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Opinions of Saturday, 8 February 2020

Columnist: Lawrence Appiah-Osei

Just imagine if John Mahama was the president today

Just imagine what the political temperature of Ghana would have been if John Mahama were President and 500 excavators had gone flying to a country of no name.

Just imagine what some members of the clergy would have said if John Mahama were President and 400 tricycles had gone missing, especially in the north.

Just imagine what the civil society groups would have said if John Mahama were President and through the greediness of his family, Ghana had lost at least $190 million through PDS?

Just imagine what the media would be discussing if John Mahama, as President, had rented an airplane and paid $17,000 an hour to go and watch a game in Europe.

Just imagine what some chiefs would have said if John Mahama, as President had been misled to sign a $1.2 billion Ameri deal.

Just imagine if John Mahama had attempted to buy a property in Oslo to be used as an embassy and the purchase had gone bad. Nobody will have mentioned the foreign mission. Everybody would have mentioned John Mahama. At the end of the day, Ghana was going to lose $12 million.

A court has ruled in UK with no mention of any name in the ruling but the NPP are quick to mention John Mahama. When Kwesi Nyantakyi mentioned Nana Addo as being in his pocket with a 5:3:2:1 formula for distributing bribes, everybody acted like Ghana is a ghost country. Imagine if Mr. Nyantakyi had said John Mahama was in his pocket.

Just imagine if John Mahama were President and a Ministry in his administration was going to use GHC 800 million to develop a website. The demonstration people would have embarked on would have been unprecedented.

Just imagine if John Mahama were the President and the only way to kill a current scandal was to create a new one, much bigger than the current scandal, what would have been the political temperature in Ghana?

The hatred for John Mahama is just too much. I don’t think all these people and groups hate John Mahama because he is handsome or because he comes from the north. They just hate him because he is the most successful living politician in Africa. Unfortunately for them, the God of John Mahama still reigns.

Lawrence Appiah-Osei