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Opinions of Thursday, 24 November 2011

Columnist: Amponsah, Jerry

Koku, where’s the “audio evidence?”

The worm has turned a little bit!

Our attention has been drawn largely over the recent visit of President Atta Mills to Canada as part of his working visit. The president held a “close door” discussion with the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa, Canada. The nation has been informed through the point man of the president and his bunch of other fatly paid communication lackeys over the importance of such visit – and its related benefits to the nation.

Unfortunately, the “details” of the meeting of the discussion have still not been made known to the Ghanaian people, – sad.

According to sources, as humble as a dove and filled with excitement, “President Mills commended Canada for assisting Ghana with technical expertise, as well as working on development projects through Canadian International Development Agency ( CIDA), and the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) which is involved in the construction works at the Tamale Teaching Hospital, accommodation at the Tema General Hospital and the Aboadze Thermal Plant near Sekondi Takoradi.” Did he forget that the inevitable umbilical cord to the “western master” gave birth to the above strategic interventions he gracefully commended Mr. Harper? In that meeting, where was the boldness he displayed when he was speaking to the African diplomats?

Hypocrisy: “Na double, double!”

In a related encounter, President Mills, 67, changed gears whilst on international, speedily went local, and “charged the Canada–Africa Parliamentary Association and the Executives of the CCC, the African Diplomatic Group in Canada “against recent foreign interventions on the continent.” The president suggested that these so-called 'masters' are cruelly usurping the sovereignty of vulnerable African states and imposing their wishes on them.”

President Mills did not realize that he spoke from both sides of his mouth – leaving his trip to Canada in a state of mixed positions – making pundits to poke holes into it. He was there to show appreciation to one of our “masters” and later spoke against what he has publicly shown appreciation for earlier.

What he’s missing but does not know is that there is no need to show your ability before everyone.

We’re taking this fight to a higher power – calling on the president office to release the audio tape. After all, the president acted on behalf of the country; a state-funded trip. The office of the president has shown almost no sign that it understands that the jig is up. Koku Anyidoho saving himself from his own dereliction of duties nimbly chased for the release of the audio tape over the confidential meeting held between the NPP flag bearer Nana Akufo Addo and the Great Britain Prime Minister David Cameron. Now, the two-faced mouthpiece of the president is adamant over the release of the tape evidence of his boss’s meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister. Ghanaians expect him to be up-front of his own words. It’s not easy for him to release such “audio tape.” This request is a big blow to an increasingly dysfunctional NDC government. Let the campaign of audio tape rage and lead in “action.” This should not be an Herculean task for a “transparent” president. The nation was bamboozled by Koku’s twist over his request. This is a clear hypocritical conduct exhibited by the office of the president.

The forked-tongued spokesman leading his other NDC fatwa waged a media war over Nana Addo visit to the No. 10 Downing Street – that hit the bull’s – eyes. After President Mills’s fantasy meeting with the Canadian PM, the NDC has buried their tone-deaf gaffe. Or did Mills go there just for a photo opportunity? The ball is now firmly placed on the side of Osu Castle to play – cowards! Maybe the demand for the audio evidence may seem derisory; this is a call to remind discerning Ghanaians how hypocritical the NDC government is after being tongue-tied over their own inaction. Instead of representing the people’s interests, they’re rather representing their own selfish interests.

The nation is obsessed with listening to the tapes of President Mills’s interactions with other groups. Yet, same has not been done with his meeting the Canadian PM. Because this is a particular encounter, the NDC government strategically orchestrated the Ottawa visit to fight off Nana Addo’s august visit. We’ve strong reasons to demand an audio evidence.

Nana Ansah Obofour, London, asked on Asempa FM’s Facebook page, “is the president on official leave or on African unity campaign tour?”

Besides, taking a critical look into the so-called “business trip,” it was an ugly drain to the national coffers. What benefit does it bring to the nation? You don’t have to necessarily skyway to cut off your umbilical cord from your western masters – it could have easily been done without a publicly mouthing. “Action speaks louder than words”! His moves to seek global attention will in no way suck up his extremely dipped popularity. It’s just ridiculous lecturing African diplomats outside Africa whiles largely and continuously refusing to interact and take vital questions from the common Ghanaian who stood in the burning, scorching sun to put you in office. Meanwhile, on the 2008 campaign platform, you widely promised monthly “assembly meeting” with the people. But, not even a single forum has been held in his nearly 3 years presidency. Nana Ansah Obofour, London, asked, “is the president

To make Ghanaians bite falsehoods: This present NDC government is a histrionic government with an investment-intensive communication setup. The pricey communication setup meant to balloon the president’s Ottawa visit is not enough – the enough is the audio tape evidence! This will enable Ghanaians to know what actually transpired at such meeting – in relation to President Mills’s comments and his position.

Thank to the PM for extending a brief audience to the much-failed president. Nonetheless, it will give him some of oxygen to make him a bit more competitive.

We’re gently challenging the office of the president to walk its talk; set the pace; lead from the front – by releasing audio tape to the already bought and pocketed media men to play it to the people’s listening pleasure.

“He who pays the piper calls the tune”!

Jerry Amponsah (Sabbato) NPP Communication Group NPP – New York