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Opinions of Saturday, 13 October 2012

Columnist: Allotey, David

John Mahama’s Son On Getfund?

In a recent press encounter, the President, John Dramani Mahama, sought to create the impression that his extramarital escapades for which the Ghanaian taxpayer has been footing the bills for a long time is a matter between him and his wife. Interesting! Interesting!! Interesting!!!

Since that stage-managed interview a few weeks ago, I have been pondering over what our Casanova President meant by saying that his extramarital escapades are a matter between him and his wife. Thank God the NDC leadership has changed its position and would allow us the opportunity to question the President in an open contest, where questioning him can be done in an orderly manner with the searchlight thrown into the most intricate parts of his personal life, too.

For now, I only would like to make my two cents question available to the Institute of Economic Affairs to put to him on my behalf, and here are my questions:

I. Mr. John Dramani Mahama: Do you have any son (s) studying in the UK?

II. How old is (are) your son (s) who is (are) studying in the UK?

III. What is the occupational designation of their passports (e.g., with regard to your former status – Son of the Vice President)?

IV. Can you tell us how your son (s) is (are) funded in the UK?

V. Would you dispute the fact that your son’s education and other expenses are being paid for by the Ghanaian taxpayer (the milking cow)?

I put it to you that as a matter of fact, you are one of those government officials who never thought you could become a president. Indeed, you were not even interested in becoming a vice-presidential candidate, let alone contemplating becoming a president. So when the opportunity came for you to standup and be counted, your preoccupation was to use the state as much as you could, using your brother and other accomplices like Yowome, whose mother’s funeral you attended and so on.

While there are many poor but brilliant Ghanaian students who need the same educational opportunities from the state, those of you whose kernel has been cracked for you by providence don’t know when it is enough, so your son without any screening must be supported by the Ghanaian tax money. We are made aware that there is even controversy now over the number of children you have, and if the Ghanaian tax has to support all of your children, what would be left to support others?

So, you see, it is not a matter between just you and Lordina. Insofar as Ghanaians remain the milking cow, it is not just a matter between you and your current wife. Ghanaians need to know!!!
David Allotey
Silver Spring, Maryland