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Opinions of Saturday, 17 July 2010

Columnist: Abdul, Kofi Ali

Kosmos Hired Assasins?


Comrade Guy,
It may be possible that Obama may be misguided in following the
typical US imperilaists agenda in Afghanistan and Ghana government (AU
Government), in the case of Kosmos, Exsson Mobile, Fobbs Magazen, the
USA citizens are not as stupid and senseless as we are clearly
exhibiting in Ghana and AU. With all due respect I some time ask
myself, if the term Socialist is synonimous with insanity? Just I have
problems with the inhumane evilness called African verson of
Capitalism, I cannot deny a lot of characteristics of insanity that
goes with the African so called Socialists. sometimes I spend hours
wondering or brooding over the question; what exactly do we on the
land of African and Aricans world wide want in this world?
The concepts of Socialism and Capitalism, is primarily about wealth
redistrbution which in turn explains the kind of justice each get from
his/her society. In the USA, the citizens are fighting for how to
effectively and efficiently disrtibute the wealth of their nation;
whites or blacks. In order to maximize this distribution effort it
become advantagious to rubb other nations of their wealth to be added
to the stock of wealth of the USA government, so that the total stock
of wealth that will be available for distribution will be much more to
go round. This in turn goes a long way in deciding the kind of justice
each realistically will be getting. For example, if a person end up
stealling an item because he/she is hungry as an Amercan citizen and
in the course of this, the owner(s) of the stollen items who are also
American citizens ended up hitting and beating the individual for
stealling what belong to them, what kind of justice can we say the
person is given? Bearing in mind, 95% of normal humanbeings will not
steal if they are gainfully employed, increasing the employment base
thus reduces the possibility of another person beating another one for
stealling his/her items as with a job, comes an income with which each
could be able to buy their basic needs of life like; food, clothing
and shelter.
Crude oil and other natural resources are very essentail elements in
the modern production of goods and services as essential inputs. Thus
in the lives of the gaint USA industries that employ people enmass for
income to be earn, all uses these natural resources to sustain
production of goods and services. Therefore, the journy of going into
other lands to get this natural resources is in reality the survival
of the fittest in the world of justice of the fittest. In truth, no
two people face judgement by the same judge and both coming out right.
That is why every scale have two sides, which are right and wrong. The
losser and the winner. The conquererd and the conquerer. The living
and the dead. The slave and the master. The strong and the weak. The
owned and the owner. the oppressed and the oppressor.
What the Americans are therefore doing in any part of the world (which
fortunately and unfortunately, belong to us all) is to get justice for
themselves, just the way we all leave our houses to another place in
search of food for survival. Who then blame Barak Obama as the
president and citizen of the USA in working for the interest of his
nation? To you they are imperilaists and vampires but to them they are
innocent people that just have to survive at the cost of other foolish
living things whose brain is less functional in accordance with the
normal standared expected of human beings brains.
Comrade guy, I am smelling a kind of "moralists" sentiments in you. I
do not want to believe this but consciousely or inconsciously, this
seem to be the case. I beleive that this is from your own
subconsciouseness but that is just your reality. You are just a victim
like most of us whose past intergenerational frustration out of our
inherited unfortunate limiting circumstances, to resort to the culture
of appealling to moral sympathy and attention of your oppressors or
others, than our own ability as a people.
It is very important for us all to recognize the fact that it is one
thing to be morally right of which 90% of our concerns of Africa with
the West ern powers are. However our ability (power as it is today) is
unfortunately not good enough to legitimized and actualize our
legitimate concerns. In addition to the immoral claims of the USA and
other EU member state governments on the African continent, these
states also have the ability (power) to legitimze their claims and
concerns. Thus, illegimate as most of the none Africans concerns may
be, they always turn out to be legitimize by the power of the
developed nations as against the weakneses of the African Unionm under
developed member states.
One of the few individuals born and bred on the land of Africa that
understood this challenge and committed his life to addressing it is
Osagyfo Dr. Kwami Nkrumah. Like you Guy informed us that you were a
mature person in the days of Nkrumah and thus knews him than most of
us who were todlers even if born in the Era of Kwami Nkrumah's Ghana,
you will not doubt confirm the late president passion and zeal to the
African common challenge. Nkrumah was very practical about the OAU as
compared to most of his contemporaries who saw the project as a
pileline dream. Undetered, Kwami made his mark enugh to creat a
starting platform for those of us alive today to advance from where he
stopped out of the circumstances of his time. Just like in the days of
Kwami Nkrumah's Africa, a lot of our fellow compatroits at all level
of our political starta, still live in an elusive world of belief that
the state Ghana is more than capable to solve the problem of Africa by
itself, rather than on the platform of the AU comparising the 53
member states. Sad enough, some of the most unrepentant neocolnilsist
psycho- dogmatic zombies of this school of thought are even among the
most noisy in the middle of CPP (Convention People Party) today. Like
the pharasees did with Moses and Jesus Christ, they sing Nkrumah and
Pan Africanism than Africa itself, yet the neo-colonial demon in them
is beyond any reasonal discusion as far as the concerns of Ghana are.
Kwami Nkrumah every minute of his life never fail to echo the call
reminding the Ghanaian and every AU (OAU) member state citizens, at
the least opportunity that "no single African country will liberate
itself from the shackles of imperialism as long as we continue to work
individually". And that " one by one, the imperialist will return
every one of us from this brief indpendence that we have just gain
back to where wer were before this hard won freedom".
Today, nobody in his/her right frame of mind, looking at the lives of
the majority of our citizens across the vast land of Africa, as gainst
the lives of our few elite which was exactly the case before our
independence will say that Osagyfor was not absolutly right. In fact
the creation of some few elite to manage the vast majority of the
African population was the original plan of the colonial master. It
was exactly what Kwami Nkrumah come to fight against and this was the
very reason why he was overthrown at all cost. The prophesy has been
fullfilled. It has come to pass and from the way we even analyse the
concerns, it is not looking like we do understand the problem.
Most of our people are not aware of the recent Chinese policy of
relocating 3 million of their population into africa with 1/3 of these
people already on our land. Most of us are also not aware or preview
to letters writen by some Europeans in the early days of the last two
centuries among whom is Evolutionists- Charls Dwaine explaining how
there were going to be replacing the then inhabitant of Africa refered
to as the Negros with other beings,. This action resulted in filling
Africa with Indians, other Asians, whites from Europe and the removal
of some indegenous people to other lands, like the Americas and the
Careabian Islands. At the moment, there is an exposed documentary
intention of the USA governemt to relocate some of its citizens on the
land of Africa. In fact, the implimentation of all these plans are
well in their advance states.
All these actions of relocating people on the land of Africa aimed to
sustain the interest of their home state (country) against the
interest of the man on the land of Africa. In fact this approach,
according to Dawin and his biological collegues, do work as the
settlers serve as a catalysts the frustrate the local population into
working in accordance to the will of the external interest.
The trick is that the powerful external force serve as the protector
of ther relocated population who live daily under constantthreat of
the hostile local population. So in return for the protection given to
the resettled populetion, the foreign power give the reloatec citizens
the encouragement to frustrate the local effort and retain the foreigh
power support wo are their kinsmen to assumed economic and
consequently political power of their new home. This approach has
worked very well in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Isreal. The latest
project of this sort is the resettlement programe of the USA citizens
in Dafour State being carved out of Sudan. Of course Israel was
created out of Palastain admist all sorts of opposition and hostility,
that still linger on till today. Who said Kwami Nkrumah never foresaw
all these?
The big question some of us continue to ask is what exactly is the
plan of the AU? What exactly is ghana doing in the AU? How much does
it actually cost the Ghanaian tax payer to maintain the AU? What
exactly is the use of the AU to the Ghanaian government and the people
at large? What would Nkrumah have done if he is confronted with the
challenges of Ghana and the AU as it is today? Could we percieve
Nkrumah as an ordinary Ghanaian because he (Nkrumah) was a Ghanaian
like any one of us before he rose to the status of the presidency of
Ghana? Since there are thousands of Kwami Nkrumah all over Ghana and
across the land of the Africa continent, how do we make them behave
exactly like Kwami Nkrumah will do as an ordianry person in the face
of the reality of Ghana and the AU?
Osagyfor Dr. Kwami Nkrumah lived and prove himself as a democrat whio
will frist exhust all possible means of democratic apprach in the
fight for justice before the last option of effecting a change by
force. If this is the great vertue of Kwami Nkrumah that is worthy of
emulation in the face of problem solving, can we convinced ourself
that we have in deed employed this principle in the AU for the
election of the president of the union, as we are doing in Ghana?
Nkrumah strongly believe in the right of the people to choose their
leadership figure which he made very clear in his day in Cornakry,
Guinea by constantly appealling to the people to decide the course of
their destiny. In Nkrumah's fervent appeal in the hard days in Guines,
the emphasis was for the people of Ghana to fight colletively for a
change of leadership of the entity of Ghana and not like individual
terririst Talaban. If we also believe in this course and here we are
faced with a reality of loosing a clear battle of life and the AU as
recommended by Kwami Nkrumah is clearly the only viable option before
us, have we then appealled to the people to embark on the agitation of
demanding for the right of participation in the election of the
president of the AU authrotiy? Are we even appreciating the
significance of organized approach to the Ghanians citizen's AU
When the Americans in their early days of their nationhood undertood
the complication of their people, they embarked in the definition of
the term Democracy. By defining democracy as "the government of the
people, by the people and for the people", is the AU in which only the
53 leaders of the AU member states voting on behalf of the 850 million
citizens of their various member states be considered to be democratic
enough? If this is what the Americans did to over come their problems
that made them evoled a unifying power that allowed them to be
powerful enough to turn their rights into wrong and their wrongs into
rights, what is then stoping us from doing the same? If it is now very
clear that we are now the victim of the universal injustce in which
our quest for justice is easily over turned with others injustice from
outside Africa onto our land, what choice have we than to mobilize our
people to make this unconditional demand?
If as a president of Ghana or not, Kwami Nkrumah will be dying for
this just course that will allow us to have one person on the land of
Africa as the president of the AU in accordance the driect choice of
the people through the ballot box democratically, what is holding
anyone of us from doing the same? Why must we want to fight only for
CPP to get into the seat of government of Ghana before we will have to
do what we have to do? What then do we do when CPP finally get into
government and then we have Kossmos, Forb News, CIA, KGB, MI5, and the
almight tinny lobbist of Warshington holding us all into ransom? How
do we explain the concerns that Kosmos is being enthrone as sovereign
entity over the government and people of Ghana to our children? Is
this a food for thought or just another old stroy to be swept under
the carpet just as we did with the painful lost of over 120 Ghanaina
youth in the gold pit?

Kofi Ali Abdul
(wakoyako or Ali Abdul yekin)