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Opinions of Saturday, 3 April 2004

Columnist: Aidoo, Prince Junior

Kufuor Is A Disgrace To Ghana ? JJ- Rejoinder

Fellow countrymen, we?ve all heard what Ghana?s former President, Jerry John Rawlings said.

?He says that the incumbent President John Agyekum Kufuor is a disgrace to Ghana?.

?He Kufuor is a disgrace to Nkrumah?s Ghana, his own Ashanti brothers and sisters have lost absolute faith in him, the international community especially those within the West African sub-region are concerned about the divide and rule tactics of President Kufuor and his NPP cronies?.

Fellow countrymen, these are the words from the mouth of a so-called controversial former president. These are the words from a jobless ex-president who lives on the largess of the Ghanaian tax payers. These are the words of a man whose brand of leadership was narcissistic and autocratic, a man who ruled Ghana with an iron fist and rode roughshod over helpless Ghanaians with impunity for two decades. During his tumultuous reign, Ghanaians were literally gagged; they could not open their mouths to protest against his brutal regime. These are the words from someone who claims to have the Ghanaian people at heart. These are the words of a man who claims to be a 100 percent Ghanaian.

Fellow countrymen, it is said: ?For their fruits ye shall know them.? Fellow countrymen today even ?He Rawlings?, forgetting about his controversial history, now has the audacity to insult his successor because he feels that apart from him, there is no other human being of the same half stone and half iron to shut him up in Ghana. Yes, perhaps he might be right to behave this way. Yes, he is throwing a challenge to so-called Ghanaians to prove their dignity and manhood. Yes he might be right to say such things to sleeping Ghanaians. Yes, where are the men in Ghana? They are all dead leaving women behind.

He slaughted them like sheep and during his actions the same Ghanaians said praise the Lord Halleluya, and begged him to let the blood flow in the streams of Ghana. Yes the blood of those 8 (eight) generals and other sons of Ghana did really flood. Ghanaians later realised that they cut a stick which is now taller than them. Pure ignorance is a desease. Today, we are left with children without fathers. Rawlings killed our men leaving the young ones like lions without teeth. This is the peaceful Ghana we see today. This is a country where even an ex-president can disrespect those who feed him. This is a country where the rule of law is just written on a simple and worthless piece of paper. The most troubling part of all this is that despite their intellectual potential, Ghanaians have been reduced to mere spectators, allowing a meaningless citizen to insult their head of state and get away with it. Someone out there with a sound mind should compare both political rivals and see which one of them is really a disgrace to Ghana? Let?s compare a murderer to an easy going president. (Gentlemen, take note that I am not in here to praise anyone but to set the records straight).

Fellow countrymen, I need not remind you of all these. Let us all guess whom we Ghanaians have to blame in our history. Our leniency is our weakness, indeed. Someday the new African will tell you whom we have to blame in our history. God have mercy on Ghanaians. God bless you.

Prince Aidoo Junior
Ghana Social Democratic Movement.

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