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Opinions of Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Columnist: Avornyo, Bright Selasie Yao

Kudos to GJA’S Award Winners

Who on this earth will not like his or her effort to be recognized and
appreciated? If you said no, then why do you do what you are doing? Yet if you
disagree, please permit me t o state it categorically clear that someone
somewhere is watching what you do therefore, that admirer of yours is
appreciating your effort or judging your laziness. This comes to note, that
whatever talent one has whether used wrongly of correctly, at the end, one shall
be judged accordingly not regarding one being a baby, a boy, a girl or a man or
a woman. So those of the wrong perception with the song “after all, it is
government’s work or bungalow, why do I have to stretch myself.” Well, the
conditions surrounding the environment in which your work may be pulling you
back, but I do not share in your opinion; rather it is how best you use your
talent that matters. let me turn to the 15th Ghana Journalist Association’s
Award Winners. I confess that all of you deserve the award, but let me limit my
congratulatory message to my favorite Samuel Agyemang of Metropolitan Television
and Edward Nyarko of Ghana Television. Edward, your effort has been recognized.
Sammy, I must say your story has indeed top all. Let me also use this
opportunity to appeal to landlords and landladies both in the city and the
village. Please make your rent moderate for everyone to afford. If this is done,
Ghanaians will no more be homeless. Now to my fellow senior journalists, please
I humbly urge you to abide by the 17 code of ethics and make the profession a
unique one. Perform only your watchdog role, educational, informational and
entertainment role accordingly with standards of quality and your minds on
society’s interest. Be ambassadors of peace and not ambassadors of destruction
because the development of Ghana lies heavily on your shoulder and the vice
versa. Permit me to also alert G.J.A of the uprising mushroom journalism
institutions in the country. it is so appalling, that some are using two to four
years to complete the journalism course while others use just six or eight month
because they can speak and write , please you are deceiving yourselves. Once
again I congratulate you all the winners.