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Opinions of Thursday, 29 November 2012

Columnist: Amponsah Stonash

John Mahama Can Never Be Trusted

Growing Ghanaian Businesses; John Mahama Can Never Be Trusted

According to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the term “nationalism” is generally used to describe two phenomena: (1) the attitude that the members of a nation have when they care about their national identity, and (2) the actions that the members of a nation take when seeking to achieve (or sustain) self-determination.

Great nations are built by great minds; people commit to the well-being of their citizenry – and people who consider the interest of the nation as supreme to their personal interest.

A quick perusal through the manifestos of various political parties reveals the promises made by these parties on how they will give preference to Ghanaian businesses and enterprises to strengthen the private sector in particular, and the economy in general.

The private sector is the engine of growth, it is said. Moreover, one cannot overemphasize the direct impact of robust local businesses. It creates jobs, improve the livelihood of the people, and develop our human resource capacity through skills training.

Thus, I sought for the definition of “nationalism” from Stanford, because I believe that the development of our local businesses could largely be achieved by a nationalistic approach from government towards it.

However, it’s very obvious that the sense of nationalism is lost in the lexicon of John Mahama. His conduct as a private person towards our local businesses makes one ridicules the NDC’s private sector policy. On page 38 of the NDC 2012 manifesto, captioned “The Private Sector Is the Key”, the John Mahama led NDC said “the next NDC Government will continue to work with the private sector to further improve the business environment”.

Also, a news publication dated 23rd November, 2012, and titled “President Mahama promises stimulus package for local businesses” on, partly reads “President John Mahama has assured that Ghanaian businesses that are thriving and have the potential to employ more people will be given long term financial support in the next term of the NDC administration.”

Not only do I find these statements laughable, but a blatant political hoax just calculated to court the votes of operatives of our local businesses.

According to Ghana Book Publishers Association (GBPA), there are 137 printing press and 75 publishers/agencies in Ghana. In the face of these numerous Ghanaian owned publishing companies, John Mahama contracted a United States publishing company, Bloomsbury-US, to publish his book “My first coup d’etat”. This is an indication of the fact that John Mahama does not have confidence in our local businesses, and apparently do not trust our local publishers to do a good job.

As this was the President’s private business – and thus was devoid of any bureaucratic tendency – one would have expected him to have walked his talk; to have led by example! But, the President exhibited his sole discretion and turned his back on the numerous local publishing companies in Ghana, a country that he is leading. Can John Mahama be trusted on his self-trumpeted commitment to our local businesses? The answer is NO! Yet, he goes about promising them a stimulus package. This is absolute hypocrisy in its absurdity, Mr. President!

I call on the Ghana Book Publishers Association (GBPA) to ask President Mahama why he by-passed them in a “mere” task as book publication.

By their deeds, we shall know them. John Mahama has outlived his truthfulness and commitment to our local businesses in particular, and the nation at large – he can never be trusted!

Vote for “Change”; vote Nana Akufo-Addo – for he stands tall on the records of selflessness, commitment, and dedication to mother Ghana, and her citizenry. Vote Nana Akufo-Addo to transform and move Ghana forward!

Amponsah Stonash

NPP Communications Directorate New York