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Opinions of Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Columnist: Atiemo, Paul Obeng

Justice - an essential ingredient of peace

The tendency of violence following elections/politics is common on the African continent.

Following the 2012 general elections, the NPP not satisfied with the outcome of the elections resorted to the courts to seek redress, a gesture that was widely applauded.

After 3 – months of evidence presentation at the Supreme Court, the battle of evidence ended paving way for the last phase i.e. VERDICT.

As the nation await the verdict of the Supreme Court, typical of Ghanaians, campaign for peace is underway amidst doom prophesy and calls for prayer lest the nation suffers violence.

Ghana has over the years of democratic journey survived nerve-breaking tensions during elections and we shall pass the test once more following the verdict of the Supreme Court.

The NPP and NDC leadership have on countless occasions pledged their commitment to the Supreme Court’s verdict, regardless.

While, verbal commitment to peace by these honchos isn't enough, the media have a role to constantly re-play the voice(s) of these political gurus to serve as reminder to them and NOT the many garrulous sound bites that actuate sensationalism.

Being last to endorse any attempt to stifle free speech, I hold opinion in consent with biblical Solomon, that everything happens under the Sun for a reason; in juxtapose, the Supreme Court’s outburst on contempt sanitized the airwaves and halted a trend that could have expedite the nation unto the road of no return.

Justice however remains the ultimate tool to entrench Peace. Many have suggested that the Supreme Court Judges’ may compromise Justice in the name of Peace. Notwithstanding, such stance contrary, shall heighten tension and cause a loss of trust in the Judiciary. Justice, no matter how bitter, is a sure way to everlasting Peace.

Above all, Ghanaians are a peaceful people and I am persuaded that the peace as exist in the nation shall prevail following the Supreme Court verdict.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Written By: Paul Obeng Atiemo

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