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Opinions of Friday, 30 October 2015

Columnist: Ralph Breakit

Jon Benjamin; enough of the mental!

Everybody in Ghana or at least many have watched the funny video of the teacher by force lashing students not able to answer a weird question.

I have been following for some time, the adventure of teacher Benjamin, always ready to lash Ghanaians at every level: Politicians, journalist and now football authorities.

Well, I don’t disagree with the teacher that in Ghana not everything is going in the right direction due to many things that are also in some way the fallout of the colonial era.

It appears many Ghanaians somehow, due to the politics of the moment, decide to back him and ride the tiger and insult the people they believe are behind the mess, forgetting that those people are where they are because in a democracy the results of the vote is the governing.

Video Credit:Creo

Mr. Benjamin probably fails to comprehend that there are chop bar talk and diplomatic ties, and maybe, he forgets which part he belongs. According to a simple research, Mr. Benjamin is not new to this kind of performance in countries where his Foreign Office send him to represent Her Majesty the Queen of England.

I think Ghanaians have built a wonderful country and because of their sense of respect and sense of responsibility they are among the few African Countries (if not the solely!) that peace and stability exist and people confidently say I love leaving here.

Teacher Benjamin, we respect your opinion, but I believe your office requires more precision on your allegations and just not broadcast the chat you have with your driver while going into a relaxing weekend during a boring trip; you might have a point in some of your criticisms, but protocol oblige you to act according to your position and eventually the platform should not be the media, but the appropriate one where things can actually be changed and where your knowledge, influence and strength can really do the job.

Dear Commissioner, it is also good to remind you that Ghana is approaching a very delicate presidential election and some of your pronouncements may give, as you can read from the comments of readers of the articles, the opportunity for political manipulation, transforming what was originally a genuine criticism into an instrument.

Mr High Commissioner, Jon Benjamin, welcome to Ghana.