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Opinions of Thursday, 24 October 2002

Columnist: Folson, Ako

Kasoa - The eyesore of the Central Region.

Central region lacks leadership in terms of governance. The problems of the central region are numerous. However, there is one problem that seems to have escaped all the planners and sadly enough the political heavy weights who have a stake in the region.

Kasoa has blossomed into a town of great importance , as a market community and one that is becoming an important constituency of its own. It is also a multi-cultural town drawing from people of all ethnic persuasions and socio-economic backgrounds. The town, even though it has existed for a long time can be said to be a fast growing central regional town, which should be contained and planned to represent the “gateway “of the central region.

Any person going into the central region , from Acccra, will go through Kasoa. You cannot fly or sail so one has to drive and this makes it such that Kasoa is inevitable to avoid, especially as we discuss tourism as as an economic accelerator for the regions development. It is filthy, congested and it is a nightmare to drive through.. The issue of difficulty in driving through the town may be reduced or eliminated once new roads are constructed. However, the tourist upon arrival at KIA will still have to go through Kasoa to get to any of the tourist attractions in the region. So what is the plan for this town in terms of setting the tone for the region? In the recent history of the central region, I would dare to say that Kasoa represents an unprecedented growth, which needs to be critically reviewed in terms of its social needs and how this town can enhance the image of the region.

It is sad to suggest that the regional political head seems not to have a comprehensive plan in terms of regional development and actually has no concept in terms of using the comparative or competitive advantage of the region to enhance its development. Tourism is nice, but what are the infrastructure requirements and to what extent do we wish to haul people who have paid money for tourism through filth and chaos to get to other parts of the region?

If central region is to re-brand itself, then let us take a look at Kasoa and grace the town, and for that matter the region with the appropriate ‘entry point’ that befits a region of historical importance. Our development plans always seem to start from the middle and constantly overlook the basic and initial steps that need to be taken care off to facilitate the broader objective. This is where failed leadership presents itself. Either we do not dig deep enough to find solutions or we are not competent enough to even identify the possible solutions. Either way, it is a lack of vision and leadership. Until such time that this limtation is reduced we will always have grand ideas like that presented for the central region ,which does not see anything wrong in taking tourists through filth as that seen upon entering Kasoa and its environs, as an unacceptable first impression for the region.

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