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Opinions of Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Columnist: Adampah & Nakujah

Kennedy Agyapong Must Refrain From Vituperative Utterances


10/02/2012, Accra – Though it has gained widespread acceptance that Hon. Kennedy Agyapong seems to have obtained a copy right over the use of vituperative language during all his public discourse, The Team of Popular Youth (TOPY) wishes to draw his attention to his additional responsibility as an honourable representative of the people of Assin North in parliament to inculcate the best of mannerism into the youth of Ghana as a tribute to the great philosophers who fought with their blood for the freedom of speech we enjoy today. Indeed, whilst we commend the MP’s contribution to the Better Ghana Agenda as he drew the attention of the nation to the colossal amount lost to the state through the payment of the infamous judgement debt, we equally condemn in no uncertain terms his deliberate strategy of spewing unwarranted verbal assaults on everybody he engages in a debate.

It is true that argument leads to persuasion, and behind all his efforts, the honourable MP may have the motive to persuade the youth and Ghanaians in general to follow his political choice. This notwithstanding, he is obliged not only to put his trust in the right argument, but in the right words as well because as Conficius puts it - ''a superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.'’ As a member of parliament entrusted with the responsibility to enact laws, and project the interest of his constituents, Mr. Kennedy Agyapong owes it to the good people of Ghana to preserve the dignity of the august house by not inviting questionable characters into the people’s assembly through examples he is setting. Also it is good to note that the title ‘honourable’ is a blank cheque issued to a winning parliamentary candidate, and the worth of it is the amount he or she has proudly earned and has written on. It, therefore, behoves members of parliament to act by the basic tenets of parliament and Ghana.

As a youth group that believes in truth, unity and civility as guiding principles for current and future leaders of this country, we have been scandalised and traumatised by Hon Agyapong’s attempt to scuttle our hard works aimed at giving hope and good leadership to the youth, teaching ourselves to uphold in high esteem the virtues of humility, tolerance, politeness, and respect for human dignity. The MP and other like-minded individuals, especially in the NPP, have these days resorted to the use of violent, unprintable language and attitudes that have the propensity to incite our youth into acts of violence on the political scene.

We are equally dismayed by the deafening silence being exhibited by religious leaders, opinion leaders, and civil society organisations in bringing to book this phenomenon that is very inimical to our culture and value systems as a people. It is needless to say that whilst freedom of speech is a human right enshrined in our constitution, the irresponsible use of this right has caused families and nations catastrophic consequences. Whilst the church could take solace in national crusades, fasting and prayer meetings, without openly condemning these perverse behaviours of people who are given honourable status by our social and political system, the church would be seen to be silently endorsing the new image. At least, every truly concerned ‘senior citizen’ of this nation could take a word of advice from the unfortunate history of conflicts sparked by instigative comments in our neighbouring countries. Ghana must move forward in peace and harmony. For us as a decent youth organisation, we are guided by the wisdom in the words of Martin Luther King Junior that, ‘‘in the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds…’’. Not only this, but the lessons we have learnt in our primary school books still compel us to invest in what is good, what is civil and what is worthy of praise. And like the ‘tortoise’, we are obliged to bring to the attention of society what is a potential threat to our peace; but if political organisations, the church and society in general would behave like the ‘creeping plant’ that said he was less concerned about the singing of the ‘bird’ then the verdict would be God’s if the ‘hunter’ finally arrived. A word to a wise is enough.

The Team of Popular Youth (TOPY) is a registered, and an independent corporate youth organisation that believes in the principles of social democracy with a vision of strengthening the capacity of the youth in Ghana to play an active role in effecting a positive social, cultural, political and environmental change that will benefit the Ghanaian society. TOPY aims at empowering the youth for a BETTER GHANA.

Thank you.


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