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Opinions of Thursday, 5 May 2011

Columnist: Akumey-Affizie, Cecil

Konadu Can DANCE and RANT but would PANT

Politics they say is good for birds but unhealthy for dogs. Becoming a good Politian doesn’t stem from how wide you open your mouth and share unpleasant mouth odours as unsolicited gift to those who may be grudgingly following but rather the content of what you say matters.

If it had to take music and dance to win elections in Ghana, Capt. (rtd) Nkrabeah Effah Dartey would have become president of this country even before Daddy Lumba dreamt of composing a song for the Nana Akuffo Addo campaign in the 2008 elections.

Again some politician resort to senseless rant and calling woof when there is none, just to draw attention to themselves .It is pretty clear that Ghanaian voters have come of age and know a good politician when they see one. What at all is giving the rawlingses so much indigestion over President Mill’s administration that they have to embark on this shameful path of political suicide?(A former first lady contesting a sitting president from the same party) What at all were the Rawlingses expecting from President Mills that he is yet to do?

Could it be to jail the ex-government officials without fair trial? Should the president have coerced the judiciary to put the ex-government officials on trial even without evidence of wrongdoing?

Should the president have zoomed to ridge at the little opportunity to seek advice on how to lead the nation?

Should the president have given jobs to all the “rawlings boys” and left the rest of the competent party faithfuls?

May be the president should have praised the actions of the foot soldiers and decorated them with national honours for their barbaric acts.

Should the Government be harassing journalists and critics and in fact shaving the recalcitrant ones? Or may be President Mills should have gone for the head of Nana Addo over the “All die be die” comment.

What is more irritating about the Rawlingses is that they are very vague and hollow. They are busy sharing their mouth odour by criticizing the president without mentioning any particular thing they expected him to do which he has reneged.

What is the senseless rant about? Barely does a day passes that you don’t hear the Rawlingses ratcheting up their persecution against the erudite professor. Do they think the presidency is a monarchy that can be betrothed to descendants and family members?

Is it not pretty obvious that the Rawlingses consider themselves the only wise ones to lead Ghana? Could it be divine that only the Rawlingses family has been heavenly programmed to lead Ghana forever? If it’s not divine then it may be devilish.

The Rawlingses launched frontal verbal assault on the Kuffuor regime and called them non-achievers. Now they are accusing the man they planted in the party to take over from him.

Could it mean that Rawlings has regretted handing over power to Kuffuor because it is clear President Mills is not doing what he expected? I suspect Rawlings feels he should have just entrenched himself on Ghanaians.

It’s pretty clear that the Rawlingses are on crushing path and this would spell doom for their children as well. After the political “spanking” of Nana Konadu at the NDC congress, the NDC party and Ghanaians in general would lose absolute trust and confidence in the Rawlings family including their children.

Can any of the Rawlingses ever contest any position in the Party and win? Well for now Konadu can DANCE and RANT but she would surely PANT at last.

Author: Cecil Akumey-Affizie