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Opinions of Sunday, 22 April 2018

Columnist: Edmund, Accra.

NDC to be rescued soon

Time is running out for the rescue of NDC from total disintegration and possible collapse.

The cadres and Senior colleagues in the party who have not been soiled by the unbridled corruption that engulfed the party in the previous regimes must rise to rebuild the party on the party's principle of probity, transparency and accountability. It is only that, that the NDC will find it's feet once again.

Ex-president Rawlings must be at the forefront of the reorganisation to bring sanity and hope to the grassroots who own the party. The disintegration of the NDC began by Prof. Mills and aggravated by John Mahama through the appointment of CJA members and people who were unknown to the NDC family.

Known enemies of the NDC were those commanding sumptuous public service appointments. They were the beneficiaries of the hard work of cadres and grassroots. Now they have become very rich, and so can sit on radio and insult the personality of Rawlings, whose sweat brought the party into being.

But for the June 4th and 31st, there would not have been any party called NDC. Had Rawlings failed in those coup events, there was no way NDC would have been formed.

The way Rawlings and wife, Nana Konadu, related to the populace, endeared them to the hearts of many Ghanaians where the votes come from. I say without any shred of imagination that people vote NDC because of Rawlings and nobody in the NDC.

It is very annoying to see and listen to appointees of the NDC who have benefited from the sweat of Rawlings and his wife, Nana Konadu insulted them with impunity. And it is no wonder Ghanaians, showed the NDC the exit by that emphatic and ignominious defeat in the 2016 general election.

Against this background, if Rawlings doesn't champion the party's come back, NDC will be in the political wilderness for long.

To be continued.