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Opinions of Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Columnist: CPP

Judgment Debt In A Judgment Year: A Time To Kick Out NDC & NPP

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, thank you for joining us this morning. I hope that by the time we are through with this conference you will be on our side in upholding the truth and bringing about the needed consciousness for the change we seek. In our unmistaken identity as an Nkrumaist socialist political party with a full commitment to bringing about complete ownership and control of Ghana’s resourses to establish economic independence and self reliance, we are outraged by the 30yr foreign controlled government misrule and mismanagement by the NDC and NPP.

We are gathered here this morning to point out one of such instances of the hypocracy and lawlessness of the NPP and the questionable blindness of the NDC in the Wayome saga and the confusion, the two parties have conspired to bury the whole issue in all to avoid the truth. We know that under NPP and NDC, the nation lost colossal sums of money because an NPP minister acted recklessly and an NDC minister behaved irresponsibly. These are what judgment debts really are – a result of irresponsible governments and a punishment to well-meaning Ghanaians.

Let it be known today that no matter what happens in the Alfred Woyome saga, whether the 51 million Ghana cedis is refunded or not, whether there was an agreement with government or not, the fact will still remain that judgment debts continue to pull up. This loss of revenue further takes the small resources remaining for Ghanaians, which have been left by foreign companies who take more than 90% of Ghana’s mineral resources through the same NPP and NDC complicity.


1. Today four years after AFCON 2008 when Black Stars did us proud on the field, NPP and NDC politicians did us great shame in their offices and boardrooms and continue to do so.

• Teachers work hard, governments under NPP/NDC refuse to pay them over 8-12 months.

• Doctors and nurses play their part, ministers insults them and drag them to court; demonstrating their contempt for the health care of Ghanaians.

• Our poor Farmers provide food for the nation; NDC/NPP have neglected their responsibility to provide resources to ensure food security or good roads.
This has been the formula for prosecuting the nation’s agenda. Ordinary Ghanaians play their part, NPP/NDC refuse their part of the bargain.

2. Alfred Woyome’s saga also reveals the emptiness of the excuse we have had to hear NPP and NDC governments use for years. It is the ‘we-have-no-money’ excuse. Today we know that government has money. There is Lots of it and better still government can pay faster than we all thought they couldn’t. Mind you, Mills did not have to travel to look for money to pay Woyome. The finance minister did not have to travel to U.S. to secure a loan to pay Woyome. It was paid with real Ghanaian cash and Ghanaian speed.

• So today if there are no motorable roads to bring foodstuffs from the western farms we know it is not because there is no money but because there is no commitment and invariably selfish political leadership.

• When teachers and doctors complain, hawkers are beaten and markets are flooded, it is not because there is no money, but because NPP and NDC are comfortable. Because of their comfort they make judgments against the national interest in order to secure their priviledges; this is irresponsibility.

3. Today we call on the GMA to pursue government to provide resources for doctors to be able to provide quality medical care for Ghanaians.

• We call on Nurses, laid-off workers, contractors, school teachers to demand their rightful share from government now. There is money.

• We call on unemployed youth to make demands on government to use the gold and oil resources to create conditions for industrialisation that create jobs; and to back their demands with action.

• We call on students’ unions in the universities and polythenics nationwide and the TUC to be bold and make their demands on tuition fees, accommodation and utility tariffs known to government now. There is money.
Finally but particularly, this year of judgment debts has set the tone for a judgment year , whiles NDC and NPP cause the nation billions of Ghana cedis, we have a judgment to make and a vote to cast.

This year, we must judge the NPP/NDC as selfish and greed neo-colonial puppets with hatred for the poor and underpriviledged masses;we must reject them. We remind the youth that their voice and vote is the strongest because we are the majority of Ghanaian voters. We are in a defining moment in our lives as young people – whiles we build a nation let us reject NPP and NDC materials and build with solid blocks of CPP candidates and a confidence to demand better leadership, quality governance and responsible actions because – there is money.
We the youths of CPP are encouraged by the resolve of our leadership to provide credible and selfless leadership that believes in the 100% equitable distribution and control of our national wealth and resources for the benefit of all. This is why today we are declaring to all Ghanaians and Africans we are an Nkrumahist socialist party.

Long live Ghana!
Long live the CPP!!

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