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Opinions of Thursday, 10 March 2011

Columnist: Akakpo, Stanley

Kobby Fiagbe Please Tell Ghanaians the truth now!

After searching agonisingly my conscience and always seeking to do what is right in the best intrest of the people of Ghana, i feel it is important Mr Kobby Fiagbe, one of Ghana brightest journalists can no longer keep his condition secret. Whatever is hidden must come to light, but I believe it is in the intrest of Kobby himself and Ghanaians who I believe will sympathaise with him and give all the necessary support.

Mr Kobby Fiagbe sometime towards the end of May last year, tested positive for Acquired Immune Defieciency syndrome(AIDS) during a blood test at the 37 Military Hospital. Kobby as far as i know has led a decent life as some of us were lead to believe but it seemed he had gone a bridge too far and contracted the disease . It was a huge shock but close friends urged him to seek help which he did and I am glad about it.

I believe Kobby needs not to be shy or live in a closet wondering what people will think if they knew, as the Ghana Aids Commission and other organisations especially NGOs need high profile figures like him to champion AIDS related programmes and educate the youth that the price of not practising safe sex and living your life in reckless abandon can lead to contracting AIDS,Syphilis, and other sexually transmitted diseases. If he Kobby Fiagbe one of Ghana’s smartest journalists can get AIDS then who is safe ?

The importace of practising safe sex and the care that one must take to protect ones body has not been lost on me ever since I and others found out. Kobby has done well to keep it hidden, but as a public figure he must take a stand for himself, for his family,for his friends and associates and for mother Ghana. Kobby Fiagbe, Come out and say something. Having Aids is not a crime. And do not feel stigmatised God Bless You

Stanley Akakpo Korle Gonno Accra Tel 0246333310