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Opinions of Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Columnist: Num, Kwadwo

Kpandai Constituency Deserves A Better MP

..Than Hon Likpalimor!

I’m writing to draw the attention of the NDC National Executive Committee, the people of Kpandai Constituency and the general public to the overwhelming evidence of incompetence, broken promises and evasion of responsibility of the current MP of Kpandai Constituency, Mr Kwajo Tawiah Likpalimor. I know each constituency in the country has its own socio-political peculiarity, dynamics and story to tell about their respective MPs, this is to highlight the plight of the people of Kpandai Constituency.

Hon Likpalimor has been a Member of Parliament for Kpandai area since 1992 and has enjoyed unanimity in support as that electoral area has become almost an NDC ‘safe seat’ but close to two decades and there’s nothing positive and progressive to write home about him. However, this MP has decidedly abandoned his constituency. He’s never on hand to see to the needs and concerns of the locals. Now, NDC’s stranglehold on Kpandai Constituency is slipping with the disillusionment of the constituents who have propped the seat for NDC as evident in the country’s electoral statistics. The NDC cannot count on the loyalty and core support on this occasion with the continuation of allowing MP Likpalimor to stand on the ticket of NDC ‘unchallenged’ by more intelligent, competent and dynamic prospective candidates within the party. This will be a costly mistake if the NDC National Executive Committee does not act on either advising Likpalimor to step aside or be challenged at the next primaries.

Hon Likpalimor is a non-performing MP who has become a socio political albatross for the constituency, partly due to the tribal dynamics. Kpandai Constituency has one of the lowest and worst education standards, very high poverty level, high youth unemployment, worst deplorable roads, lack of health facilities and lack of good drinking water in the country. It’s pretty obvious; the MP has nothing new to offer to his constituents. He has no plans for constituency and neither has he influenced successive government since 1992 to bring developmental projects to the constituency.

If being an MP is a badge of honour and service, then MP Likpalimor is an embarrassment to Parliament, great disservice and liability to Ghana and his constituents. He has never played any active part in parliamentary proceedings apart from being happy enjoying all the trappings that go with that position. It’s a shame to see MP Likpalimor financing his re-elections from the MPs Common Fund instead of using the fund in assisting the very needy and underprivileged but brilliant students in that constituency. His personal standing as MP is much damaged. There’s obvious vulnerability for the NDC to maintain its winning streak as he’s doing nothing towards the Presidential campaign by way of representation and mixing with the constituents.

With the above litany of neglect and incompetence, broken promises and evasion of responsibility, it’s time for the NDC National Executive Committee to advise MP Likpalimor to step aside or be challenged by more capable and dynamic NDC contenders before next 2012 general elections who could champion progress and development of the area and be asset to the nation. Kpandai Constituency deserves a better MP than Hon Likpalimor!

Mr Kwadwo Num
A Concerned and Progressive Constituent.