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Opinions of Sunday, 3 July 2016

Columnist: Azindoo, China

Kennedy Agyapong is sending wrong signals to younger generation

Kennedy Agyapong is at it once again with salacious utterances he's known to spew about, without any form of thought or thinking twice before reacting to issues. Whatever comes from his mouth seems to be venomous one way or the other.

The recent below the belt utterance; insulting the EC Chair without provocation calls for all well meaning Ghanaians to bring him to order. His character in the public domain doesn't speak well for him as a law making person.

I find it very hard to understand why Kennedy Agyapong, can't argue his points without lacing it with name-calling and vulgar tones. He's never spoken sensibly for all the utterances coming from him.

As a parliamentarian, he's supposed to have conducted himself well above his personal egos and political stands-no matter the case, and not resorting to pure castigation of people; personal attacks, rantings and ravages most especially, misogynistic statements.

Let's ask ourselves that what crime the EC Chair, Mrs Charlotte Osei committed to merit this kind of insults? On what basis can anyone stand to accuse her of wrong doing? I think there's no basis at all, except the numerous allegations they NPP claimed serverally that, the EC Chair is in bed with NDC ,which is yet to stand the test of time.

All those unsubstantiated claims are cock and bull stories to court public sympathy for their party-should they lose the upcoming November elections.

So far, the posture of NPP shows that they're in and out there, to forment trouble by making false charges and claims against everything and everyone; this will bail them out should they lose the elections.

Instead of coming out to condemn or advise their MP for speaking gibberishly, NPP and the flagbearer is mute in this case, which will mean he's in support of such rowdiyism going on.

Nana Addo should have come out clearly condemning such utterances than keeping quiet; keeping quiet means, he's in support of such misbehaviour. A responsible leader acts at the appropriate time and not remaining silent on national issues.

It's high time our politicians live beyond this lowly postures and champion a good path for our country. Politics of insults and personal game-scoring should be the last thing in our political discourse. We need role models to lead us. We don't need tough-talking people who inflame insults.