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Opinions of Monday, 15 March 2021

Columnist: Stephen Bernard Donkor

Perpetrators, Crime Fighters

File photo: Corruption File photo: Corruption

The societal ills can never be curbed in Ghana my Motherland. I am not a Prophet of doom but I think critically. No President can succeed in the fight to eliminate the ills completely. It is deeply rooted and we need bulldozers to uproot them. Ghana continues to spend huge sums of money in the construction of roads, schools, hospitals, clinics, and factories just to mention but a few.

Every government ensures that they follow due diligence in the delivery of social interventions. As such, they hire road engineers, supervisors and other individuals with knowledge in these fields to see to it that sanity prevails. They do all these in anticipation to ensure that the nation gets value for money. But is it really the case?

Shifting from politics to some Heads of our Second Cycle Institutions. Glory be to God and thanks to Ex-President John Agyekum Deawuo Kufuor for introducing the Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) which saved many parents from falling prey to the “brown envelope”.

Some of these Heads were filthy rich during the time that the CSSPS was absent. Majority of these Heads demanded Goats, Sheep, Bags of cement, Cash among other valuable items from parents who wanted their qualified wards to attend that dream school. Imagine a situation where qualified students were made to pay money before admission. What do you think will happen to their counterparts who could only make Aggregate 40 and above? It was quite interesting then.

Moving away from this to some road contractors who are known for shoddy works on our major roads. Yet continue to enjoy monopoly. At the end of the day precious lives are lost and as typical of the Ghanaian "Enye hwee, Nyame na wode ma, ono ara na ogye" Literally meaning "God gives and takes" Our institutions to an extent are toothless bulldogs. All these road contractors whose negligence had caused accidents continue to carry themselves as though, they are untouchable.

Our past and present Presidents are often misled but the only thing they do is ask the perpetrators to step down. A clear indication of perpetrators being crime fighters. The security services have been widely criticized for lack of professionalism. "Na who cause am"? Are they really unprofessional or it is simply a clear case of order from above?

Examination Malpractices continue to produce academic armed robbers. Some Heads of Senior High Schools copy answers for their wards to copy in the very Examination they are supposed to supervise. Meanwhile, some are the Deacons, Bishops, Pastors and Prophets in our churches.

Wait a minute, is Examination Malpractice a sin or otherwise?
Until our Leaders eschew being perpetrators who fight crimes, we will always blame NPP and NDC for our woes. Hear this, corruption and all other ills are deeply rooted. What could be done to change the status quo? It behooves on you and I to put Ghana first.