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Opinions of Saturday, 9 May 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Know the Foremost Strategy for NPP to Win Election 2016

Before disclosing the foremost strategy the NPP need to adopt to win Election 2016, I will first like to prepare the reading public's mind with a prelude.

God has never been wrong. He is never wrong, and will never be wrong. God knows why He allowed then Presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama to keep the presidency despite the obvious rigging that had taken place. He wanted Nana Akufo Addo in, but to prove to everybody that He is God and cannot be fooled, He watched while John Mahama cunningly assumed the presidency. Now, everybody has realised how clueless, incompetent and corrupt President Mahama is. Now every discerning Ghanaian the world over has seen how President Mahama has driven the vehicular economy of Ghana into a ditch, if not into an abyss.

The call for Nana to take over the mantle of Ghana's leadership is now stronger than ever before. This is how God works. Many people have now come to see Nana Akufo Addo as the Saviour in waiting; the only one credible incorruptible person able to save Ghana from drowning completely in the ocean of economic hardships.

Again, He allowed Kwabena Agyepong to win the NPP contest for the General Secretary. Whatever means he employed to win it, assisted by Honourable Kennedy Agyepong, is irrelevant at this stage. Kennedy should never be blamed for helping him. God wanted to prove to people that one cannot hold out so wickedly against their neighbour; refusing to forgive their neighbour the mistakes they have presumably committed against them (the aggrieved), without tasting the same measure as he/she is measuring to the neighbour.

Without Kwabena Agyepong winning, would we now realise how better Owusu Afriyie alias Sir John, the former General Secretary, was? Without Kwabena Agyepong winning, could we tell how sly, selfish, dictatorial and greedy he is? No, we wouldn't.

God knows why He allowed NPP flagbearer contestant Mr Kwadwo Alan Kyeremateng to defy convention by not yielding in to all the measured pressure exerted upon him by grey-haired men not to go for a second round when Nana Akufo defeated him at the NPP primaries. When he went, he garnered only 4% of the total delegates votes cast. If he had not gone to the last stretch, he would think he could do better. He will now be bluffing, threatening to pull out of NPP as he did in 2008/2009 when he lost to Nana.

With the disgraceful 4%, even though every single vote counts, he is without the inherent danger to ruin NPP if he does threaten to split from the party. God has a reason for whatever He does. He can never be faulted. We, as human beings, can never understand God's ways of doing things.

From the percentage gained by Mr Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng alias Alan Cash, God has indirectly authorised all the suffering Ghanaian masses and genuine NPP family members yearning for a change in government, to throw him and his supporters out of the party if need be. Their number is too small to make a difference even though in elections, every single vote counts.

When we weigh the threat they currently pose with their malicious AGENDA 2020 that they cling to, that has the potential to cost NPP and Nana Akufo Addo victory in Election 2016, will it not be better to cast them out and get on with the party? The longer we tolerate their devious acts, the more harm they can cause in the end. They are not people who are going to change today or tomorrow because they have their own selfish plan to attain.

Yes, Kwabena Agyepong can continue to eat his fufu in Kumasi at those early hours of the day when some Ghanaians are not even sure they can have a single decent meal throughout the entire day. This is how lucky, but arrogant he is. He can continue to talk his nonsense and threats of exposing the secrets of the party, who cares. We have to stamp our feet and kick him, Afoko and all those known to be working against the collective interests of the party out of the party's leadership. They should not be allowed to hold the party and all the suffering Ghanaians to ransom because of the supposed secrets they hold against the party or against some members of the party.

We should not give him the space to breath, let alone, allow him to behave in that irresponsible despotic manner. NPP is not his personal property. NPP should not continue to pay people who are deliberately on course to sabotage her chances of ever coming to power sooner. The members of NPP who are paying their monthly dues must have good value for money. Paying these saboteurs in my opinion is not good value for money.

It is not only for Nana Addo to ensure these AGENDA 2020 people are either brought to order or kicked out, but the collective duty of all responsible Ghanaians to do that. From their behaviour, they are working for NDC. They want NPP to lose election 2016 in spite of all the problems Ghanaians are going through due to the mismanagement of the affairs of Ghana by President Mahama and his NDC government and party. They have let their stomach go before them. They are acting in dictates to their stomach.

Do we allow one bad nut to spoil the lot? Do we know how strong one bad nut among many is when chewing or eating them? Will you not spit out the whole lot when you happen to bite into a bad nut? Why then should we entertain these few bad persons until they have contaminated many to the point that we shall be powerless to deal with the situation?

A stitch in time saves nine. And a stump that is likely to pierce you is not sharpened but uprooted completely. Kwabena Agyepong, Paul Afoko, and a few others are on a mission to cause the defeat of NPP in 2016 in pursuance of their alleged Agenda 2020. By that agenda, they want to prove, but malevolently, to Ghanaians that Nana Akufo Addo is too old to win elections for NPP. Now that we have seen their true colours, uncovered their plot, the FIRST or FOREMOST STRATEGY to win election 2016 is to kick them out of the NPP leadership before we do anything else.

Let this be the start of a campaign to sack them from the NPP headquarters and NPP leadership. We have no time to waste. Now is the right moment. Their continuous presence at the party's headquarters will do us more harm than good.

God has prepared the fertile ground for their expulsion as explained above. It is up to us as serious Ghanaians seeking liberation from the socio-economic slavery President Mahama has purposefully plunged us into, to put in place practical procedures to get rid of them.

Let us do as I have suggested before it becomes to all of us, "Had I known...." with our finger in mouth biting hard on it in regret.

To all NPP members and sympathisers as well as all suffering Ghanaians, I say, A WORD TO THE WISE IS ENOUGH.

Rockson Adofo