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Opinions of Saturday, 4 February 2017

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Kofi Adams on Return of his Confiscated Cars to Him is Vociferously Back to his Public Bragging

Kofi Adams makes me want to puke when I hear him talk as though he owns the entire
country and has unlimited right to do as he wants when he wants. He is back again on
the airwaves bragging as soon as his temporarily-seized cars were returned to him on
strict instructions accompanied with heartfelt apology from the Minister for National
Security, Hon. Ken Dapaah.

He is now shouting on top of his voice asserting that nobody has the right to
question him about how he came to own the three Land Cruisers and the two pickup
trucks recently removed from his compound by some personnel from the armed forces and
the National Security. Whether he bought them, or they were given to him, nobody has
the right to know, he says.

Additionally, he is claiming to have suffered some discomfort during the few days
that he was deprived of the use of his cars. He had had to resort to hiring taxis to
drop off and pick up his children from school.

Let me not spend much of my precious time on Kofi Adams, a once Mr Nobody, a ragged
person of course, but who for his affiliation to NDC party and government, under the
most corrupt President (Mr John Dramani Mahama) in the history of Ghana, is now
swimming in an ocean of material wealth. I have rather to give him a lesson and
advice, emanating from experience by my status as a grey-haired man.

Generally speaking, grey hair is not a repository of wisdom but as there is exception
to every rule, I can claim mine is hence the underlying advice to Kofi Adams.

Let it be known to him that as long as he held a public office as the National
Organiser within NDC, the ruling party and government, he was a public servant.
Again, as long as the party and government were noted for, and were clearly
orchestrating, perpetrating and perpetuating institutional corruption, the level of
which had never been seen in the history of Ghana, Ghanaians have the right to
question him about the source of his sudden or newfound wealth.

He must be a joke to believe that Ghanaians cannot have the right to know when and
how he came to acquire those five cars and his many houses acquired barely after
becoming a dubious politician as a member, and especially, the National Organiser,
of, the NDC.

He should not think the return of his cars to him is the end of the miseries to come
upon him. Until the source(s) of his material wealth has deeply been probed into,
with him declared innocent of any irregularities or corruption, he is still not in
the clear. His bragging, pomposity and loud-mouthing will only be for a short while.
Like the morning dew that dissipates with the rising Sun, so shall his new joy and
bragging be.

Whether he likes it or not, not only him but all the NDC members and Government
Ministers with the government appointees suspected of robbing the nation to enrich
themselves illegally will be investigated and if found guilty, prosecuted and jailed
with their assets so acquired confiscated to the State. Should this not be done, then
we can never curtail or uproot official corruption from Ghana. It will have become a
precedent for every Ghanaian politician to steal from the public coffers and go scot

His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo will have failed should he not
endeavour to retrieve the public money and wealth so stolen by the NDC government and
their agents and assigns of whom I suspect Kofi Adams to be one.

How many Ghanaians can hire taxis to take, and collect, their children, to and from
school everyday on weekdays or on school days? Not many! Therefore, if Kofi Adams
could afford that, he should count himself fortunate, but not a misery person as he
said to have become during the entire duration that his cars were impounded.

There is time for everything. There is coming a time that he will smell real pepper,
smoked out of his dubious acquisition of his many cars and other related material

Ghanaians, be patient. Please, bear with His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwah
Akufo-Addo for a while; he will surely sooner prove to Ghanaians that he is really
the incorruptible man we all know of, or have heard about, by dealing mercilessly
with all those public servants and Government Ministers and appointees that have
robbed the nation and stripped her naked of her wealth in broad daylight.

Once again, I say, Kofi Adams ain’t seen nothing yet!

Rockson Adofo

(Written on Friday, 3 February 2017)