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Opinions of Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

Koku Anyidoho’s ‘agbagya’ communication skills (2)

The current hullabaloo over Atta-Mills acquisition, or better still, grabbing of “a token” from a private estate developer,regimanuel-Gray,has arisen as a result of NDC’s own recent past record of abhorring “opulence and profligacy”. They crucified Kufuor for making provision to cater for his status as the president of Ghana.Ironically,this is the very same act, the NDC as a body cooperate, is currently defending, with ferocious intensity, with every sinew in their body

Now the combined forces of P (NDC) ruled our nation for nearly twenty uninterrupted years until the year 2000.During all those years, they never bothered to tell the good people of this nation, what their ideology was. Those were the years of “culture of silence”,killings,dispearances,curfews,lashing of private parts of innocent market women,hunger,queing for every commodity under the sun and so on.

These people were fittingly booted out of power in the year 2000, and to deceive the gullible members of our society so they could, once again, come to power and loot the nation’s coffers, they came up with this joke of being social-democrats.

The explanation they gave of their concept of social-democracy was that they are for the ordinary Ghanaian and for that reason, they totally abhor property ownersip.They promised to drive around in VW-beetle cars, wear ‘afro-moses,live in thatched houses, attend nature-call on kvip’s,shop at ‘Malata/Agbogbloshie markets and so on.

And this is where I can confidently say that either these people don’t understand the ideology of social-democracy they trumpeted in 2008 or they are simply engaged in the practice of unalloyed champaign-socialism.
But in my honest estimation, I believe they very well understand the fact that socialism which they always eulogized by touting the wonders of Fidel Castro’s Cuba, where property ownership in any form is strictly prohibited, was definitely not the kind of society they hoped to build. That mantra was simply used to throw boulders into the eyes of gullible people.

And this is where the concept of champaign-socialism takes over, with its attendant lust for lavish life-styles. Simply put: champaign-socialism is a system where the infinitesimal ruling class chooses to enjoy full-blown capitalist life-style behind closed-doors but come into the open to prescribe the purest form of Marxism for their unemployed fooled-soldiers. So for example, these NDC champaign-socialists demonized the concept of property-ownership and portrayed themselves as prospective dwellers of ‘Sodom-Gomorrah’. But what are we currently seeing?

Property ownership

The concept of property ownership, mooted under the Kufuor administration, was given an evil twist. They said it was a concept specifically designed to pave way for government appointees to amass illegal wealth. They used this argument to demonize every hard-working Ghanaian just as they did in the time past against Appiah-Minka, Dr.Addison and so on.

They embarked on many senseless demonstrations to vilify the Kufuor administration and incited the so-called ordinary people to vote against the NPP.Then candidate Atta-Mills, at one of these bogus street agitations, had a huge placard hanging on his tired neck which had the inscription: “Ghanaians are capable of managing Ghanaian companies”. This was during the debate on the sale of Ghana telecom to Vodafone.

Re-engaging Vodafone

They argued at the time, that the sale was going to rather collapse this business entity, loss of jobs and many other bogus ear-breaking noise-making. They also impugned official corruption in the whole deal and vowed on their tiny legs and prominent facial bones, due to excessive hunger as a result of joblessness in opposition, to delve into the deal and unearth every single dirt surrounding the deal.

They were able to launch this investigation alright, after taking power. But in the end, the whole thing ended up in a completely blind allyway.The minister, Haruna Iddrisu, who launched the investigation, later came and told the people of Ghana that all those noise made in opposition was just a hoax and that the government was going “to re-engage” the Vodafone group. And as to what that re-engagement was all about, it is only the angels in heaven who can provide some of us mere mortals and unrepentant ‘adzebon yefo’ (sinners) with the right answers.

Today, their lies of being socialists have been exposed, laying bare their extremely high affinity for luxurious life-styles that will make these Arabian sheikhs of oil-soaked nations of the Middle East, go completely green with envy. And it is this taste for wealth that has landed no other person that their own self-created ‘son of god’ Atta-Mills, to be embroiled in this current scandal over acceptance a complete house as a token of Regimanuel-Gray’s love for his “
Mpianim’s hand in fire

This is the man that Mr.Kwame Pianim put his hand in fire for, over an alleged refusal to accept a brown envelope.Today, what Mr.Mpianim will put his hand in following the revelation of ‘Atta-Mills-mansion-gate I will suggest he put his whole body in a furnace akin to the one into which Shadrach,Meshack and Abednego were thrown.

This same president who allegedly refused this 'brown-envelope' in the presence of a guru of a rival political party and was touted as a saint, is today, under the cover of complete darkness and at the blind-side of the citizenry, including Mr.Kwame Pianim himself, has gleefully accepted a much bigger envelope in the form of a ‘mansion’.

If this issue involving the president's acceptance of a mansion as a gift from a private developer had happened in a civilized nation as America or Britain, he would have been forced out of office. But we find ourselves in an environment where corruption has been given new apparel called "indiscretion" so expect business to move on as usual. Any wonder why we are not making any progress as a people.

Koku’s ‘agbadza’ dance

And to cover their exposed bottoms which has now publicly displayed their ‘huhudious’ vital assets, Koku Anyidoho tried to pull a wool over the eyes of decent people of this nation.But,like a legendary robber whose time is up, he ended up digging himself much deeper into a pool of putrefied cow-dung.
Now, if the fact about this gift to Atta-Mills was official, as he later tried to claim with those concocted, thwarted and clearly fictitious documents, and indeed, well chronicled, would Koku have been singing different tunes at different times on different media networks on different days? The fact that he is at the presidency but is engaging in this kind of ‘agbagya’ communication diatribe clearly points to the fact that something is simply ain't right.
That photo accompanying the trip by the castle press corps to Regimanuel-Gray estates following the exposure looks like a scene in a ‘Koku Ananse’ story which can easily pass for an OSCAR in the best picture category and possible go ahead to win the ultimate award. That trip was nothing but an insipid propaganda stunt and I keep wondering if these incompetent braggarts around the president think Ghanaians are dummies.

Social-democrats who, only a couple of months back were trumpeting their abhorrence to all good things of life, are today grabbing executive mansions as gifts and when questions are raised, they come out with the response that it is just a mere toilet facility. This is champaign-socialism at its best.
The police men guarding former president Rawlings are also living in a container. Why doesn't Atta-Mills build them a “reasonable resting place” too? There is everything fishing with this “token” issue and Ghanaians expect the whole truth and not these 'agbagya' antics by Koku Anyidoho.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei