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Opinions of Thursday, 30 May 2019

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi

Jospong must answer his alleged crimes against humanity

Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, Executive Chairman of Jospong Group of Companies Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, Executive Chairman of Jospong Group of Companies

I have no doubt in my mind that any form of neglect or dereliction of duty that leads to the death of innocent people is a crime against humanity.

The tragic waste of money coupled by insatiable greed are unpardonable crimes interrelated and exponentially detrimental to the safety of people, especially in this rainy season, who have to huddle on to poles and trees to avoid the wrath of the torrential waters.

Jospong cannot exonerate himself from the calamities that befall Ghanaians especially at Kaneshie and John Mahama’s Circle/Dubai Interchange each time there are floods and deaths.

The rubbish that Jospong is paid millions to clear remains littered everywhere.

The Kaneshie market is an eyesore yet because of the demigod status that had been given him by wasteful NDC greedy bastards, the beastly instincts of a demagogue that he seems to have metamorphosed into have kicked in.

I wish to trigger an all-out war against the continuous manipulation of this man whose sense of business seems to have denied Ghanaians hope, eroding all prospects of a better future for those who find themselves in the trap of the filth that he is allegedly incompetently unable to remove.

Unfortunately, when it comes to payment he is the first in line with his sack to fill it with the tax payer’s money and any other amounts from International donors.

I am not surprised that he was blacklisted by the World Bank. I am not surprised that his monies allegedly remained unpaid by Equatorial Guinea for a long time, after all who would want to pay for strewn rubbish? I am not surprised either that the Sierra Leonean government allegedly frowns on his quack habits.

Jospong must have colluded with the NDC to loot the State, otherwise why was he given so much leverage during the NDC? Is it a surprise that it was said that he was and still is a major financier of John Mahama?

Jospong seems to want to rob the NPP government in order to finance John Mahama so that in the unlikely event of a comeback, the latter would open the gates of theft and misappropriation of public funds for him to freely indulge in.

The folks who have died since his sanitation contracts kicked into effect are his responsibility. How can he be referred to as a “church elder”? Then again, the alleged criminal, Ofosu Ampofo, is also referred to as such! Oko Vanderpuye, carries the blame, too! In 2012, Ghana obtained over 790 million US Dollars to reconstruct the Accra drainage system, but until today the situation is as was!

Where did the money vanish to? Qeiroz Galvao, the Brazilian Construction company that built the Circle/Dubai Interchange was said to be the partner of Ibrahim Mahama, who nearly got monopoly of Ghana’s Bauxite worth over 600 billion US Dollars as a dynastical offering a few days before his brother, President John Mahama, handed over Power after losing the 2016 elections by an unprecedented humiliation.

The Circle/Dubai interchange, it was said, fetched John Mahama and his NDC thieves over 70 million US Dollars in kickbacks. Do you now wonder why the project was overpriced? And Qeiroz Galvao’s chairman and big shots, I am reliably informed, are serving jail time in Brazil for defrauding their nation in similar manner, and for performing shoddy jobs.

After turning the mass funeral of the victims of the 2015 floods into an NDC rally with no remorse whatsoever to show for their incompetence and perpetual crimes against Ghanaians, John Mahama and his NDC frats, continued to milk the opportunities that brought in more money to assist the poor.
JOSPONG’s office and home, I am told, became Meccas for bribing politicians.

A politician once told me how she took money from him and how NDC ministers, MPs, and others lined up in his house to receive cash envelopes. That seemed to be the reason why he became unstoppable.

However, in spite of the challenges of dealing with a few corrupt idiots from our midst, the government is doing well to ostracise him from many jobs which he had hitherto performed, shambolically.

Those involved in the cover-up must know that the President knows about them, and when the hardcore evidence is presented finally, they will go flying out of the window to jail with Jospong and his surrogates.

Ghanaians do not deserve Jospong, they deserve the Best! Petition to Special Prosecutor follows.