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Opinions of Sunday, 24 December 2017

Columnist: NngmingBongle Bapuohyele

Homosexuality: A product of marriage to a non-virgin spouse? - Letter to a reader

ot long ago, precisely on December 6, 2017, I published in this same column of mine on the Modern Ghana site an article titled Homosexuality: A Product of Marriage to a Non-Virgin Spouse of internet link which drew a few comments from some readers of the article.

Well, I am always happy to receive comments from readers of my articles and often delighted to respond to these comments in order to further share my beliefs and understanding of the scriptures with many more people.

It is to this end that I choose to write an open letter to one Ron Hipfner in response to comments he posted for me, and probably intended for other readers too, after he read my above referenced article, so that many people especially regular readers of my column may also be blessed by my thoughts.

In order for readers of this current article to follow the thrust of my letter to Ron, I’d like to quote here, unedited, the comments he posted to my article under reference as follows:

QUOTE Wasting time and editorial space for this kind of propaganda is dangerous for society. Sexuality is like any trait, it's in our genes and has nothing to do with our actions. It's like left-handedness. Homosexuality, even bi-sexuality, is observed in every primate species at a statistically constant level.

Stop this sexist, misogynist rhetoric and get on to administering to the needy. UNQUOTE

And now, here is my open letter to Ron in response to his comments.

Dear Ron Hipfner: Thank you for reading my article. I see you posted your comments from Canada, North America, where I also suppose you reside or even come from! And from your name, Ron Hipfner, you are most probably of Caucasian descent.

If I am right about you, then I’d say you are not one of the readers of my article I was hoping would be blessed by it!! You may be one of many descendants of Ham, the progenitor of all Caucasians, whose destiny and that of his descendants was changed by a sin he committed against his father Noach (Noah??) that drew an everlasting curse upon them—cf. Bereshiyt (Genesis??) 9:20-27, 10:6-20.

Many of such descendants of Ham, today, are thus bereft of the spiritual wisdom of Yahuwah Elohiym since such wisdom cannot be made available to them by Yahuwah Elohiym who upheld and still upholds the curse which Noach pronounced against Ham and his offspring!!

You probably do not know about this curse upon all descendants of Ham and so, by the comments you post here for me and readers of my article, fail to understand or are completely ignorant of what spiritual harm and or even visible physical deformities or changes that the sin of even one person [such as Adam of Eden or great grandfather Ham] ALWAYS bring on all mankind of the Earth!

You see, everything the Creator has made is pure, holy, remains eternally the same and never changes, UNTIL sin [such as was committed by Ham] enters it!! When sin enters any creation of the Creator, its ORIGINAL traits become corrupted and thus altered; and thereafter, that item of creation cannot reproduce the same kind with same properties (DNA) peculiar and particular to it at creation, but can only reproduce as has become of it in its corrupted state!

So then, once sin found its way into Ham, he was never ever going to produce a holy offspring; and even this predicament was thus made eternally to be so since he and his offspring are constantly under an eternal curse!

Now, because sin is always about transgressing the Towrah (instruction or teaching) of Yahuwah Elohiym, any human beings produced by one or both parents who, according to my article, had transgressed the Towrah and were thus not virgins at marriage, would definitely be without the ORIGINAL traits given to mankind by the Creator at creation, but only the UNHOLY traits that result from sin, which evolve in and from a man’s disobedience (sin) to his Creator; until these ORIGINAL traits that were made available to man at creation are restored in a New Creation in a New Birth!!

Luckily, no beasts of the field and all non-animate living things of creation can sin because they have no Towrah given to them from and by Yahuwah to possibly disobey!! So then, only man can sin; and man MUST therefore show gratitude to all non-human beings and things of creation for helping keep the Earth habitable. But for their sakes, the Earth would long have stunk horribly of sin and then perished!

My article which you read sought to establish proof of the evolution of the homosexual [and lesbian] lifestyle in offspring that are produced through impermissible sexual unions, according to the Towrah of Yahuwah Elohiym, involving a non-virgin woman or man in a first marriage!!

I believe that those who read my article with a desire for rare information and education, unlike you, could never have missed or misunderstood the proof I gave to the fact that homosexuality is one of many evil lifestyles acquired as a TRAIT at birth from a conception involving one or both couple who had a broken virginity who yet engaged in the sexual intercourse that brought about the conception of their child!

I’d like to end my responses to your post by letting you know that your supposed advice in your conclusion of your comments is borne out of ignorance and thus is without any benefit or value to me and my readers.

Nonetheless, you are pardoned for describing my article as a “sexist and misogynist rhetoric”!! But then, you should read the article just one more time to cure yourself of spiritual ignorance.

And by the way, do you live ONLY by eating food and wearing apparel?? Do you have no value or need for education; especially education about spiritual matters?? My advice to you is that in addition to your efforts of being a friend and philanthropist to the poor (if you even are, that is), get yourself some spiritual enlightenment.


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