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Opinions of Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Columnist: Asiamah, Clement Yeboah

Kabila Is Only Doing The Bidding Of His Pay Masters

It is very laughable to hear from James Kwabena Bomfe, our own National Youth organiser on Asempa FM on Monday 15 August, said that Dr. Nduom lacks political discipline. I suppose Kabilla was, as usual drunk when he made that statement. It is not surprising that Okay FM’s “Akeka akeka” programme has described him and alleged that he was found waking up from a gutter recently after he had slept in his drunkenness overnight in the gutter. I am not surprised because Kabila is the same Man who drunk and drove, thus smashing a car that had been provided by Dr. Nduom and for use in Campaign in Brong Ahafo during the 2008 Elections. Thank God he did not die out of that.

Again, I am most surprised that an indiscipline individual like Kabila is able to have the guts to call an established and respectable individual like Dr. Nduom indiscipline. What would a national survey reveal as achievements of Kabila since he became the National Youth organiser of the CPP. Will it be the weekly coupons he takes from the NPP to buy fuel or his indolence that has incurred the wrath of us the CPP youth?

I cannot remember the last time I saw Kabilla in my School when I was there last year. As other effective Youth organisers came to campus to help organise TESCON and TEIN, TESCHART was left alone as if we have no National Youth organiser. Why then should he turn around to accuse Dr. Nduom who has been helping the party all this while?

I want to advice Dr. Nduom to refrain from responding to Kabila on any of the negative things he has been spewing out. He should continue doing the things he has been doing and we shall support him to win the 2012 Elections. As for Kabila, I know he would have lost if he attempted contesting for Youth Organiser again. He should learn from other youth organisers of NPP and NDC and start speaking for the CPP so that we can move ahead politically.

The CPP has been struggling with organisation all these while. It is my expectation that all would come together to fight for the party and put an end to this unnecessary internal bickering.

Freedom. Forward Ever.

Clement Yeboah Asiamah CPP Ardent member Madina Constituency 0249-659374