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Opinions of Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Columnist: Al-Hajj

Kudos Mr. President

President John Dramani Mahama deserves commendation for not only remaining steadfast in the face of mounting challenges plaguing his administration but also, his quest and passion to lift Ghana from its present predicament.
It is understandable the impact of what President Mahama and his government have embarked on may not be immediately felt, TheaL-hAJJnevertheless, is certain the President’s vision to advance the better Ghana agenda started by the late President Mills will surely come to fruition.

That, it is true President John Mahama has in recent times come under exacting flak from a section of Ghanaians not excluding this paper; The aL-hAJJ, like many other well-meaning critics want to believe it was and would continue to be for the good of the nation.

And we are proud to state today and without any fear of contradictions that, the criticisms of the President are beginning to yield desired results.
The President’s dream to make Ghana a prosperous place is reflected in his determination to let the corruption tainted Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) and the Ghana Youth and Entrepreneurial Development Authority (GYEEDA) work again.

Many Presidents would have been overawed by the level of reported cases of alleged sleaze and corruptions at the two state agencies and thereon would have scrapped them.
But President John Mahama, in the midst of the bad press the operations of SADA and GYEEDA brought to his government; has kept his head above the storm and actively working to restructure them to achieved the desired objectives they were set for.

His recent appointment of competent men and women of integrity and substance to the SADA board to help put it back on track after it has been saddled with widely reported cases of malfeasance is highly commendable.

And on this note, we at The aL-hAJJ call on all well-meaning Ghanaians to join us in giving the President a standing approval.

The President even needs much commendation and exaltation for having an eye and skill to entice accomplished Ghanaian technocrats and bureaucrats who are not members of his party to serve in his government.

One of such profound exploit was yet again achieved last week when the President appointed an astute Chartered Accountant and pioneer in internet service in Ghana as deputy minister of communications.
Before then, President Mahama had appointed the former Chief Executive of the Chamber of Mines, Dr. Tony Aubynn, who is an accomplished Ghanaian mining expert, as Chief Executive Officer of the Minerals Commission.
These are clear indications that the President meant business and is serious about delivering on his campaign promises.

We hope what the President has started will not just be a flash in the pan and that we shall see more of such deployment of skillful, competent and dedicated Ghanaians in his administration regardless of their political and other affiliations.
We know the President’s move is getting strong resistance from members and kingpins of his party who think those who had been in the trenches during the campaign bring the NDC to power must be allowed to serve in government.
The aL-hAJJ entreats the President not to brush these concerns aside as they are legitimate. Party loyalists who have contributed in one way or the other must be by all means recognized and allowed to have ‘a bite at the cherry’. Even if they don’t get the opportunity to serve as ministers, deputies etc., there are hundreds of other opportunities that they should be able to take advantage of.

Their expertise in governance must not be wasted. The NDC needs all hands on deck to retain power 2016. Once again, we salute the President for what he has started and we entreat him to continue with the good works.