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Opinions of Sunday, 6 March 2016

Columnist: Acheampong, Beverly

Poem dedicated to Ghana's 59th independence

Seems like a long time from today
I hope by then we have a better educational system
And no one is forced to expatriate their kids for higher tuition
I hope we have stable power and water
And our kids never know dumsor
I hope the dollar stabilizes so
We can all live the American dream in our motherland
I hope petrol prices don’t affect the tomato gardens
And a green note can feed a family of five
I hope our beaches are therapeutic to our souls
And refuse disposal issues are a thing of old
I hope lavender hill isn’t an ironic expression
And school children learn the value of cleanliness
I hope the educated don’t gain just book Knowledge but practice wisdom and skill.
I hope integrity and perseverance wipe out corruption
And clear consciences are borne by people in influential positions
I hope campaign promises are not humongous strings of vocabulary
And political successors act on them while continuing the good work of predecessors
10 years from today I hope when we celebrate our independence
It is with ground breaking projects and not mere concerts
Milestones in industrial achievement not higher import taxes
Parades of intellectual achievements and positive international recognition
Not schoolchildren and military service in polished boots like Puss
I hope to experience youth development and indigenous inventions
I hope we all learn the value of sharing and being a brother’s keeper
Not sucking the fiscal life out of each other
I hope Unemployment is a myth and no idle hands are occupied by the devil
I hope at 69 the state of the nation is more than 20 satisfied citizens.