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Opinions of Sunday, 10 June 2007

Columnist: Adu, Simon

June 4 Celebration -My Opinion

Listening to Boakye Gyan on joy fm's morning show, he couldn't give any tangible reason for the coup. He categorically stated that, it wasnt because of corruption which was why it was staged, but to bring those senior officers who had overthrown civilian regimes in the past to face capital punishment ie "to let the blood of those officers flow".

This to me sounds completely absurd, because the man and his group have no mandate whatsoever to assume the responsibility of law enforcement in Ghana. If senior military officers have overthrown constitutional regimes, it wasnt their business to kill them. No body in Ghana made them the custodians of our laws, and so their coup was unnecessary and a stupid risk.

Who would accept as justified the rational for a coup which was staged at a time that the nation was preparing for a general election, if it wasnt for the purpose of settling scores, given that they hurridly handed over 3 months after. It was unnecessary and uncalled for, and all those who adore such stupidity should bow their heads in shame.

Putting oneself in the shoes of JJ, one could understand his obsession with june 4 celebration. Imagine a condemn prisoner who as a result of the stupid benevolence of Boakye Gyan, was whisked from grass to grace; infact whisked from the icy hands of death to rule Ghana.

Why wouldnt he consider the rest of his life an extended life by grace and celebrate june 4 as the day he was reborn? He is the only person today who benefited mostly from that useless uprising and so has every reason to make noise about it.

The day he dies, june 4 will perish with him, and our ears / emotions would be spared the trauma associated with the mass murder that occured that day. When he dies his sycophants will find something else to occupy their lives with.

No one in this world celebrates a day marked by murder except JJ and his cohorts. At best civilised people celebrate the end of wars and not the beginning thereof. This ugly noise about june 4 will surely end sooner or later when JJ dies.

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