP poised of maintaining power will in no doubt utilize this opportunity into no nonentity. The fate of NPP now relies in the hands of 3,000 delegates whose maturated choice will bring about less entangled atmosphere. Isn’t it this tactics similitude to Gbedeman era which Dr. Busia won with inexplicable victory?

What I will find most disturbing as alleged by many people is the hand of President Kuffour playing favoritism in this battle field. For the peaceful and serenity sake the President must remain neutral as Mr. Mac Manu in this battle field. If it is true that President’s action is favoring a particular candidate, and that influences the choosing of his successor then there is denial of the party’s integrity that would provide better grounds to pair with NDC’s Atta Mills – Rawlings phenomenon. It would also sow the seed of discontentment among all party members. If what I have been reading and hearing are true, and the president can deny all facts about helping Alan Kyeremateng, but cannot deny the renting of Air Force Jet and the source of superfluous spending of this particular candidate then the battle for the NPP flag-bearer is imbalanced game that should necessitate a serious investigation. Another way in my opinion facilitating the presidents helping hand is the alleged dismissal of M/DCE of the Upper/West regions. What was the motive behind the dismissal? How can one affirm the tangibility surrounding the dismissal of M/DCE in the remaining few weeks to NPP National Congress? It is quite sagacious? If these were true story in this democratic dispensation in which the same President who seemingly blemish of these deeds to the extent of leading the march of “Kume Preko”, is now lobbying for dictatorship would meaningfully be disgusting blow to the dignity of the great Party.

But I don’t think the Air Force has any justification as to renting Air Force Plane to a particular politician for his personal interest. If that was the norm it should have been previously clarified as part of the game in the very onset. And neither had anyone heard about such history in Ghanaian political dispensation. Was it supposed to mean the President’s fanatical game plan was to boost one particular aspirant? Rhetorically, all top management of NPP who have a clue about what’s going on must be blamed unless the matter is fully investigated. In all systems there are codes of ethics which guide all players in the field. All the watchdogs of these codes of ethics are definitely the top management and in this wise Mr. Mac Manu might have been vested with the full mandate to investigate these acts. The matter of investigation would dwell on the exactness of justifications on whether or not Mr. Alan Kyeremateng has the full rights to rent the Air Force Jet. Further investigation must be conducted on the act of buying votes to inculpate the perpetrators. It is kind of hard task to get a delegate to divulge the truthfulness of cash in exchange for votes, but with persistent effort the light will prevail.

Certainly, all is set for the NPP Congress on December 22, 2007, all NPP members should remain vigilant, and the right decision of delegates is bound to prevail. I urge all NPP delegates to be mindful of where the Ghana’s economic and social situation were before the administration of His Excellency President J. A. Kufour. NPP had worked long way to capture power today. You all have witnessed the vision NPP government has, steering the economy through rough waters, and eventually got Ghana where it is today. At least one can boast of freedom of speech, the rule of law, streaming of investments, and a good and stable currency, and international recognition. All these works did not come by overnight. Now the power is invested in you delegates to come out with a visionary leader who will continue these great achievements, is about a strenuous effort which all NPP members are entrusting into your confinement to deliberate a better future for Ghana.

Another way of putting it is to weigh it into two facets; one is bringing up the NPP flagbearer in December 22, 2007 Congress. A flagbearer with visionary plan and who command authority, who the NPP can count on in maintaining power while unifying all Ghanaians. The second facet is the long run hopeful leader who is poised with greater marketability to win 2008 election. The right candidate falls within the above description - you judge it right. As a matter of fact the foremost objective is to win 2008 election before considering the continuation of President Kuffour’s great achievements. This transcends how delicate it is to be a delegate and perceiving that any act of influence on such delegates meant to denigrate them will greatly impact the rightful decision for a choice that will serve the purpose of all Ghanaians.

Finally the delegates should remember it’s been a long time since we heard of any mysterious disappearance, closing down businesses for no reasons, and exemplified tyrannical governance. Ghanaians have enjoyed this freedom and will ever cherish it. So go with sanity and rationalize your vote without fear of victimization for the sake of a better Ghana. May God Bless All!

Nana Taaka II, Texas (Bright Siaw Afriyie, IT Professional)