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Opinions of Thursday, 14 June 2012

Columnist: Dekportor, Mensah

Ken Agyapong reveals true Colors of NPP

There is an adage that says “if one wants to experience death, just consider someone unconscious or being asleep.” Or if an impoverished person (cloth less) promises to clothe you, let him remind you of his nickname. These adages indirectly apply to opposition NPP propaganda machinery whose conned games are attracting NDC sympathizers, and other double-minded party faithful with the view that, any defection to NPP could guarantee them with better fortunes and special care. But law-maker and the MP for Assin North, Hon Ken Agyapong has revealed that, such perceptions are mere illusions.

During his (Ken) major radio interview on Tema-based Radio station (Adom FM) morning show, Dzaso Nsem, presented by Kofi Adoma last Friday; Mr. Kennedy Agyapong lashed out at the New Patriotic Party for deserting him at this time of adversity, claiming he has been left to fight his case in court all by himself. . According to the Assin North legislature, who has also been a major bankroller of the NPP campaign, particularly it’s presidential candidate, Nana Akufo Addo all these years, the NPP party has never bothered to assist or support him throughout his trial despite all the sacrifices he has made towards the party all these years, asking rhetorically whether the NPP as a party is worth dying for.

Mr. Kennedy Agyapong got furious and in his usual attacking spirit brew out his vuvuzela trumpet and gave it direct to Hon Nana Akomea, Gabby Asare Ochere-Darko and Mrs. Oboshie Sai-Coffie, all leading members of the party for distancing the party from his alleged inflammatory and genocidal speech, inciting Ashantis to rise up against the Gas and Ewes on his own radio network, Oman Fm last April.

Personally, I pity poor Ken- “This gentleman has allowed his media apparatus and other logistics to be used by NPP for free in the name of politics. Brought up people from grass to grace, if the same people who shouted hallelujah would therefore ask for his crucification, therefore we need to be wise and careful”. These are some remarks by cross-section of Ghanaians in Hamburg.

He pointed out that “even the people I call my friends in the party whom I have constantly fed and taken care of have also abandoned me in difficult times”.

“I am very angry with my party the NPP at a time I needed them most, they are disowning me, even people I know and call my friends in the party, some of whom I have catered for have all turned their back on me” Ogyam Okompreko Ken lamented.

“Especially, look at someone like Nana Akomea who went on air to disassociate the party from what I was alleged to have said… This is Nana Akomea, I provided employment for, yes, this Akomea, when he came out of university I employed him, gave him sustenance and today all these people have the nerves to disown me”. A charged Kennedy Agyapong lamented.

I have decided to duplicate live confession of Hon Agyapong for those who have decided defecting NDC to Opposition NPP to reconsider their decision before it’s too late. One clear and gospel fact which I wish to whisper into the ears of my beloved NDC Colleagues especially those intending to leave the party must know that, a worst NDC party in power is better than an Angelic NPP in power. In other words, NDC member in a position of a messenger in the era of our government is safe and well protected than being a civil works’ Director in NPP regime.

The government under President Mills believes in investing in people and therefore has taken serious concern about education. Health-care facilities have been improved. A lot have been achieved within this short period. On this note we ask Ghanaian electorates to vote NDC to retain Prof. Mills in other to complete his projects.

Written by: Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)