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Opinions of Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Columnist: Okoampa-Ahoofe, Kwame

Ben Ephson is right on Nana Akufo-Addo

I have not read what the Idiot-of-Irmo, South Carolina, who is also a bona fide “naturalized” member of the Ejisu/Edweso and Kentucky gangs, has either said or written in contradiction to Mr. Ben Ephson’s observation that the three-time Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has always been a victim of circumstances (See “Ben Ephson Is Wrong On Nana Addo” 9/11/15).

I have made it second nature not to read anything written by the Idiot-of-Irmo (a good friend sometimes reads his invariably goofy and obsessive takes on Nana Akufo-Addo and then narrate the gist of their contents to me. And then when I deem it to be necessary, I fire off any rejoinders or clarifications to the media for edifying for the sake of the NPP leader’s teeming supporters and sympathizers).

I nearly always find myself retching and on the verge of throwing up whenever I attempt to read any media fare generated by the Idiot-of-Irmo. This eternally disgruntled guy has absolutely no integrity; what he does best is rent out his medical-practice license for undeserved profits, and then when he is not getting the size of pelf he wants, deliver those whom he has savagely conned into modern-day slavery to law-enforcement agents and feel vacuously and shamelessly superior and self-righteous for doing the same. He is a criminal malcontent who deserves to be behind bars, even as I write. But give this to him, dear reader, the Idiot-Irmo has always been able to con his way out of justice by suavely scapegoating colleagues he has savagely abused and unconscionably and treacherously raped and exploited, figuratively speaking.

He is a simpering fool and a fleering coward who, when threatened with a defamation suit by a lawyer relative of mine, quickly resorted to chewing grass, beating an about turn and writing a pathetic article claiming to be madly in love with Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. The lawyer relative who works for the United States Federal Government, on environmental protection issues, lives in the New England Area and teaches law in one of the leading universities of the American North-East. And so, really, we are talking about a pesky coward who has miserably failed as a would-be presidential “Black Kennedy.” He is a politician manqué, if you will, a sponge and congenital parasite who only sees the possibility of a political comeback as a leech, if he could shove Nana Akufo-Addo out of the way. He is feverishly hoping against hope that one of the perennial, albeit epically unsuccessful, challengers of Ghana’s former Justice Minister would one of these days take the avidly coveted flag bearer’s position in the New Patriotic Party and name him to some plum sinecure in the lead-up to Election 2016.

The Idiot-of-Irmo claims to be “a prominent founding member” of the New Patriotic Party. He also risibly believes that he has invested a significant amount of his “treasure” in the country’s main opposition party and thus ought to be afforded the inalienable right of being named presidential candidate of the party of Danquah, Busia and Dombo, so that he could be granted a carte-blanche opportunity by Ghanaian voters to blindly plunder the resources of the country. In other words, the Idiot-of-Irmo has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. And it is an absolute waste of time for any well-meaning Ghanaian citizen to mistake this irredeemable coward for either a politician or personality of substance at any level of human endeavor.

Now, the critical question of whether, indeed, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is a “victim of circumstances” is one whose definition is inescapably contingent upon a lot of factors, including the well-known fact that while, indeed, he may not be without his fair share of human flaws, nevertheless, for some party insiders and inveterate detractors, Nana Akufo-Addo is more of a metaphor for many unpleasant and unflattering things, except what the man actually is as an individual and a human being. Mr. Ephson is dead-accurate to observe that some NPP members are hell-bent on victimizing the former Member of Parliament for Akyem-Abuakwa-South in perpetuity.

For example, the Idiot-of-Irmo has consistently depicted Nana Akufo-Addo in legions of columns as either the Generalissimo of something called the Kyebi and/or Akyem Mafia. And when he has been challenged to explain himself, he has hurriedly tucked his tail in-between his legs, literally speaking, and vehemently denied making any such claims or accusations.

I personally have absolutely no regard for this congenital buffoon, because the twat hates his own ethnicity or sub-ethnicity. He thinks his own people are an inferior species of humanity and has publicly said so and written about the same. He has, for example, said things like “Just because I am a Fante, does it make me unqualified to become NPP flag bearer?” I am, of course, paraphrasing what he has actually said in self-pity. And, indeed, the people from among whom he claims to hail or to have emerged do not publicly recognize him as one of their own. The last time that he attempted to seek their mandate in order to represent them in Parliament, the Idiot-of-Irmo only garnered a single vote; and that, of course, was his own.

Rather, he has made no secret of the fact that he prefers to be called an “Honorary Asante,” merely because he is an alumnus of Tweneboa-Kodua Secondary School. Well, I leave him to sort things out with the inveterate and intransigent Akufo-Addo detractors he claims to be working for. One thing, though, is crystal clear – the Idiot-of-Irmo is a confused and pathologically conflicted character. My own Aduana Kumawu-ian roots – and I make absolutely no fetish out of the same, for my late mother’s birth name was Adwoa Attaa Aniniwaa (Aninwaa) – inform me that the Idiot-of-Irmo does not and cannot belong to our mega-clan. He is an irredeemably lost soul with a borrowed name he does not even fully appreciate.

He also needs to explain his part – either directly or indirectly – in the brutal assassination of Mr. Adams Mahama, the former Upper-East’s Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party. For the Idiot-of-Irmo is widely known to tread in lock-step with the two party headquarters men whose legion commissions and/or omissions may directly have precipitated the acid-dousing murder of Mr. Adams Mahama. Now, let us talk about the real mafias in the New Patriotic Party.

You see, we cannot allow certified criminals like the Idiot-of-Irmo to drag the hallowed name, image and reputation of the genuine champions of the New Patriotic Party into abject disrepute. The fact of the matter is that the Idiot-of-Irmo is an opportunistic Nkrumacrat who erroneously thought he could suavely con his way to the presidency on the backs of the revered memory and spirits of Messrs. Danquah, Busia and Dombo. And that is a staggering pity, indeed!

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