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Opinions of Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

John Rawlings is a Prime Mover and a liberator

.....of our time,Congratulations to brave
men of June fourth.

On this day they risk their life to lift us up, many years have passed
and the ideas still live on. When some of us in our teens remember that
faithful day, we can say it was a historic event from day one. What a
moment to be proud of and if you are among those students who were part
of that great history. I salute you!!!.
It is time to congratulate all those individuals who over the years
have kept their faith with the former President J. J. Rawlings more
especially the past few years when I think his works and that of Dr.
Kwame Nkrumah have come under total destruction but they did not allow
it to happen.
The years ahead call for further dedication,
sacrifices and courage in shaping the destiny of this country slowly but
surely. It’s going to be harder than all that we have truly passed
through because we cannot help betraying the people’s trust anymore. For
those our leaders who now take leadership role, they should bear this
point in mind each waking moment for they will not be spared at all. For
those who will complain negatively in public about this glorious day,
know deep in their heart that the man Jerry John Rawlings is indeed a
great son of not only Ghana but Africa. We are very proud that we have
produced another great leader for the African people. For the enemy
within us, it’s time to reflect whether the job being done for the paid
masters is worth it. We salute you but the greatest respect that will
come to you is for every true Ghanaian to protect these noble goals and
objectives of June 4th these people laid your lives for. Even though
there is much work to be done, we Ghanaians must feel very proud that
the man is around that should have simply make us more united and
forward looking but our distractors are at their old games once again.
The past few years alone is a remarkable playback of what happened to
our first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.
The June 4th revolution
brought about a process of giving power to the people; that journey was
quite hard and long above all our future is entirely within our own
control. It is not at the mercy of any capricious or uncertain external
power. It shouldn’t have been so hard and long but human nature is such
that we always fear change even if it will uplift our lives. What we
have gone through is just a small part of the journey the only issues at
stake now are that the past can remind us when we make certain
decisions which we have made in the past and they have failed us badly
we cannot go back to think that this time it will work because there is a
different person in charge. We have to take a new approach even if it
means going outside the box to solve problems no matter how painful it
will be; we must be bold and courageous. Power to the people is great
statement and it has lived with us for years. However, to all cadres,
the greatest approach will be self discipline, honesty and the desire to
self educate ourselves to understand what really is in front of us. If
we do so, there will be unity of purpose within the rank and file of the
NDC party as a whole; this is a very important issue. As dedicated
cadres home and abroad we should understand that the cake is so big that
we cannot only think of ourselves and our immediate family only but
with hard work, with honesty we can even make life far better for
everyone including our distracters; with that there will be no fear
towards the future, the system that we are able to create will take care
of everyone. Currently, there seems to be lack of total understanding
of the task ahead of so many individuals in some small positions of
power. It is the duty of all well meaning Ghanaians to stand up if we do
just that those entire little minds that feel that being a Minister or
MMdces so is all about change Ghanaians voted for. Freedom will
guarantee that people pursue good intentions and virtues, through
principles such as honesty and respect for one another.
happiness, wealth, honesty and integrity will further promote our
ability to learn and understand our freedoms, because our options have
exponentially multiplied. By continuing to build upon the foundations of
ideals and principles on which ndc party was laid, our people will
continue to walk forwards through evolution. It has often been said
“that’s one small step for humanity, one giant leap for mankind”.
People’s power is ultimately humanity’s ability to agree on key issues
for the general improvement of society. People’s power includes every
human on the planet, whilst political, economic or corporate motivate
organizations can be secular, preferential and biased towards equitable
Therefore, developing people’s power and human
sufficiency will contribute to the positive evolution of our society and
will advance the dreams and desires of the gallant soldiers who laid
their lives on the 4th of June 1979 revolution to save this country for
The solution lies in empowering individuals because it takes
the collective entrepreneurial actions of hundreds of thousands of
citizens to create a buoyant economy.
“Liberty is not a means to a
higher political end. It is itself the highest political end”, is a
famous saying which typifies what a truly egalitarian society with good
intentions would endeavor to achieve. History has never been dominated
by majorities, but only by dedicated minorities who stand
unconditionally on their faith.
Martin Luther King, Jr. once said “Almost always the creative, dedicated minority
has made the world better”.
Finally I salute the former President J. J. Rawlings and his family and
wish him long life. People who believe in the truth need you around at
all times.
It is believed that the outermost sphere of the fixed
stars was moved by the Prime Mover, the liberator which governed the
entire universe. I therefore dedicate this article to the former
President Jerry John Rawlings and his brave men who decided to take a
bold stand to serve this country on June 4th 1979. Jerry John Rawlings
hate him or like him is therefore a Prime Mover and a liberator of our

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