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Opinions of Thursday, 11 July 2013

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.

Ken Kuranchie Deserves A Rousing Welcome.

At what date and time the anchor for Daily Searchlight, Ken Adjei Kuranchie, will be released from Nsawam Medium Prison in Eastern Region, the Public Relations Officer [PRO] for the security service has confirmed.
Mr. Courage Atsem, has confirmed that, Mr. Ken Adjei Kuranchie, will be released around 9:00a.m. in the morning on July 11,2013 where he will walk out from the walls of the institute into the big awaiting welcoming hands of his family, newspaper staff, and the sympathizers who watched and prayed for his protection whiles in prison.
Fearing the big crowd that will pull up at the prison’s entrance to welcome Mr. Ken Kuranchie, the prison service has issued an earlier warning advising members of the public to desist from massing up at the main gate of the country’s premier medium security holding institute.
But despite the warning, it is better to say that, Mr. Ken Kuranchie deserves a rousing welcome to celebrate his outing from the prison that he served ten days for charges on contempt of Supreme Court.
It does not matter where his family members, newspaper staff and sympathizers will meet him, the celebration must come on no matter what and no wonder members of staff at Daily Searchlight are throwing a big party for their “boss” whom they now described as a “hero”.
So to join the welcome party, get your white shirt, white handkerchief on and flipping the two fingers to give the victory sign, get on board the celebration train by tracking the train at nearest town before Nsawam on the Accra to Nsawam road.
With the big shout of “Ken Kuranchie, Ken Kuranchie, Ken Kuranchie” whiles flipping the two fingers showing the victory sign and waving the white handkerchief, you would be counted as part of the celebration party that made it big and show love to the prison graduate.
If you can not get on board the welcome train, still you can celebrate in your own small way by taking a soft drink and pray thanking God for his release. For those who will drink any alcohol, they have to drink responsibly because “INSPECTOR KOTI” will be checking drivers for drunk driving.
Having broken the chains of the Nsawam Prison, Ken Kuranchie, will bless his prosecutors and not curse them as Jesus made it conditional for him and all mankind that we should live in peace with every one.